Robotics Rules!

Chapter 2 of Lex's Latest Great Plan

In the first chapter I started telling the tale of Lex's latest scheme to rid the world of Superman. The big question now is how will Lex do this. Lex tells this part of the story best so I will let him take over.

"In these happy days of eclectic smiles and dark sunsets falling in piles, I'm imagining a restlessness that keeps us apart, our destiny driving us to put the kryptonite in an open cart. Once you've been weaned from your heros, the time comes to make your own mark. I have secured possession of the Red Kryptonite which causes Superman to go insane. Now I must make a cart! What cultural event could get Superman near enough to be affected? I pondered this question for many weeks. Then it came to me while sipping cognac with Matt Serletic. My cart must be in the form of a robot, and the robot must be in the form of a human being. I started the next morning, LEXCORP had a Robotics department, so I got to work immediately. My first step had to be small enough

Robot Beetle

to test the theory and not cost a fortune. I built a small beetle that could carry a miniscule portion of the Kryptonite under its exoskeleton.  The execution was flawless. Next I needed a subject that had skin and hair to develop the synthetic nature of flesh. I also needed to test the viability of subrogating limited intelligence into my creation at a simplistic level. This led to the development of my second creation.

Drunken Robot Cat

This secondary stage had its problems with the artificial intelligence implants. It would seem my test subject Mr Mxyptlk had some predisposition that had very negative side effects. The test subject should have acted like a normal feline. Instead it became completely inebriated on a bottle of Jack Daniels and swallowed the telephone. In retrospect I should never have chosen a feline. I had similar problems several years ago with the agile criminaless Catwoman. I had agreed to assist her in the destruction of Batman and just after we had trapped him she suffered a paroxysm brought on by Catnip. There were some successes in this venture. The synthetic work we did attracted the attention of some outworlders (aliens) that sold us some invaluable protean technology that allowed for some minor shapeshifting of the epidural layers.

Now that we have tested the technology in the labs of LEXCORP it was time to move the operation to the secrecy of my underground lair. I love the dull hum of the machinery that permeates the bedrock and fades into the night. This next stage involved creating a humanoid robot that was approximately the size of a young rock star. The mechanics of such a creation will not allow the creature to fully replace the original subject as speech synthesis is not at a level where singing and natural talent could be programmed.

Robot head

The head of such a creation was the only real new ground we had to cover. After several months this was eventuallly achieved with a great deal of overtime. Many heated arguments ensued with the supercomputer as to whether the actual bone structure would allow us to shape an acceptable facial mask. Thanks to the new shapeshifting qualities of our superheated Latex polyeurathane prosethetic outer skin the face was not only shapable but the robot could be programmed to reshape on demand. It was limited to 4 different faces. The final product was quite impressive as can be seem by the two photos below. The Left picture is our finalized robot minus his outer epidural layers. The right picture is the robot with his skin."

Robot - Male specimen Rob Thomas Look-alike Robot

So it would seem that Lex has laid some excellent groundwork for a plot that can not fail. The Kryptonite once put into the robot will quickly turn Superman into a blithering idiot. The difficult part as always is how to trick the idiot from Krypton into touching the Kryptonite that is in the robot. As always Lex has a plan and this one is no less dasterdly than his last plan. This time Lex has created this robot that looks just like Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 fame. The next issue is how does Lex plan on getting Superman and the robot Rob next to each other.

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