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The Artchive : Articles on artists, styles, periods, and other categories; well illustrated and including bibliographic citations. The text is from various published works; the illustrations are from original scans.
scope: over 200 artists; 2,600 scans; international; ancient to modern
publisher: Mark Harden

Artcyclopedia : An index of artists represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources. Search by name, title or museum, or browse by movement, medium, subject, nationality or name. Provides links to the online resource.
scope: Portal: 7,000 artists, 80,000 works, 700 arts sites
publisher: Artcyclopedia Inc.

Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms : Online version of Carl G Liungman's Thought Signs: the Semiotics of Symbols - Western Non-pictorial Ideograms, IOS Press. 1,600 articles giving the history, use and meaning of the symbols. Limited to ideograms: graphical symbols and signs that are not pictures of easily recognized objects.
scope: more than 2,500 symbols
publisher: Symbols.com, HME Media

Great Buildings Collection : Photographs, architectural drawings and 3D walkthrough models with articles, biographies and bibliographies. An abridged version of the Great Buildings Collection CD-ROM, Artifice, Inc.
scope: More than 800 buildings, international
publisher: Kevin Matthews, Artifice, Inc.

Instrument Encyclopedia : Based on artifacts from the Stearns Collection at the University of Michigan, including sound files and bibliographic citations.
scope: more than 140; world
publisher: CHICO, School of Information, University of Michigan

World Art Treasures : A series of thematic presentations called Itineraries, some with audio.
scope: based on 100,000 slides; ancient to modern; international
publisher: Fondation Jacques-Edouard Berger


ArtLex - Visual Arts Dictionary : A lexicon of art terms with thousands of images, pronunciation notes, quotations, and a growing number of longer articles.
scope: more than 3,300 entries
publisher: Michael Delahunt, M.F.A.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names : A structured vocabulary with an emphasis on art and architecture, covering continents, nations, historical places and physical features. Each record includes geographic coordinates, notes, sources for the data, and the role of the place (e.g., inhabited place, state capital). Names can include the vernacular, English, other languages, historical names, natural order, and inverted order.
scope: around 1,000,000 entries; current and historical; international
publisher: Getty Research Institute

Biographical Sources

Who's Who in American Art : Based on Marquis Publication's Who's Who in American Art 22nd Edition. Includes artists, administrators, historians, educators, lecturers, collectors, librarians, publishers, critics, consultants and dealers.
scope: 11,724 entries; United States, Canada, and Mexico
publisher: Artstar.com


literacy, publishing - see UNESCO

Almanacs and Yearbooks

What's Going On : Festivals, events and celebrations around the world.
scope: international
publisher: Nother Company LLC

Directories and Indexes

Gale's Literary Index : A master index to 40 of Gales's literary series. Main entries cover the author's name, any pseudonyms or variant names, and titles, with bibliographic citations.
scope: more than 130,000 authors and 140,000 titles
publisher: The Gale Group

MUSEE - Directory of Museums Worldwide : Directory of museum web sites, with reviews. Includes art, science, history, zoos, archaeology, and aquariums.
scope: portal
publisher: MUSÉE

National Libraries of the World: an Address List : Mail, telephone, fax, email and web site url's (as applicable) for national libraries. See also their Web Accessible National and Major Libraries page.
scope: international
publisher: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

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