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These General Reference pages form part of the W3 Consortium's World Wide Web Virtual Library. The objective of this section of the Library is to emulate, in digital form, the General Reference Collection in a traditional public library.

The resources included are those available free of charge. This criterion may be relaxed in the future to accommodate pay-per-use and subscription services priced for individual users.

Taxonomies designed for print publications do not always translate well into the online environment. Online resources often combine aspects of different print models to form new hybrids. Traditional nomenclature has been used to encompass these hybrids, which sometimes results in a resource being cited in two categories. It is also a rationale for developing the Subject Guide section of the site.

I.C.Y. Publishing

I.C.Y. Publishing specializes in online research and reference publishing services.

Simone O'Byrne compiles and maintains the General Reference pages as a volunteer contribution to the WWW Virtual Library. Simone has more than 15 years experience in print and online research, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

Feedback, questions, additions and/or corrections should be sent to I.C.Y. Publishing.

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