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statistics: The department of study that has for its object the collection and arrangement of numerical facts or data, whether relating to human affairs or to natural phenomena. The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.
B & E DataLinks : Portal for sources of economic and financial data. Each link is evaluated by a member of the American Statistical Association.
scope: Portal
publisher: American Statistical Association

CyberAtlas : Internet statistics and market reseach.
scope: 1996-
publisher: internet.com Corp.

Eurobarometer : Data from European public opinion surveys.
scope: 1972- ; Europe
publisher: The European Commission

Europinion : European public opinion results from the European Continuous Tracking Survey.
scope: 1994- ; Europe
publisher: The European Commission

FIBV: International Federation of Stock Exchanges : Annual data from 1960 to 2000, monthly data for 2001, and time series for 1990 to 2000 available as Acrobat pdf or Excel downloads.
scope: as above
publisher: Federation Internationale des Bourses de Valeurs / International Federation of Stock Exchanges

Gallup Poll : The results of public opinion Gallup Polls.
scope: USA, some international
publisher: The Gallup Organization

Genderstats : World Bank gender statistics by country or topic, plus some tables giving international comparisons.
scope: varies by source
publisher: World Bank

Key World Energy Statistics from the IEA : Data on the supply, transformation and consumption of oil, natural gas, coal and electricity. The International Energy Agency (IEA) is an autonomous agency linked with the OECD.
scope: international
publisher: International Energy Agency

LABORSTA : Labour Statistics Database from the International Labour Organization. Generate tables for single or multiple countries over a range of years.
scope: 1969 - 2000; international
publisher: International Labour Organization

Network Solutions Domain Statistics : WWW domain name statistics. Monthly updates.
scope: 1998 to present; international
publisher: Network Solutions, Inc.

NUA Internet Surveys : International Internet demographics and trends.
scope: 1995 to present; international
publisher: NUA Ltd.

SEDAC/CIESIN Gateway : Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) archives of datasets and other searchable resources. Ranges from the China Dimensions data collection to Environmental Treaty texts to US Census and World Bank materials.
scope: historical; international
publisher: The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York

Sustainable Development Information Service : Country-level data, global trends, maps and indicators for sustainable development and the environment. Data tables from World Resources 2000-01.
scope: international
publisher: World Resources Institute

United Nations Demographic Yearbook : Population of capital cities and cities of 100,00 and more inhabitants.
scope: international
publisher: United Nations

United Nations International Statistics : Provides links to United Nations, Specialized Agency, and Autonomus Organizations Statistics Programmes.
scope: portal; international
publisher: United Nations

United Nations National Statistics: Provides links to the official statistical web sites of each individual UN Member state.
scope: portal
publisher: United Nations

United Nations Social Indicators: UN figures for population, human settlements, water supply and sanitation, housing, health, child-bearing, education, literacy, income and economic activity, and unemployment.
scope: international
publisher: United Nations

US Census Bureau World Population Information : Access to US Census Bureau web sites, including World Population Profile: 1998, the latest compendium and analysis of data on population, fertility, mortality, contraceptive use and related demographic topics; World Vital Events Per Time Unit; World Population: 1950 to 2050; and their International data base.
scope: current and historical; international
publisher: U.S. Census Bureau

World Climate : Weather, rainfall and temperature data by city. Historical weather averages, by month, averaged over a range of years.
scope: over 85,000 records; international
publisher: Buttle and Tuttle Ltd.

World Trade Organization International Trade Statistics 2004 : WTO Statistics on merchandise and commercial services (world and regional) and historical trade by country, region and economic grouping. Download in Acrobat pdf or Excel format.
scope: 1980-, international
publisher: World Trade Organization

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