1. Primary atlases
  2. NRCan maps
  3. B& B - mapping supplier
  4. Rand McNally
  5. NGS publications such as map essentials
  6. local NTS maps
  7. local street maps


Maliseet dig [videorecording] / Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

New world below [videorecording] / National Film Board of Canada 

Contour Connection [Videorecording] 

Elementary Mapping Skills [Videorecording] 
Mapping the Ocean Floor [Videorecording] 

Soil Capability Classification [Videorecording] 

Ocean Mapping [Videorecording]: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 
Survey's Mapping and Remote Sensing Sector [Videorecording]: Canada Energy, Mines and Resources 

La Cartographie Geologique [Videorecording]: Canada Energy, Mines and Resources 

Geoscience Mapping [Videorecording]: Canada Energy, Mines and Resources 

Mapping Canada: From Astrolabes to Lasers [Videorecording]: Canada Energy, Mines and Resources 

Geological Survey Canada [Videorecording]: Canada Energy, Mines and Resources 

La cartographie de l'astolabe [Videorecording]: Canada Energy, Mines and Resources 

La commission geologique du Canada: [Videorecording]: Canada Energy, Mines and Resources 

Cartography [Videorecording]: Public Broadcasting System 

An Ancient Ring of Gold: Mapping and Geologic Time [Videorecording]: American Institute of Mining


(red indicates also need for datasets)

Tom Sydner's Map Neighborhood







AutoDesk map





National Atlas at

StatsCan on line at

Teacher's Resources:



Geographical Gnome


CCRS Images of Canada
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Home Page
NOAA Home Page with Image
EROS Data Center: Earthshots: main menu
Landsat Gateway Web Site
Eolian and Rainfall Mapping
NCAR Homepage
Flagstaff Terrestrial Remote Sensing Group Home Page
San Fransisco Bay Mapping - Land Use



GIS School Projects

Search for Ubar Using Remote Sensing
Mapping Our City TERC - HOME PAGE


Queen's University Geographic Information Systems Lab Home Page
GeoSystems Home
GIS in Education Home Page
Earth Images Home page
Earth and Environmental Science
Oregon's State Service Center for GIS Home Page
ESRI US Schools & Libraries Program
 ESRI Canada Limited - The Schools and Libraries Program 


Online Map Creation
Excite City.Net - Mapping & Travel Aid
MapQuest! Welcome!
DeLorme Mapping Map-Related Web Sites
List of World Map Items
Ptolemy's World Map, c. 150 AD.
Make a map with NAISMap
GORP - Maps & Navigation
PCL Map Collection
Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
Area Accurate Map / The Peters Projection
USGS: What Do Maps Show
The Mathematics of Cartography
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
Maps Online
Nystromnet Homepage
Map Machine @

From Geographical Gnome


Remote Sensing-Interactive Learning
An interactive site from the U. OF Texas that teaches one the basics of remote sensing.

A.A.A.remote sensing
no description

The AVIRIS Gallery
A collection of spectroscopic images focusing on air, biomas burning, vegetation, hazardous waste and geology.

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Home Page
no description

Cartographic Communication
What makes a good map?

Cartography Resources: Commercial
no description

Cartography Resources- Non-Commercial
no description

CCRS Images of Canada
The best interactive learning site on the Web. It is a tour of 13 areas in Canada focusing on a theme using satellite imaging.

What's New on the CCRS WWW Site
Tour now the Sudbury Basin and the Quebec Floods. This site is always informative and well presented. Glad to see updates about environmental concerns.

ChartWrite - GIS and mapping software, maps, GPS appl
no description

Cornell University Middle East and North Africa Project
Maps and the geology of the Middle East.

Data Maps
Obtain census data by county . U.S. ONLY

Directory of /pub/data/China/DC_China
Arc info data for China. Arcinfo is a map data program that one must have to view the resulting data.

Directory of /pub/fire/maps/current
Today's weather and fire maps in Canada.

Directory of /pub/pictures
A searchable index of images from the planets to roses.

Earth Viewer
View and download a map/image of the earth from any latitude, altitude, and/or position in our solar system.

GeoCities Home Page

GeoSystems Home
A good site for travelling to any place in the U.S.. The selection process will give one a street map of any area at a different scale. The process will give one information on restaurants, businesses and points of interest within your chosen geographic boundary.

GLERL Data and Information Services
Great Lakes surface temperatures and relief by NOAA.

GIS World, Inc.
Your starting point for GIS related information.

GOES Project Science
Satellite images, links to earth sciece projects. Air, water and land.

Geography and Earth Systems Science
George Masson University. Geography Dept. Student Maps Site. MAPS 1996-7

Graphic Maps

Internet GIS and RS Information Sites
A description of Links to places involed in remote sensing.

JPEG image 2295x3556 pixels
What a superb structural geologic relief map of the eastern U.S. including S.W. Ontario.1.8.MB. I think it was worth the wait.

Choose a place and play around for a wide variety of information. U.S. predominately. Now has an international section including Vancouver

Make a map with NAISMap
Make your own map of Canada showing roads, rivers, endangered species, geological regions, wetlands,and political boundaries.

NAISMap Home Page
Make a map of Canada illustrating forest regions, wetlands, geological provinces and some species of wildlife.

National Atlas Information Service
A source for receiving maps on the economic, social and geographic fabric of Canada.

National Atlas-select a map
A large selection of maps with different topics from Canada. Use your imagination.

National Atlas on Schoolnet/L'Atlas national sur le réseau scolaire
An interactive site to learn more about Canadian Communities. This site is a good resource for data, maps and a interactive quiz for both student and teacher of Canadian Geography.

PCL Map Collection
Download maps-world collection.

Public Use of Remote Sensing Data
A guide to satellite images of land, sea and (air)?

Satellite Images and Data Sets
A decription of organizational sites related to satellite imaging.

Satellite Imagery FAQ 1/5
FAQ- Answers questions regarding remote sensing.

RADARSAT - Related Sites
no description

no description

Remote Sensing Core Curriculum
Learn about remote sensing. Provides links as well.

Remote Sensing Sites
A descriptive linkage source for satellite sites.

Remote Sensing Resources on the Web.
no description


Shaded Relief Maps of the United States
U.S.A.. only and by state. I would give my - no for something like this for Canada.

Space & Aerospace Sources
no description

The ACRU Remote Sensing Jump Page
A good jump page broken down into specific units from weather to volcanoes.

The Great Globe Gallery
I am finding that one must update their brouser as often as netscape puts out a new breed. This site requires netscape 3 and a 28,800 modem. A real fine site for world 3D views.

USGS Spectroscopy Lab - home page
A good learnig environment. The future geographer should have a good knowledge of grade 12 physics.

Virtually Hawaii
A satellite review of the hawaiian islands.

Virtually Hawaii: remote image navigator
A very good tour of the Hawaian Islands using satellite imagery.

Xearth HTML Front End
Go here if you need a 3D image of the earth. Neato

How far is it?
Type in two names of places. Get the distance and map. The result is your base map. Use a screen capture to outline. Print out today's lesson or include in your research essay.

Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)
Create your own.

*Make a Map*
Make your own map. Insert cities, ridges and troughs. Save in a graphics editor like Paint Shop Pro and print out a colour transparency.

Projects- Advanced Cartography
This is another way to demonstrate how students and teachers can use the WWW. Here are the results of students work in cartography to illustrate a theme or concept. Themes run from Machu Picchu to Canada- A Nation Divided.

PCL Map Collection
Country and thematic maps from around the world. I believe the faster site is at the U. of Texas -

Enter your U.S. citys' name and they return its' road map.

U.S. Thematic Maps
U.S. MAPS based on themes; for example, agriculture, education, income, population, youth. Varies from 1990-1994.

Color Landform Atlas Of The United States
Choose your state to view a colour relief map. Then choose topographic map. Canadian relief portions will be illustrated around border states. Ontario- go to either New York or Michigan. Print out a coloured copy or transparency for class or project. Worth the wait.

Country maps- Europe
Maps of Europe.

Maps On Us
If you know where you want to go , they will give you a detail street map of the area. U.S. only.

Contempory Maps and Globes
Links to base maps, thematic maps and state maps in the U.S.

World Atlas- Graphic Maps
World atlas provides one with statistics and information on many countries. So far one can aquire data on all countries of the Caribbean, South and Central America. Graphic maps included.

Consevation Of Arctic Flora And Fauna
Polar maps of the Arctic illustrating protected areas.

Canada's Forest Inventory-1991
The 1991 census of Canada's forests portrayed in maps.

Natural Resources Canada
Topographic map database of Canada.

U.S. National Geophysical Data Center
Images of marine geology. Atlantic, Pacific, Great Lakes.

ORES- World Wide Data
Links to world data. Land use, population, relief and other geospacial data. Much of it for GIS, ARC INFO but not all.

GIS Analysis with ARC-INFO
Learn how to use ARC-INFO online. Good job Shane.

Canadian Forest Regions
Map and description of Canadian forests offered by the Canadian Sustainable Forest Coalition.

Owls Watershed Model Simulation
For the advanced student of watershed management.

Canadian Geographic
Go here for a thematic map regarding: Pollution by the Tonne, Canadians owning guns, invisible trade-Travel to and from Canada, Canada's Physical Makeup, Immigration to Canada, Mapping by Population , Canada's Francophone Population, NAFTA-the flow of trade.

Design Paradise
An interactive design simulation for students wanting to learn land use planning. The objective of this site is to educate users about the interrelationships among industry, environment, and population.

Africa News Online
Map of refugees in Africa.

Get the latest maps for Africa. 1997.

Get the latest maps for Africa. 1997.

Relief Web- U.N.
The latest world region maps such as The Americas and the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe-The Balkan Region, Asia and the Pacific, Africa. The world- Population density.

Point and click for your satellite image of 100's of places around the globe. Includes Canada

Point and click for your satellite image of Canadian places. Many of the images are too large to scale or cloudy but you may get lucky.

Canadian Ice Service- Links
Access to the Physical Characteristics and Bathymetry Maps of the Great Lakes. Sea surface temperatures, Arctic and Anarctic.

USGS Global Land Information System

*** USGS- Earthshots ***
Aral Sea, Kazakstan (includes Amudar'ya River, irrigation, salination, air pollution), Beijing, People's Republic of China; Buraydah, Saudi Arabia (includes irrigation, cities of Buraydah and Unayzah, aquifers), Dallas, Texas,(includes Fort Worth). All earthshots include a comparison of satellite images from two time periods.

USGS- Geographic Names Information System
Type in a name of a place and in return one receives a map and other relavent information. Scroll to the bottom for the watershed that the place is located in.

San Francisco Bay Area Regional Database
Map mosaic for those using Arc/Info. Many high schools are going over to this GIS system for studying the relationships between different variables. How far are you behind the times? All one needs is a few pentium computers. Good luck.

Experimental software for viewing DLG-O and DRG data. dlgv32 is Windows 95 software for viewing USGS Digital Line Graph Optional (DLG-O) and Digital Raster Graphic (DRG) data. The USGS is offering an experimental version to the public for a limited time while additional testing and research are conducted.

OSSHE Historical Atlas
Images and maps of the Mediterranean. Spain, Sicily, Rome. Natural Resources. Historical and recent

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
World City maps.

TCI Internet Resources
Maps, data and programs to view and download

Caribbean-On-Line Map Index
Anguilla | Antigua & Barbuda | Aruba | The Bahamas | Barbados | British Virgin Islands | Curaçao | Cayman Islands | Dominica , Dominican Republic | Jamaica | St. Croix | St. Kitts & Nevis | St. Lucia .

The World Of Maps
Satellite Images and Cityscapes. Little images to place at the top of your report. Toronto, Vancouver and other U.S., WORLD CITIES

Maps of the Muslim World
Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jericho, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Middle_East, Oman, Qatar, Saudi_Arabia, Syria , Turkey, Yemen, AFRICA, ASIA AND EUROPE

The Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, Africa. Good MAPS.

The latest changes to our world maps includes Nunavut. The company also has a good section on the history of cartography, map skills. Use your imagination.

Demographics, Demography, Population. Gridded Population of the World.

Ocean Remote Sensing Group - Johns Hopkins University
Extreme Sea Level Changes. See what global warming may provide on a world perspective

Atlas of maps

*Oddens's Bookmarks*
An excellant resource for students, teachers and more specifically cartographers

Geographic Map Interface
With this map interface, you are able to find out spatial information about every area in Great Britain.

Digital Chart of the World Data Server
The Pennsylvania State University. View or download a map of a country of your choice regarding populated centers, drainage, Land Cover, Ocean Features, Cultural Landmarks.

DDViewer lets you create maps and calculate statistics for 220 demographic variables from the 1990 U.S.Census.

They offer you these free resources to promote geographic awareness and to show you the meaningful ways that geographic information system (GIS) technology can be used in your organization and community.

U.S.G.S. Digital Line Graph Data
This Geographic Information Center's Digital resource utilizes the 1:2,000,000-scale Digital Line Graph database produced by the U.S. Geological Survey to provide visualization of selected data layers (features) at state, multi-state, or national-level. U.S. and Virginia only.

STARTING THE HUNT-Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST)

TCI Internet Resources
Maps, data and programs to view and download.

Project GeoSim
Good Demo programs regarding Human Population (HumPop) and International Population (IntlPop), Migration Modeling (MigModel). Demography.

Satellite images by Geographic Regions, Earth's Water Habitats, Hurricanes and Weather, Cities, Earth landscapes, Earth-Human Interactions, Distinctive Features.

Map Projection Software
Several sources of public domain cartographic software that perform cartographic projections as well as other geodetic computations such as compute geodesic distances (Great Circles) and datum transformations.

Products Of GSI
Your lead to topographic maps, aerial photos, and volcanic base maps of Japan and her cities of Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

Maps in the News- University of Minnesota.
A very good map source for regions that are in the news such as Isreal, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montserrat, Guam, and Lima, Peru.

Florida Geographic Alliance
Good maps that relate to their lesson plans in Acrobat. Europe, Australia, Asia, Europe, Kenya, Africa. Thematic and base maps.

Corel For Geographers- Solomon Wong- U of B.C.
A tutorial for the use of Corel Draw and cartography.

*Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST)*

NRC- Surficial Materials of Canada
Download a physiographic map of Canada. Geomorphology , till, morraine, geology and bedrock.

NRC- Oak Ridges Moraine Project
Oak Ridges Moraine NATMAP and Hydrogeology Project. The study area extends from the Niagara Escarpment to Trenton and from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe. A full glacial analysis of the metro Toronto area from the quaternary period. Groundwater.

U.S.Maps illustrating: Change in Soil Erosion on Cropland 1982-1992. Change in Cropland Area. Sheet and Rill Erosion. Surface Cover/Use. Palustrine Wetland Areas. Percent Area in Developed Land. Percent Area in Prime Farmland. Soil Erosion on Cropland.

Graphic Highlights of Natural Resource Trends in the United States Between 1982 and 1992. Soil, crops, irrigation, trees, forests, erosion, wetlands, rangeland.

Major Soil Climate Domains- Africa

Albania, Africa. Potential for Sustainable Use of Soil Resources. Soil Resources of Albania. Soil Climate Domains of Albania, Major Land Resources. Major Soils, Land Resource Stresses. Wheat Performance Map.

Training and Support Centre. Learn how to interpret the images.

***Oddens's Bookmarks***
Maps of the Netherlands. Holland, Dutch. Polder. 102K Takes time to load but has maps of all the countries of the world.

Memorial University- NFLD.
Map Library Software Helpers from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Includes instructions for using products such as ArcUSA, ArcWorld, and the Digital Chart of the World, as well as guides to the process of making maps of Canada and the world.

U.S.D.A. -Vegetation Condition Images
The NDVI measures vegetation vigor caused by chlorophyll activity; this is sometimes called "greenness".

United States Department of Agriculture
Detailed color U.S. maps showing range of acres for harvest and yield per harvested acre, by county for the 1996 Crop Year. Wheat, cotton, soybeans and rice.

Classification and Mapping of Agricultural Land In The U.S. Good map showiing crop distribution. Wheat, cotton, corn and all others

Shareware files and data at the MAPINFO-L FTP Site.

Local Government in Scotland - Population/ Area (Sq Km)/ Population Density of Councils. Included are maps of each city.

Map- Native Americans- William Bowen
Very well done.

Create your own map of your neighborhood in the U.S.

**Atlas Of U.S. Mortality**
Maps for HIV, cancer, traffic deaths, heart disease, Maps for Firearm Homicide in the U.S.

Global Positioning System Overview - U. of Texas, Austin
It's time every high scholl in North America should have one. Share the GPS with the science, geography and math dept's. THIS IS A GOOD SITE TO LEARN HOW TO USE IT. .

The Great Lakes Atlas
Thematic Maps of the Great Lakes: Relief, Drainage and Urban Areas, Geology and Mineral Resources, Land Use, Fisheries and Erosion, Waterborne Commerce, Recreation, Ecoregions, Wetlands and Drainage Basins. List of Diagrams: Hydrograph of Great Lakes Water Levels, Sources and Pathways of Pollution, Population Growth to name a few.

The Great Lakes Atlas
Thematic Maps of the Great Lakes: Relief, Drainage and Urban Areas, Geology and Mineral Resources, Land Use, Fisheries and Erosion, Waterborne Commerce, Recreation, Ecoregions, Wetlands and Drainage Basins. List of Diagrams: Hydrograph of Great Lakes Water Levels, Sources and Pathways of Pollution, Population Growth to name a few.

Lebanon/Middleast maps
Just a few.

Middle East Map
Annual Precipitation Water (mm) in the Middle East

Maps Collection of Israel
Many themes and base maps.

Maps Of Isreal
Israeli Settlements in the Gaza Strip: West Bank Economic Activity to name a few.

Map Interpretation and Analysis- Macquarie University School of Earth Scien
Maps of New York via Arc Info. Relationships between Income and Education, Management and Education, African-Americans and Income, Established Families and Housing Age Ethnic Mix: Hispanic and African-American.

Introduction to ARCVIEW 1-Macquarie University School of Earth Sciences
More high schools should be into this.Let's get with it you Geography teachers.

Great Lakes Atas
Map and diagram of the evolution of Great Lakes, glaciation, basin, mineral resources. 212k.

ChartWrite Data
GIS data for the world. Vector format. Layers included are coast lines, national boundaries, areas, main towns.

Radar images and description of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Forestry, forest, logging, deforestration.

Radar images and descriptions of many areas around the world. Resources, Archaeology, Cities, Ecology & Agriculture, Geology, Interferometry, Oceans, Rivers, Snow, Ice, Glaciers, Volcanoes.

A competitor of ESRI. GIS.


GRID-Arendal's Online GIS and Map and Graphics Database. Baltic drainage basin data Nordic / Baltic extractions. Arctic, Iceland. oct/97

USGS Mapping Science Software. Freeware and shareware. Topographic Mapping Applications, The USGS maintains a collection of public-domain software developed by or for the USGS, including cartographic, map production and revision, geospatial metadata, and mapping products access applications.

FREE DATA DOWNLOAD. The Map Sheet Names data supplied below is for the published 1:250 000 scale maps. GIS. oct/97

GTOPO30 is a global digital elevation 3D model. This is terrific for GIS DATA DOWNLOAD. free. This is totally awesome. Download or capture any region in the world in 3D relief. Can you imagine with GIS putting layers over this?

Download Gis data or view and copy the following: China Dimensions Data Collection, Gridded Population of the World, Human Health Data Resources, Mexico Data Collection, Microdata from the decennial U.S. censuses of 1940-1990. **World Resources 1996-97.**- All resources includes Canada.

SEDAC's Demographic Data Cartogram Service
This site provides digital coverages of U.S. Census demographics to GIS users.

This GIS based global population database provides global change researchers with consistent and detailed demographic data over a large area. These data should aid in the understanding of the human dimensions of environmental degradation processes. A GIS database of about 19,000 sub-national administrative boundaries and associated population

UN Environmental Database
Environmental Data Sets for GIS. One must use telnet to obtain the data. A huge resource.

Grid Arendal- GIS Datasets
Datasets include: African city population, AMAP Arctic boundary, Existing protected areas(Canada 94), World cities population, World databank I (pc).

Digital Chart of the World Data Server-U of Penn.
This web site will allow you to download the boundaries and layers of individual countries, in Arc/INFO export format. GIS

This is a collection of GIS cover available from USGS Woods Hole Field Center, suitable for map scales of 1:250,000 or smaller.

CAFF MAPS- Conservation Of Arctic Fauna And Flora
Preview and cature or download: Arctic Regions inc. permafrost, Bathymetry and topography, Vegetation zones and national level of protection, Protected / proposed protected marine areas. Many more.

GRID-Arendal's Online
Online GIS and Map and Graphics Database: The Arctic Circle , 10degree Arctic July isotherm , Countries and coastline- includes Canada. Continuous and discont. permafrost, Rivers - Detailed, lakes TO NAME A FEW. GIS.

U. of Toronto- Databases
You can brouse here but I really want you to go to Here you will get GIS BASEMAPS FOR ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. Copy and paste the address into the brouser's location area.

GIS Vermont
Data is available for Enhanced 9-1-1 Towns. Links to other GIS sites in the north-east U.S.

New York State GIS
Here is their list of many files that a person can download. The list is very long.

The Starting Point- GIS Data
Guide To On-line And Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial and Attribute Data. Broken down by theme, state and organization.

Mercator Alliance and Institute
A Canadian Initiative to Promote the Internet/Intranet Solutions for Global Geospatial Information and Services. This is their goal simce 1995 but they as usual don't offer anything like the U.S. GIS.

National Atlas of Canada
This is Canada's source for maps and associated data. They also offer nothing for free.

ARCSS Data Archive
ARC/INFO coverages of the NSF/ARCSS/LAII-funded Flux study site on the north slope of Alaska. The files contain information on vegetation, geomorphology, hydrology, elevation, and geology. GIS.

GIS Analysis - ARC/INFO- Shane Murnion
This is an introductory course in ARC-INFO. He also provides the files to use that I believe are from the Holy Land.

Alexandria Digital Library
Digital Census Atlas for Niagara 1991: Ottawa, Ont:: St. Catharines (Ontario).

Digital Data Products-Brock U.
Go to library with a formatted disc. Do you know someone attending there? Many image and data files including GIS.

Alexandria Digital Library
Sources of maps, satellite images and geospacial data (GIS)for the U.S.

Soil Landscapes of Canada
Soil Landscapes of Canada, Version 2.2, National Soil DataBase, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. 1996. GIS FILES FOR ARC/INFO FORMAT. Thanks.

ESRI Canada
This program focuses on integrating GIS into K12 education, as well as the use of GIS in colleges, universities and libraries across Canada. Tutorials and Lesson Packs. Free Stuff For Classrooms. GIS and Data sites.

GeoData Information Sources- U. OF IOWA
For GIS users: Links to Remotely Sensed Data, Topographic, Atmospheric, Climatic/Meteorologic, Hydrologic, Oceanographic, Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Dynamics, Geological and Geophysical, Paleoclimatic and Environmental Data. Geodetic and Global Positioning System (GPS) Data.

CCRS- Canada
Satellite data to describe the seasonal dynamics of vegetation across Canada. Topics include: Total greenness during the growing season, Length of growing season, Growing degree days index, Leaf area index.

Where to by Canadian base maps from my friends at GeoAccess.

University of Minnesota, College of Natural Resources
Air Photos Online. These are very nice high resolution photos. Go right to the end for jpg format. Minnesota only.

Ersis Australia Pty. Ltd.
China data sets . Use a screen capture for some good base maps of China.

Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST)
The Arkansas Interactive Mapper is a Web-based program which allows any user to generate maps of any area in Arkansas.

Make many thematic maps of any state in the U.S. Includes topics such as population, housing.

Mississippi Directory of Digital Geographic Data
GIS data files for Mississippi. Socio-economic, hydrology, industrial, physical geography. All is here for ARC/INFO.

Geomatics Canada-Digital Terrain Elevation Data
A sample of DTED is available to download for your evaluation. The sample is divided into two 1°x 1° cells corresponding in geographic extent to 1:250,000 scale NTS mapsheet 42D, in Ontario on the north shore of Lake Superior.

KINDS-The Manchester Metropolitan University
Go here for GIS data. Much is free for the United Kingdom. One must register. Use to acedemic institutions only. When you enter go to brouse to see the wealth of files to download.

GIS/RS ftp Servers
Go to these free ftp Gis data sites: National Centre for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) Santa Barbara Site.California. University of Toronto CIA World Map, plus USA data sets, including location of US cities. US Bureau of Land Management. World Data Bank Coastlines, countries, rivers. Free and working oct/97.

GIS Dictionary Of Terms
This on-line dictionary of GIS terms is brought to you by the Association for Geographic Information and the University Of Edinburgh Department of Geography. up to date. oct/97.

Surficial Materials of Canada
The detailed physiography of Canada by province. Alluvial, lacustrine and glacial deposits. till, glacier. This can be downloaded and used for GIS. Terrain Sciences Division Home Page, NRC.

Caribbean Maps Online
Great maps by country and city. Travel and tourism. Use a screen capture. Aruba, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Virgin Is.

Create your own themematic maps of New Zealand.

Maps of countries of the former Soviet Union
CIS, Russia,Belarus, Crimea, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikstan, Ukraine.

Swedish Information Service
Maps of Sweden

Duke U.
How to- Translation, Extraction, Conversion, and Unzipping Tools for ARC/INFO, ARC/VIEW. GIS

***Odden's Mookmarks***
The Netherlands [Maps and Atlases - New]. A good resource site for all maps.

Odden's Bookmarks
Links to other sites for country specific maps.

Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives

NRC- National Atlas on SchoolNet
Non-official languages, Census Metropolitan Areas,Canada, 1991. Ethnic composition by city. click over name not the dot.

Make a map at NAIS- NRC
Generate a map illustrating specific themes in Human, Physical, Economic geography of Canada. Wildlife at risk by species. Ethnic compositions and languages, age breakdowns. Wetlands. Agriculture, wheat, dairy, forest inventory.

Bureau of Land Management- U.S.
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data available for download. GIS. Click on this map for anywhere in the U.S. Note -Nothern portions overlap into Canada. Need to go back to Geo Data page at bottom to download other programs to run. Have fun.

****Jon Lyon of Edgewood College****
GIS In Education:A Model for Integration of Geographic Information Systems into K-16 Education. A project to evaluate a watershed. This is a terrific site that educates how to use GIS ARC/VIEW the classroom for environmental studies and geography. Elementay and secondary.

Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
Metadata and Gis ARC/INFO FORMAT data. Natural resources of Illinois.

Project Argus
Access and visualization of the 1991 census and BOUNDARY DATA for Great Britain. GIS. TEACHER NOTES INCLUDED.

JANUS Visualization Gateway Project
Project Argus developed a toolkit to help with teaching and learning in the spatial sciences. cdv - a Cartographic Data Visualizer. GIS.

The Great Britain Historical GIS Program- Q.M.C.
The aim of the project is to provide a consistent integrated framework for the study of geographical change in Great Britain over the last 200 years.

Peter L. Guth Home Page- U.S. Naval Acedemy
Follow the links to ftp site to download the program called MICRODEM . formats: DTED, USGS ASCII for 1:24K and 1:250K DEMs, and SDTS for 1:24K DEMs. Capabilities to merge imagery and vector data sets(TIGER or DLG formats) with the DEMs. GIS, Digital Raster Graphics, top maps to GIS.

USGS- National Mapping Information
GEOSPATIAL DATA STANDARDS, EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES, and, US GeoData= 1:250,000-Scale Digital Elevation Model (DEM), 1:2,000,000-Scale Digital Line Graphs (DLG), Land Use and Land Cover (LULC). GIS.

USGS Clearinghouse
Base Mapping and Satellite Images, Geology, Water, Land use, Upper Mississippi and Lower Missouri Data Base . GIS and Metadata.

Go herefor Geologic Mapping Menu Interface & Toolkit for Arc/Info- GIS- or cut and paste into location bar of brouser this address- - Have fun looking around. Geographers like doing this for resource material.

Over 700 links to GIS INFORMATION. GPS. Good information on all aspets of the GIS package.

The GIS Dictionary- The Association for Geograph ic Information
Alphabetical list OR Search by category.

Essential Guide to GIS.
Good description and diagrams explaining the concepts of spacial data, vectors, raster, geocoding.

AAG- Association Of American Geographers- GIS
Papers and leads to the latest advancements in GIS.

U. Of Buffalo- GIS Links
These are online resources for raw geographic data in the U.S. and globally that have been made available. Most don't have specialized data access tools.

U.Of Buffalo- Reasearch- j. b. krygier
Buffalo's Lower West Side: WWW Project. GIS and Society, Community Nets and Associated Issues. Buffalo's Lower West Side: WWW Project

Geographic Resources Analysis Support System- GRASS
Links to this very good public domain GIS software. Try also seeing the use of GRASS interactively at Just cut and paste this address into the location bar in your brouser.

Urban Studies- Wayne State U- Detroit
A socio-economic study of Detroit, Mich.

MassGIS digital orthophotos
Through this Web interface you may view a set of Boston area digital orthophotos. GIS nad metadata.

Central Africa VL : Vegetation
Central Africa gorilla habitat near the volcano chain along the borders of Rwanda, Zaire and Uganda.

Many maps regarding Population and Race, Ancestry, Income and Poverty, Adult Educational Attainment, Household Types, Commuters.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
Forest Land Distribution Data for the United States. Metadata and GIS.

Putting Liverpool on the Map
Ireland, GIS. MapInfo freebees.

The Memorial University of Newfoundland
Student Projects- Historic merchantile community of Trinity, Trinity, English colony on the Avalon Peninsula, Moravian Missions in Labrador during the 1700's. L'Anse Aux Meadows as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Archaeological Site of Basque Whaling at Red Bay.

National Atlas on SchoolNet
Quebec Votes on Sovereignty. Rural- urban Canada.

Toronto TTC
Subway map.

NRC- Real time GPS corrections.
How to and the theory behind GPS.*C/English/GPSCe.html

GSRUG- NRC- Online Demonstration
Scroll to bottom for computing either Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates from the geographic latitude and longitude of a point or the reverse conversion. Select the desired conversion. GPS

ESRI- Tutorials
These tutorials are intended for teachers, and they are intended to lead the teacher through various GIS ARCVIEW operations which may be used to set up classroom activities. They include topics regarding acid rain, glaciation and French language distribution in Canada. Very well done.

Map History
History of Cartography from Globes to Literature and Map Collections.

This is a Java program. Please wait while it loads. It does not work well on platforms whose browsers are not mature for running Applets. If it does not work on your system, please try the non-Java Version 2.0.

Papers from the annual conference of the URBAN AND REGIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS ASSOCIATION. Not For High School. GIS AND HOW IT IS APPLIED.

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems- U. OF WATERLOO
Go tO Lectures AND Lab Answers for this GIS online course.

Environmental Remote Sensing- U. OF WATERLOO
Online tutorial. GIS and Remote sensing, imaging.

**Maps Online**
Base maps for teachers and students. World: Physical, World: Countries , United States: Physical and Political , North America, Africa: Political and Physical and much more.

The History of Cartography Project- University of Wisconsin
Images and descriptions of the origins of map making from all areas of the world.

International Map Trade Association
Recent news about GIS and GPS. Maps, cartography.

Introduction to GPS Applications
This document is an introdution to the NAVSTAR and GLONASS Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and their uses.

Global Positioning System Overview - U. Of Texas
A sophisticated approach to GPS. Not for high school.

A tutorial in the basic principles behind GPS technology.

University of Waterloo Electronic Library (UWELib)
Township Boundaries: Southern Ontario. This page provides a download link to the township boundaries for Southern Ontario; the data are available as a cartographic file in ArcInfo Export (.e00) format. GIS.

University of Waterloo Electronic Library (UWELib)
Grand River Watershed Basic Map Layers. Several map layers are available for academic teaching and research in ArcInfo Export format. GIS.

University of Waterloo Electronic Library (UWELib)
1996 Census Atlas for Kitchener CMA. So far only population change is available. Could be a good informative site someday. Dec 16/97.

University of Waterloo Electronic Library (UWELib)
1991 Census Atlas for Kitchener CMA. Demography-Population Density | Population Change. Education, Religion, Housing, Employment and Income are available for some categories. Dec. 16/97. Use for comparison with 1996 stats.

Paula Giese -MAPS: GIS Windows on Native Lands
Current Places, and History. British Columbia First Nations , Pre-contact culture areas of North America, Pre-contact housing styles, ENVIRONMENTAL THREATS to NATIVE LANDS, good link to maps of Official and Unofficial Tribal Sites. Aboriginal. Reserve. Locations of Canadian and Alaskan Inuit communities. Map areas FOR 1850-1900's Canadian treaties.

Global Climate Maps- U.N.F.A.O.
Annual average rainfall total, Annual average temperature, Koeppen maps. One may also download for free an interesting climate analysis and mapping program.

An ESRI service that catalogs and searches Web sites that offer freely downloadable data compatible with ESRI software.

An ESRI service that catalogs and searches Web sites that offer freely downloadable data compatible with ESRI software. GIS.

The Hebrew University
Digital Terrain Model of Israel. Go to data. boundaries, soils, drainage, temperature and rainfall. Jerusalem included. Metadata. Could be slow.

NASA- Learning From Satellites
Comparing Oceans | Human Impact | Antarctica |Weather The Gulf of Maine | Remote Sensing | Imaging the Earth.

The University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography
Exploring Satellite Oceanography. A set of lesson plans for high school science students.

The University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography
EXPLORING THE OCEAN BASINS WITH SATELLITE ALTIMETER DATA. Good section and map of ocean floor related to plate tectonics.

Good map. 150k

Memorial University- NFLD
Learn how to use ArcView. GIS tutorials

ESRI Tutorials
Sign up for this these spacial information tutorials. Great job. GIS.

ESRI Virtual Campus
Home page for learning ArcView. Online GIS tutorials.

Estonia Maps page
Historical and present day. For K AND A.

R I D I N G S and Elections Map- Canada
Great maps for using with statistics and counties. Use your imagination.

Get AutoDest MapGuide plugin for viewing Canada Map and U.S. Map. This is a powerful GIS tool for viewing, locating and printing out any street level and regional map in North America.

ARL Electronic Atlas

Memorial University- Nfld
Tutorial on the use of ArcView. GIS.

Dendrome Image Library
The image library for various species of pine trees in North America.

Atlas of the World
Maps for all countries. Country Studies.

USGS - National Aerial Photography Program
A place to get aerial photographs for GIS AND Cartographic analysis. Know your scale then use NIH Image software to determine land use areas and distances- What a concept for the advancement of geography and science at the high school level.

USGS - Learning Web,
Educational Resources for Cartography, Geography, and Related Disciplines. Mapping-Related Educational Materials Online

Trimble Navigation Limited
Global Positioning System (GPS) on-line tutorial.

Queen's Geographic Information Systems Lab
Interactive Mapping of the Rabies Database Using MapGuide. GIS. Go to software to download MapGuide. Mapping of the Rab

NOAA National Geophysical Data Center
New Global Seafloor Topography from Satellite Altimetry. The seafloor images of all the oceans.

UBC- Tutorial and GIS - Virtual Geography
ENVIRONMENTAL AND NATURAL RESOURCE DATA, DATABASE CREATION. Many modules are still incomplete but many are.

Geographic Information Technology
An OAGEE Central Region Action Group Site. Hot GIS sites for high school geography classes.

Digital Chart of the World Data Server- The Pennsylvania State University L
This web site will allow you to download the boundaries and layers of individual countries, in Arc/INFO export format, from ESRI's Digital Chart of the World data set.

University Of Delaware
GIS Utilities and Add-ons

Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives
HISTORICAL MAPS OF CANADA. Maps are $5.00 each.

GIS In Education
A Model for Integration of Geographic Information Systems into K-16 Education.

Gif image- 171k

Geographic Information Systems: Tutorials
Virtual Geography Department U.B.C. Takes one to 4 different tutorials on the use of GIS.

Make Your Own Globe

****Weather at Perdue U.****
The most up to date satellite images. Every hour. Great for studying weather. Several choices. These include visible, infrared and water vapor images. The images are updated once an hour at aout 30 after the hour..

Index of RSD Pages
Land, Air and Space Projects. Public Use of Remote Sensing Data for education. Where is education heading? We are not getting older , we are getting better.

Atlas Of The World
Maps for all countries. A bit slow to download.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
The meaning of map projections, points, grids, cells and binning.

Global Climate Maps- SD DIMENSIONS
Can be viewed and printed or download digital data for GIS Idrisi software.

***ESRI- Tutorials and Lesson Packs***
If one uses ArcView GIS, Go here for tutorials relating to Creating Your Own Data. Customizing ArcView. Hot Linking: A How-To Guide. Working With CAD Drawings. Clipping Themes. Buffering Themes. Geocoding and Queries. A new theme added each month.

School And Libraries Program. Here one finds information about Esri's program to put GIS into our schools. Tutorials and Lesson Packs. Free Stuff For Classrooms.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The National Wetlands Inventory (NWI). Information on the characteristics, extent, and status of the U.S. wetlands and deepwater habitats. GIS data for Arc/Info. Preparing files for ARC Export format.

Great maps for Zambia, Sudan, Tibet, Spain, Russia, Kenya. Including maps of the different peoples of these nations.


Geographer's Craft project.- U. Of Texas, Austin
An introduction to the basic concepts of remote sensing, with emphasis on air photograph interpretation.GIS Helping to Re-engineer Real Estate. Ethical Issues in Electronic Information Systems- technology. GIS: Context, Concepts, and Definitions. The Evolving GIS Workplace. Legal Issues Relating to GIS. Managing Error.

Maps for railway passenger routes in Canada. Transportation. Travel and tourism.

Virtual Geography Department. - Cartography
Fitzsimons' Bookmarks . This is all one needs to join the world of cartography. Maps, GIS, graphics, software and jobs.

Agriculture Canada- Centre for Land and Biological Resources
Agroecological Resource Area Databases for the Prairies: User's Manual. The digitized ARA maps for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. ArcInfo format. Climate indices derived from the 1951-80 normals . General soil and landform information. Much more. GIS. Tells one where to go for info. Ask and you may receive.

***UNEP- Online GIS and MAP Database***
Global, Africa, Europe, South America, Arctic. Air/Climate, Environmental stress and human use, energy, fauna and flora, population, pollution, soil degradation, protected areas, economy.

The IDRISI Project- UNEP
APPLICATIONS OF GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) TECHNOLOGY IN ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT. Hazard Assessment, Applications of GIS to Vulnerability Mapping - A West African Food Security Case Study. Environmental Conflict Resolution: A Case Study of the Ethiopian Famine of 1984.

CANSIS- Soil Landscapes of Canada, Version 2.2,
Canadian Soil Information System files are located here. Anyone may use these data free of charge, provided they acknowledge Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's authorship. ARCINFO format. GIS. Includes ecozones.

SLC version 2.2. Soil and ecozone datasets for GIS.

CANSIS- The National Soil DataBase (NSDB)
The NSDB is the set of computer readable files which contain soil, landscape, and climatic data for all of Canada.

Map of nuclear power stations. Population density map for Asia . North Atlantic Sea currents .

United Nations Environment Programme
Global Resource Information Database. Both GIS and metadata format. Go to how to get data for GIS. Atmosphere, Biodiversity, Climate, Earth Surface , Ecological/Life Zones, Human-related, Hydrology, Land Cover/Use/Veg., Oceans and Seas, Soils and related Vegetation Index.

China Dimensions- Ciesan
GIS data and socio-economic information. China's growth and her impact on the environment.

Digital Elevation Datasets. World. Includes Canada by smaller regions. Dem. format for the Dem GIS program. Also comes in gif. format for download and viewing.

Your source for maps, satellite images, data, air photos.

U. Of Texas- Map Projections
Learn about Map projections. Projections are attempts to portray the surface of the earth or a portion of the earth on a flat surface.

Vermont Geographic Information System
One must register before receiving GIS data.

NSIDC Data Sets- Alaska
Environmental data for Alaska. Climate, snow, ice, glacier. Grid and Permanent Plot Data(GIS) for Soils, Vegetation. Canadian Arctic Radiation Data.

Your source of digital GIS data for Japan.

***GMT - The Generic Mapping Tools- Online Interactive***
Create a map with your choice of projection for any place as its central point. Include plates, ridges and troughs. Include cities, boundaries and rivers. Download in illustrator, gif or postscipt format. One may download this GMT PROGRAM for free as posted on my software page.

GIS data for China. Boundaries, socio-economic data as well. ARC/INFO interchange format.

A M Productions
GIS and Resources Video Library. Mining Technologies Video Library.

Learn the language of GIS. Here is a dictionary for GIS users.

Center for GIS and Spatial Analysis- West Chester University.
The use and teaching of GIS and business applications. Labs are provided. Lesson and examples. A winner. Ex. Market potential of sporting goods stores.

U.S. Department Of Transportation
The National Transportation Atlas (NTA) is a collection of geo-spatial databases developed by the Department of Transportation and other Federal agencies depicting transportation facilities, networks, and services of national significance. GIS. Canadian transportation data.

****Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST)****
Guide To Mostly On-line And Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial and Attribute Data. GIS.

Canadian Issues- Natural Resources Canada
A good site to make a MAP for topics related to Canada's Boreal Forest- insects and production, Aging Population, Natural Hazards- Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes, Wetlands, Wildlife at Risk. Language, % elderly and % children by ctd 1991, cattle, dairy and wheat, ecozones. budworm, catepillar.

***** GIS for PA ***** North Carolia State U.
Learn the ins and outs of ArcView and other graphics programs. How to incorporate GIS ArcView with Photoshop, Illustrator. Tutorials, Leads to other resources.

Commonwealth of Australia 1998, Bureau of Meteorology.
The weather and climate maps for Australia.


USGS- This Dynamic Planet
A 3.5mb map illustrating Earth's physiographic features, the current movements of its major tectonic plates, and the locations of its volcanoes, earthquakes, and impact craters. Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

GRID-Arendal- AMAP GIS data
Public Domain= Free. Arctic, permafrost, lakes, rivers. Many formats to download. Baltic Sea Region GIS, Maps and Statistical Database, Nordic / Baltic extractions.

GRID-Arendal- Maps and Graphics
Thematic maps regarding Acidification, Agriculture and Fisheries , Atmosphere and Climate change, Biodiversity, Demography, Land Degradation , Human Health , Population of Urban areas(EUROPE). Most maps are from Europe, Africa, South America( forests). Great basemaps for Tajikistan, Kazhakstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyz

U.S. Geological Survey- U.S.GeoData
GIS. 1:250,000-Scale Digital Elevation Model (DEM) . 7.5-Minute Digital Elevation Model (DEM). 1:250,000-Scale and 1:100,000-Scale Land Use and Land Cover . Transferring DEMS to ArcView can be difficult. See July/98 edition of Arc NEWS FOR THE HOW TO.

Availability of USGS Geospatial Data and Aerial Photography Products. GIS.

Vegetation vigor caused by chlorophyll activity; this is sometimes called "greenness". These data have proven valuable to USDA policy officials in providing geographic location and monitoring information for vegetation condition in crop areas. The effects of FLOOD, FREEZE AND DRAUGHT .

**NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Program**
Archaeology || Cities || Ecology & Agriculture || Geology || Interferometry Oceans || Rivers || Snow, Ice, Glaciers || Volcanoes. Good images of cities around the world. Includes Victoria B.C. Turn these GIF images to TIFFS- then use with NIH image. They give the scale.

National Atlas of the United States- USGS
Interactive as well as download shape files for ArcView GIS. Volcanoes, seismic information, transportation and urban areas.

NASA- Remote Sensing In Archeology
Case studies include Arenal, Costa Rica; Chaco Canyon, NM; The Peten, Guatemala.

Environment Canada
Global Population Distribution Database for GIS.

The Remote Sensing Tutorial-NASA
Use of Remote Sensing in Basic Science Studies Case Study in Africa. Vegetation Applications - Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecology-Case study- Kenya & Rift Valley of Africa, South West Kansas, U.S.A., Morocco, Soviet Wheat Harvest; Salton Sea, California-Mexico Border, Amazon Rain Forests; Deforestation. Defoliation, and Mine Wastes

The background, status and documentation for NASA's global ocean color monitoring mission. Topographic Map Generator by Dave Pape. Global Sea Surface Temperature maps . The global biosphere, vegetation index and Global Chlorophyll .

Navstar: Global Positioning Satellite- GPS
A good site that teaches the mechanics of the centripetal acceleration and centripetal force. Universal Gravitation and "The Cavendish Experiment" and how it allows us to determine the mass of the Earth.

Learning Geospatial Analysis - TNT
Learning Geospatial Analysis - On your own. Download topics such as Surface Modeling , Editing Vector Geodata , Rectifying and Warping Images , Filtering Images, 3D Perspective Visualization to name a few. GIS.

Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure - NRC
Scroll down to GeoGratis for free satellite imagery. GeoAccess is working to improve both file formats and software locations for the photos. A dynamite site once it is completed.

Lessons with the themes: Volcanoes of the World, Tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador, Threatened species from a global perspective, Settlement in Canada , Recycling, Forest Fires, Health Care in Canada, Canada's Climate , Agriculture in Canada , Glaciation, Acid Rain. pdf format. GIS.

USGS- Landstat Images and Descriptions
Chernobyl, Ukraine 1986, 1992- A comparison.

USGS- Landsat Images
Mozambique: Hunger, starvation, war, drought. Africa . Pictures and satellite images with descriptions.

National Atlas- CCRS
Produce interactive maps of Canada regarding our natural resources. Hydro power, Forest Dependent Communities, Oil Refinery Locations, Industrial Mineral and Metal Mines, Oilfields and Gasfields.

National Atlas- CCRS
Produce interactive maps of Canada regarding our natural resources. Model Forests, National Wildlife Areas, Commercial Boreal Forest , Terrestrial Ecozones, Net Primary Productivity, Nunavut.

Type your destination for both Canadian and U.S. cities. Get your map.

Henry Davis Consulting- Cartographic Images
Medieval Maps. Ancient maps.

This site offers access to digital thematic maps, databases, book-type reports, fact sheets, computer programs. GIS DATA IN ArcInfo and pdf. formats.


Natural Resources Canada - GeoGratis
Go to Free Links for software and data related to GIS Canadian data. Air Photos, Satellite Imagery, Population.

Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress
Old maps from the 1800's and earlier.

FAO- Remote sensing and GIS
Morocco- A case study is used to see how GIS and remote sensing can be used for developing resources. ex. Aquaculture in Morocco.

The Aerospace Corporation- GPS
What is and how Global Posioning Systems operate.Sept/99


Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections
Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps- includes world and specific countries. Global Biodiversity: Species Numbers of Vascular Plants. Forest cover. Map of the Prairie in the U.S. and Canada.

Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections
Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps- includes world and specific countries. Global Biodiversity: Species Numbers of Vascular Plants. Forest cover. Map of the Prairie in the U.S. and Canada. 100's of maps- some air photos. Dec./99

ABRODY's Home Page
Internet index of Geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping sites on the internet. DEC./99

GeoGratis- Natural Resources Canada
GeoGratis is a web and file transfer protocol (ftp) site that distributes geospatial data of Canada. Data is available for download, without charge. GO TO FREE LINKS. GIS. Dec./99

ReSource Atlas- NRC
This site enables you to combine layers of information to produce a composite map of Canada. You can also link to other ReSource Initiative sites for more information about your area of interest. Forests, oilfields, natural gas, mines and mining, fuel consumption. ecozones. MUST HAVE A JAVA COMPATABLE BROUSER. dec./99

Ecozone map for Canada. ecosystem. dec./99

GRID Ardenal
Thematic maps for Europe with topics covering acidification, urban areas, human health, freshwater, forests, biodiversity, demography.. plus many others. dec./99

University of Texas
Maps of United States National Parks and Monuments. Cape Cod , Capitol Reef National Park, Crater Lake , Death Valley , Denali , Everglades , Grand Canyon , Yellowstone, Yosemite . dec./99

Map Quiz
Do you know the U.S. state capitals and counties around the world? dec./99

Recent Global Seismicity
Map of Earthquakes that occured in the past week. dec./99

National Criminal Justice Reference- Mapping Crime
What Crime Maps Do and How They Do It. Mapping Crime and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Jan./2

World Wide Travel - Discover Calgary
An interactive map.

World Web Travel
Interactive maps for Alberta, Calgary, Canmore, Banff and Jasper. May/00

Discover Edmonton
An interactive map (java) for Edmonton, Alberta. May/00

City of Winnipeg
An interactive map for Winnipeg, Manitoba. May/00

The GPS Applications Exchange, an online information source on the diverse uses of GPS technology all over the world. May/00

Library of Congress
Atlases, rare maps, GIS maps, special collections. Cartography. may/00

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