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Cross Country Canada - CD software

Yukon Trail - CD software

Canadian Explorer - CD format

ArcVoyager - puzzle lessons

BC Museum Totems CD ????

Contact Canada - Britanicca



Post Cards of Canada, NFB 40 minutes 2000

Transit across Canada - NFB series of five videos 27 miuntes each 2000

Concise Gazetteer - in CD format from NRCan ~1997

Earth's Physical Features [Videorecording]: Tell Me Why?

Canada [videorecording] : economy and government. 

Postcards from Canada [videorecording] / Access Alberta. 

Yugoslavia [videorecording] / National Geographic Society

NGS video on regions ????

Images of Canada: The Whitecomers [Videorecording] 

Inuit geography [videorecording] / Case TV. 

Escaping from history [videorecording] / National Film Board

Appalachian Story [Videorecording]: Atlantic Geoscience Society 

River Habitat [Videorecording] 

Touched by the Tide [Videorecording]: Waterhen Film Productions


O'Canada NFB (video)

Cdn Railway Trilogy Gordon Lightfoot

Susan Agluclark


Stomping Tom

Stan Rodgers

Buffy St Marie

Great Big Sea

Tragically Hip




National Atlas at

StatsCan on line at

Teacher's Resources:


Canadian Soil Information System (CanSIS)
A database and illustration format for soils found in all regions across Canada. Gives the relationship between glaciation and soil formation. Slope, stream deposition, peat, alluvial, eolian, lacustrine deposits.

CNSS Earthquake Catalog
Get the latest daily, monthy and yearly earthquake results for all regions of the U.S.

Soils of Arid Regions of the United States and Israel
Classifications of Arid Land Soils. Map and description. Arid Wetlands and Riparian Areas. How Soil is Defined. The Composition of Soils. Soil Properties. A Brief History of Soil Science. Soil Classification Systems.

International Arid Lands Consortium
Soils of Arid Regions of the United States and Israel. Soil.

Arctic Circle
A very good site for teachers and students who are studying regions and subjects within the arctic circle. See also documents and statistics- Arctic Circle- for treaties, and agreements.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Following Tuareg refugees back to the hottest, driest regions of the Sahara and Bosnian families attempting to restore order to their lives.

Canada'a Forest Regions
The forest regions of Canada by the colilition of woodcutters( sustainable forest managers)

Soils of Arid Regions of the U.S. and Israel- U. Of Arizona
Constraints in Managing Soils for Sustainable Land Use in Drylands. Deserts

Soils of Arid Regions of the U.S. and Israel- U. Of Arizona
Constraints in Managing Soils for Sustainable Land Use in Drylands. Deserts

******U.N. Global Environment Outlook- 2000-2050 ******
Full text with figures and tables. Subjects include: Land, Forest, Biodiversity, Water, Marine and Coastal Environments, Atmosphere, Urban and Industrial Environments, Polar Environments. Agriculture, Pollution, natural resources, sustainable development, trade, energy, pesticide. All regions of the world.

WetNet- Wetlands in Canada
Canada's Federal Policy on Wetland Conservation. Maps and Wetland Regions of Canada Factsheets . Shorebird Flyways and WHSRN Sites Map. Shorebird Handbook. Shorebird Gallery (study for the Virtual Birding!). The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (RAMSAR Convention) .

Maps in the News- University of Minnesota.
A very good map source for regions that are in the news such as Isreal, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montserrat, Guam, and Lima, Peru.

CAFF MAPS- Conservation Of Arctic Fauna And Flora
Preview and cature or download: Arctic Regions inc. permafrost, Bathymetry and topography, Vegetation zones and national level of protection, Protected / proposed protected marine areas. Many more.

TED Home Page
A site that provides up to date environmental and resource trade dispute information from all regions of the world. Cases for Canada include: Baby seals, James Bay Agreement, all fishing and timber disputes.

European Union Development Fund
The Sixth Periodic Report on the social and economic situation and development of regions in the EU. Indicators of regional disparity . Urban, rural and sectoral issues . Trade. Unemployment and the labour market . Population and labour force . Maps, Tables and graphs provided.

U.of Illinois and U.S. State Dept.
Start for country information. This pathfinder provides a starting point for answering questions about regions and countries. The ERC collections include - Consular and Travel Information. Economic Policy -- Trade Reports, Population, Refugees and Migration, Country and Regions Reports.

CEC Publications
CEC publications provide information about the environment in North America as well as the CEC's work under the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation. Environment and Trade Series # 1 -NAFTA Effects. Ecological Regions of North America Toward a Common Perspective. nov./99

State of the Cryosphere- National Snow and Ice Data Center
The Cryospheric regions, or regions where water is found in solid form - ice caps, glaciers, frozen lakes, sea ice, climate change. Trends up to 2000. Jan./2

**Rala reports**
Desertification in Iceland, and other regions of this planet. Rangeland Desertification. Desert . Deserts, arid lands. Great publications. pdf. format only. Feb./2

100 basic indicators from Eurostat Yearbook 2000. Trade, Industrial production, unemployment, economic and social factors in the regions of the European Union. Humbug- Nothing is all free. Difficult to find exactly what one needs. May/00

Newspapers, magazines and stories from all regions of the World.

The Blue Ridge Country
Magazine covering the mountain regions of Virginia - North Carolina - West Virginia - Tennessee - South Carolina - Maryland - Georgia - Kentucky. The Hatfield-McCoy Feud, The Legend of Bouncing Bertha,

The Hall of Geography
Generalized links to most regions of the world.

Welcome to the Polar Web
The Polar Web is your guide to Internet resources dealing with the lands and waters surrounding the North Pole and the South Pole, and with other cold regions of the Earth. #alku

Research Triangle Institute
Sustainable Cities. What will metropolitan regions be like in the years to come?

Simple 81/2 by 11 maps of Canada, NA and World from NRCan at

           GeoNames website at

Geogratis website at



This will allow students to locate sites by the region of the World.
Electronic Field Trip to the United Nations
UN CyberSchoolBus: Main Map
Sympatico: People & Culture: World Cultures and News
Travels with Samantha Table of Contents
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide II
Virtual Tourist II World Map
Flags of the World
Cultures Alive

North America



About Canada - Canada Site
Federal Organizations - Canada Site
Canadiana -- The Canadian Resource Page
Ports (Port Authority, Harbours) of Canada
Statistics Canada - Statistique Canada
Canada Resources at MSSTATE
Natural Resources Canada {NRCan}
Canadian Geographical Names - Natural Resources Canada
DataLake - Regional course and job information
Canadian Culture Entrance way


Countdown to Nunavut!
Welcome to Rankin Inlet!
Aboriginal Youth Network
"Cool" Northern Links
Canadian First Nations: NATIVE AMERICAN and INUIT
The Northern Miner - Home Page
Yukon NorthWeb
Northern Learning Network
Innu Nation WWW Site
Canada's Virtual North: Outdoor Adventure, Fishing, and Expeditions


City.Net Manitoba, Canada
Manitoba Flood Information
Sunshine Coast | BC | Canada
Canada's Pacific Ports
Pacific Region Fisheries & Oceans

Central (Ontario & Quebec)

Ville de Montréal
Canada's Great Lakes Ports
Temagami Links
Great Lakes Information Network
The Virtual Toronto Project Homepage.


King's Landing Historical Settlement
Transatlantic Cable Communication Website - Canso & Hazel Hill, Nova Scotia, Canada
Portia White Home Page
Evangeline Homepage
Nova Scotia On The Net
Government of Nova Scotia Canada
New Brunswick Government
The City Of Fredericton / La Ville du Fredericton
Halifax Regional Municipality Home Page
NS Online - Nova Scotia, Canada
Bluenose II Preservation Home Port Page
Black Harbour Web Site
Nova Scotia: The African Presence
EML - Black Pioneers of Nova Scotia
Canadian Navy
Destination: Nova Scotia / Lighthouse Route
Salt Water Fisheries
Canada's North Atlantic Ports
Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Maritimes Region
Welcome to Operation Irving Whale
Atlantic Salmon Federation
The Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Association
Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection Introductory Page


Welcome to Central Park
Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco
American Social Studies Bookmarks

Mexico & Central America

The Azteca Web Page


Guide to Australia ..

South America

Virtual Galápagos
Meu Brasil by Sergio Koreisha
Latin American Bookmarks


AskAsia Links
Asiaville : Asian Explorer
Online Afghanistan
Korea Today
Indonesian Homepage
Japanese Information
China Links
Philipines OnLine
Thailand Culture and Heritage
Made in China
The Times of India
THE HINDU : Main Menu
Links to Internet Resources on Hong Kong & Macau
Hong Kong Links
Official Olympic Winter Games Site Nagano '98
Akademgorodok - Siberia
Asian Studies WWW VL

Middle East

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Virtual Jerusalem - Chanukah Megasite
Middle Eastern Bookmarks


Africa - General
Environmental Aspects of the African Great Lakes Region
Region and country specific information

Western Europe

The Nordic Pages
Information and Documentation Centre for the Geography of the Netherlands
Les Pages de Paris / The Paris Pages
European Bookmarks

Eastern Europe

Social Science Data Archives - Europe
Russian and East European History, Geography and Sociology
Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace