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Historical Re-enactment on Halifax Commonsaerial photo of Halifax Citadel fortification

Geography is the place where history happens !

Missionto promote the teaching of geography and social studies in schools with appropriate integration of information technology.

This will be accomplished by providing geographic thematic links that will highlight the geographic diversity of Canada and other areas of the World. Links to on line resources for students, teachers and parents are provided below as well as information about on line projects for schools.

GeoWorld's WWW sites 

Geography & History Education

National Atlas of Canada 

GIS Support to Nova Scotia Schools

Canadian Council for Geographic Education

History 11 site for Nova Scotia Teachers (closed site)


Canadian Geography Standards 

CCGE Working Committee

Social Studies Teachers Association
of Nova Scotia

E-Stat - Data for Canadian Classrooms


Canadian Environmental Awards

Canadian Geographic 
- published by the
Royal Canadian Geographic Society

GIS Support from ESRI Canada


National Geographic   NGS Article Index

Download ArcVoyager or ArcExplorer for your classroom

Nova Scotia Geo-Names Site Learning Resources & Technology  
NS Dept of Education


August 14th, 2003                                                    August 15th, 2003

Blackout 2003 lessons, images and links-start your 2003 year by taking geography out of the dark !!!


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