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This list was last updated in April 2006

The extensive lists point to sites that are useful for both students and teachers alike. They will be updated as new sites become available and known to GEOWORLD. The site lists are set up by topic such as physical geography or human geography; area of geographic study and by region, if source material for projects. A complete list is also provided as a single file for teachers wanting a single bookmark file for library or classroom use.

The lists have been left as bookmark files so that students or teachers may easily "cut and paste" them to disks for use in the classroom as needed to support learning. Feel free to duplicate this list as it remains free to all for any NON-COMMERCIAL purpose.

For parents and teachers, please note that this site has been listed as a

Thanks for your participation in making public education work as this site is maintained by a teacher who wants to see the potential of the WWW be realized by solid curriculum resources for all concerned.

If you know of a good geography or social studies resource site, please e-mail GeoWorld at whamilto at  and let me know so I can add it to the list.

Have fun and good surfing around the World !
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