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Welcome to the online home of Robert B. Marks

Yours truly
Hello, and welcome to my brand new website!

My name is Robert Marks, and I am an author. I'm also a professional writer, editor, publisher, and researcher. My professional work has included being the Spokesman and Communications Director for Darksword Armory (and the editor of their magazine, The Blade's Edge), a communications researcher for the Department of National Defence, and a writer and editor for the Faculty of Law and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen's University. I'm the owner and publisher of Legacy Books Press. And, in my spare time, my hobbies have included longsword, playing the violin (badly), and slight of hand.

This is a place where you can see a bit of what I do.  Here you will find a link to Garwulf's Corner, my blog/livejournal (named after a column I once wrote for and now write for The Escapist), my publishing company, Legacy Books Press, a link to my Patreon, Garwulf Speaks, and information for contacting, or even hiring, me.

My most recent project is The Eternity Quartet, with Ed Greenwood. It's very exciting - Ed and I are telling the story of a world from one ice age to the next. The first story, Seizing the Torch, launches on February 15th on Amazon Kindle. You can read more about the Eternity Quartet here.

So, take a look and enjoy!