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Want to hire me?

As a writer with over 300 publication credits under my belt, as well as a strategic communications background, I have written just about everything out there, and I am willing to work for you. I have two separate rates, one for single writing pieces, and another for extended contracts and editing work.

What is Strategic Communications?

In a nutshell, strategic communications involves the identification of a desired or required underlying message, and crafting both words and deeds to convey this message to the public. If this sounds familiar, it should - these are the mechanisms by which brands are built. When you apply strategic communications to the building of a brand, or, for example, the repair or making of a reputation, it makes the entire process more efficient...and it is a skill I can bring to bear for you.

Single Pieces

My rate for single articles is calculated by the word count.  I charge $250-$300 CDN per thousand words, rounded up to the nearest thousand, with payment upon delivery.  For documents over 2,000 words, I require an estimate of how long the finished work will be, and the first half of the payment in advance, and the rest upon delivery.


Extended Contracts and Editing Work

For extended contracts and editing work, I charge on an hourly basis. My fee is $60-$90 CDN per hour for communications consultations and extended contracts, depending on the content, with a retainer of the first 10 hours in advance. For editing, my fee is between $30-$50 CDN per hour. Billing occurs via email on a bi-weekly basis, and payment is due upon receipt.

If you want me to work for you, please contact me at any time at my professional email address: rmarks at istar dot ca (presented this way to foil spambots).