Sky Gilbert, besides being a poet and playwright and and filmmaker, is also a drag queen extraordinaire. "Jane" is his drag alter-ego. She is available for parties, events, supermarket openings and general good fun. A fabulous M.C. with non-stop gams, (and non stop gab!) Jane is a must for your next poetry reading or gay event. For a fee, Jane will turn your party or reading or political fundraiser into a fun for all!

Jane was born in 1987 when Sky decided to don a simple leopardskin loincloth (and wig!) for a party. Accompanied by Tarzan, she was an immediate hit. Jane is famous, not only for her legs and her wit, but for going to court.

You see, one night when Jane was on her way to a huge celebrity bash down on Queen Street Toronto, she took a cab. A policeman stopped her and tried to arrest her after searching her purse for drugs. It was obvious that the policeman didn't even like drag queens (especially gamey gammy ones like Jane) and since he couldn't find any drugs,(Jane is high on life!) he charged her with not wearing a seatbelt in a cab. Jane later went to court over the seatbelt charge and it became a Major Toronto Event. Jane was released on her own recognizance and the judge said she was a "reasonable person".

It's also important to remember that Jane was on the front lines when The Horrible Horrific Homophobic Racist Misogynist Toronto Sun (that's one of Toronto's most popular bacon grease dailies!) attacked Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Toronto's gay and lesbian theatre). Jane went down to The Toronto Sun offices with her entourage and tried to get in (she was just going to give them a joke award, for Chrissakes!) and she was met by The Toronto Sun's own entourage: POLICE.

So, as you can see, Jane is politically active and very available, so Jane's page heartily urges you to


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