Traditional Homoeopathy

International, Accredited Professional Training

F. Joan Macdonald, PGHom(UK), CCH(NA), RSHom(NA)

Classical, Certified, Registered

Hahnemann Monument, DC

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Homoeopathy for your family - a Complete Medicinal System.

Classical Natural homoeopathy follows - Scientific Laws, Principles developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).

Why Classical Homoeopathy? -- A Complete Medicinal System - "as a scientific system it is made up of certain facts, laws, rules and methods or processes each of which is an integral part of the whole." (Stuart Close, USA, 1860-1929)

Generations of families have had a Family Homoeopath - Today - no matter where they are - able to consult with their family homeopath by telephone, Internet, etc.

Your homoeopath determines your progress through evaluation of:

Homoeopathic remedies - scientific manufacturing standard through serial dilutions, starting with a natural raw material, through this process resulting in a non-toxic product.

Homoeopathy as a Complete Medicinal System, takes into account YOUR symptoms and thoughts. Homoeopathy is a personal system designed for YOU.

Internationally - millions of homoeopathic families have been using Homecare Remedies for minor, acute problems and family Homoeopath for Professional Care for recurring, chronic ailments.

Homoeopathy takes into consideration the totality of YOUR symptoms - and slowly increasing, strengthening YOUR Immune System and in turn improves the future generations' health.

Homoeopathy known as: 'Complete Medicinal System'

Ref: Central Council of Homoeopathy, India

April, 1937, India:Because of its popularity, there had been demand for a long time for recognition of Homoeopathy as a system of Medicine by the Government of India."