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NIH IMAGE has painting and image manipulation tools, a macro language, tools for measuring areas, distances and angles, and for counting things. This is a program that needs to be on all school networks. Use in math, science and geography. Best of all its FREE

NIH IMAGE has painting and image manipulation tools, a macro language, tools for measuring areas, distances and angles, and for counting things. This is a program that needs to be on all school networks. Use in math, science and geography. Best of all its FREE

NIH Image Manual (V1.61)- U.S.Gov't
A great analysis tool

U. Of Arizona- NIH IMAGE
Tools, tricks and brousers.

Minnehaha Academy
The projects listed here are examples of student work which apply some of the features of NIH Image. Math applications.

Gulf of Maine Aquarium.
NIH Image and Satellite Imagery

Go to Strangers in Paradise for using NIH IMAGE for determining distances and areas on Tiff formatted images.

Software packages
Image analysis programs for science, math and geography

MAGIC Geo-Spatial Data- U. Of Conn.
Download ArcView1 , Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle Software- COMPRESS JPEG, DECOMPRESS JPEG, MODIFY JPEG. General- PKZIP 2.04g, SVGA Graphics Viewer. GIS.

Get AutoDest MapGuide plugin for viewing Canada Map and U.S. Map. This is a powerful GIS tool for viewing, locating and printing out any street level and regional map in North America.

Remote Sensing Resources on the Web
Commercial and PD/Shareware remote sensing software sites.

The Autodesk MapGuide 3.0 Pre-release Viewer.

University Of Delaware
GIS Utilities and Add-ons.

Forestry in the Southern Hemisphere
A forestry

IMPACT Geographical Information Systems Projects
Some very interesting CD ROM packages for World Issues, environmental studies teachers who use GIS and/or creative learning packages.

STatistical Education through Problem Solving
The STEPS consortium has developed problem-based modules to support the teaching of Statistics in Biology, Business, Geography and Psychology. The software is freely available to educational institutions.

Project GeoSim
MigModel is a program that provides a student with the means to develop and explore models relating to migration.

A downloadable program to analyze and discover simulations for world population growth.

Go to findcodes to discover what you want. These are places I occasionally visit.

MicroDEM software. Digital Elevation Model. Follow the other links to digital elevation data for GIS.

Educational Enhancements
Your lead to educational and geography software. Some shareware but most is commercial. However good leads.

Up to date weather and climate software. Storms, hurricanes, auto- weather reports.

Centre for Land Use and Environmental Sciences
Directory of Resources for Computer Based Learning in Land Use and Environmental Sciences. It contains a listing of over 300 subject specific CAL courseware packages, in addition to software tools and applications for creating CAL courseware.

Educational Enhancements
Geography Screensavers.

Home Planet

Allison Software's MAPIT TM
Mapit is a feature-rich world mapping system providing geocoding, GPS tracking, data recording, real-time simulation, and more. Import maps into documents royalty-free for business, science, school, and hobbies.

Experimental software for viewing DLG-O and DRG data. Viewing and Zip packages for GIS. Links also to GIS data.

A Tour of the Web for Geoscientists. Geology, hydrology, minerology. Software and Software Sites.

Project GeoSim
Migration Model Tool. Analyse migration patterns.

Department of Earth Sciences- University of Queensland
Structural Geology, Mapping/GIS Software.

Virus Hoaxes - Semantec
This is the comprehensive list of viruses that DO NOT EXIST, despite rumor of their creation and distribution.

Birding Software
It is the birding software most widely used by all those over the 1400 species reporting threshold. Ecology, fauna.

All kinds of add ons for mapinfo users. GIS, GPS.

The download page for add ons for mapinfo users.

REDATAM is a software developed by CELADE which allows any professional to process census and other data organized in a hierarchical database, easily and rapidly, for any geographical area of interest to the user, which may range from a whole country down to a few city blocks. GIS. U of Waterloo.

Download both versions of 32 tarZ program or gzip program. These are both useful for many reasons. Next unzip the other files to get the Arc/Info GIS files for Canada's ecozones, fresh water, and soil data.

***CANSIS***- SLC version 2.2
Soils , ecozone, GIS data by Soil Landscapes of Canada, Version 2.2, National Soil DataBase, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. 1996. Arc/Info format. Thank you CANSIS.

Bureau of Land Management- U.S.
MicroDEM software for Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data. You can render these and many other types of images of any locale in the U.S. by using the same software and data. Here are some links to these great resources.

A simple GIS mapping program for windows. $55./download to registered users.

Cartesia- Map Art
Program and files for making country boundaries, globes and terrain look very presentable for your documents. Coordinated for illustrator and photoshop.

Global 30 Arc Second Elevation Data Set for download of world 3D terrain. read the README FILE FIRST. I believe one must download the USGS DEM Program first. One must also have a tar zip program also. All sources can be found here at the Gnome site.

Links to software related sites. Windows 3.1, 95, and NT, Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Spreadsheets, GIS, CAD.

Data-on-the-Map 3.0 - demo version- Chartwrite
Vector format data for this GIS PROGRAM. Uses stf. file format. Worth a visit.

Shareware library-
Direct download for many industry related shareware programs..

This version can only work with the two data sets that follow the demo: The first file, named POLITICS, contains survey data from 11 Western European countries. The subject of the 37 questions is political attitudes, values and activity. The second file, named WDB, shows aggregate National data (geographical and ‘developmental’ indicators).

This program originally well received by high school students in Norway. This is your focus for datasets. CANADA DATASETS ALSO.

***GMT - The Generic Mapping Tools- ***
GMT is a free, public-domain collection of ~50 UNIX tools that allow users to manipulate (x,y) and (x,y,z) data sets and produce Encapsulated PostScript File (EPS) illustrations ranging from simple x-y plots through contour maps to artificially illuminated surfaces and 3-D perspective views in black and white.

U.N. FAO- WinDisp3
Use this program to use the IIASA database for mean monthly values of temperature, precipitation, cloudiness, KOEPPEN, biomass on a global terrestrial grid. Download WinDisp3 and then go to CLIM_MAP to download files. Read me text provided.

Natural Resource Canada- Forestry Service
SEIDAM integrates geographic information system (GIS) data with spaceborne and airborne remotely sensed data and manages large archives of these data. It uses data from the following satellites and aircraft sensors: Download free. ALSO PCI Image Handler.

ENERGY DESIGN TOOLS: CLIMATE CONSULTANT- Graphically displays climate data in dozens of ways.

Seattle Energy Works
Sun Position - Sun Position - This program calculates customized time series of various sun angles for specific locations that can be imported into spreadsheets and solar energy analytical software.

Ecology Software by Hsin Chi
Sampling simulations, exponential growth , diversity indices , two-sex life table analysis , Lotka-Volterra predation .

Software Illustrated - Mapland
Spreadsheet Mapping for Microsoft Excel Users. Works with Excel versions 5 and up and Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT . $60 U.S.

Lakes Environmental Software
WRPLOT View a fully operational wind rose Windows program for your meteorological data. Now cut and paste this address in your web brouser for the data.

Lakes Environmental Software
An excellent site for leads to toxic chemicals and their effects on people. Software includes air dispersion models-Go also to epa links, wind rose plot.

u.s. epa
A complete program for windows 3.1 /95. Environmental Planning for Small Communities. It offers communities the chance to judge their own needs and preferences, and to make informed decisions on their own. Planning and comparative risk analysis , Case studies. 55 Mb free on hard drive before installing.

Environmental Planning for Small Communities. This program offers a complete one-stop introduction to a wide range of environmental issues and decisions that affect small to medium-sized communities. FREE.

Ground Water Primer. This HTML update of our original ground water program educates users about the nature of ground water and the principles of groundwater protection.

Your lead to the oil spill generator.

Basins 2. Water basins. Includes meteorological and DEM GIS data. Pollution from non-point sources.

The PCI Freeware Handler is an application for viewing, enhancing and examining remotely sensed imagery such as LANDSAT, SPOT, RADARSAT, ERS-1, NOAA AVHRR and aerial photography.

The Spatial Crime Analysis System (SCAS) is an ArcView-based GIS application designed to allow police departments to perform sophisticated spatial analysis and mapping of their incident-based crime data. Use with ArcView 3.1a. This looks really interesting.


MicroImages, Inc.
TNTlite as a free version of TNTmips, Professional software for geospatial data analysis. Satellite image analysis. Use this only for small files. GIS.

U.S. E.P.A.
Software used to determine the thresholds of toxic chemicals in water, soils. Ecotox Thresholds.

Statistics for Ecologists
Leads to Ecologically-oriented software . Ecology, Biodiversity.

Statistics for Ecologists
Leads to Ecologically-oriented software . Ecology, Biodiversity.

Public domain environmental software programs that make complex environmental subjects clear and understandable and learning enjoyable. Oil Spill, Agricultural Pollution Prevention, Stratospheric Ozone Depletion , Chemical Contamination in Fish , Lead Contamination Information System. name a few

Natural Resources Canada - GeoGratis
Go to Free Links for software and data related to GIS Canadian data. Air Photos, Satellite Imagery, Population.

United Nations- Software Downloads
An Information and Decision Support System for Population Activities . A Software Package for Automatic Map Data Entry . Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Viewer .dec./99

Ecology software-
Density Estimation, Bioacoustics, Educational, Home Range, Populations, Radio Telemetry, Habitat. dec./99

Map Projection Software-Mike Linck
There are several sources of public domain cartographic software that perform cartographic projections as well as other geodetic computations such as compute geodesic distances (Great Circles) and datum transformations. dec./99

U.S.Dept, of Justice
The Spatial Crime Analysis System (SCAS) is an ArcView-based GIS application designed to allow police departments to perform sophisticated spatial analysis and mapping of their incident-based crime data. should be fun. dec./99

A simple mapping and GIS shareware package. 1 COPY=$49. u.s. dec./99