1. Canada Yearbook
  2. Textbooks such as Earth Dynamics
  3. Maps from NRCan such as new Cdn map, new map of Northern Canada
  4. Radarsat mosaics from CCRS
  5. Geolabs
  6. Rivers - coffee table book
  7. Physical Geography in Diagrams
  8. Parks Canada etc brochures
  9. IceStorm - StatsCan maps and facts
  10. Cdn Geographic
  11. David Phillip's Calendars
  12. Canadian Landscape




Plate Dynamics [Videorecording]: University of California 

Plate tectonics [videorecording] : the puzzle of the continents / Scott Resources 

Living Machine: Continental Tectonics and the Earth's Interior [Videorecording]: WQED Pittsburgh 

Plate tectonics [Videorecording] : revolution in earth science / Open University. 

Weather and Rocks [Videorecording]: Yorkshire TV 


Climates of North America [videorecording] / National Film Board of Canada

Earthquakes in Canada [Videorecording]: Canada Energy, Mines and Resource

Geology [videorecording] / Encyclopedia Britannica Films 

Five Billion Years [Videorecording] 

River Habitat [Videorecording] 

Rivers to the Sea [Videorecording]: Canada. National Film Board 

Where Does the Rain Go After it Falls? [Videorecording]: Coronet Films 

Climates of North America [videorecording] / National Film Board of Canada. 

Volcanism [Videorecording]: University of California 

Adrift on the Gulf stream [videorecording] / WGBH TV 

Latitude [Videorecording]: T V Ontario 

The living ocean [videorecording] / National Geographic Society

Planet Earth Series [Videorecording]: WQED Pittsburgh 

Weather and Climate [Videorecording]: Tell Me Why? 

Cyclone! [videorecording] / National Geographic Society 

Il fait beau [Videorecording]: BC Provincial Educ. Media Centre 

Hurricane [videorecording] : earth's greatest storm / Scott Resources 

Weather II [Videorecording]: Kentucky NBC 

Weather I [Videorecording]: Kentucky NBC 

Soil Capability Classification [Videorecording] 

Living Soil [Videorecording] 

The Secrets of Dr. Soil [Videorecording]: Learning Resources & Technology 

I Need the Earth and the Earth Needs Me [Videorecording]: General Motors of Canada



Academy Lesson Plans
Geography lesson plans for elementary schools.

Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery
Mineralogy - OH how I remember that class.

An Overview of the Solar System
no description

Arctic Dawn -- The Journeys of Samuel Hearne -- Title Page
no description

Ascension Island Geology
A well done volcanic interface.

Athena, K-12 Curriculum Development
Lesson plans for the earth sciences.

Atlantic Hurricane & Storm Tracking
Get shocked before going here. A real treat for the viewer.

Auroral Imager

Basaltic Blather
Intrusive igneous rock.

Blackcomb Glaciers - Main
The formation and evolution of a glacier. Good site.

Bright Edges of the World
The earth's evolving drylands

Canada's Dynamic Coastline
no description

Canadian Great Lakes Shoreline Classification
The Great Lakes Shoreline

CoAxial Home Page
A good learning site about ocean ridges. The Juan de Fuca Ridge.

Overview of CanSIS
The Canadian Soil Information System.

Caves of Norway
no description

Charles Darwin - The Origin of Species
The complete text.

Date and Time Gateway
What time or date is it? Choose your place around the globe.

Deforestation and Soil Loss
no description

**UBC Earth and Ocean Sciences**
An evolving educational site from U. of B.C. The lithosphere with definitions. Go to Lithoprobe.

Earth Sciences
A descriptive index of sites for earth science and the other sciences. One will find other sites like this on my geographical index page.

Earth and Environmental Science
Links to geology and soils

Earthquake Image Information System
Earthquake images=5,800. Soon also to be with documentation.

Earthquake Information
Get the latest co-ordinates of recent earthquakes by latitude and longitude. A good discovery lesson for the student. Gives also their magnitude.Carlton U.

EarthWatch Communications, Inc.
Severe weather watches every 10 min.

What is an El Nino ?
no description

Environment Canada Weather Forecast
Ontario forecasts.

Energy and Mines Related Disciplines
The geology of B.C.

EROS-AFO Alaska Ecoregions Map
A site that abounds with information on Alaska's ecosystems. Geology to Vegetation.

Example of Landsat TM images for the Moberly Quadrangle (Flooding)
Theme-Flooding of the Mississippi. Images and extent of damage. Flood

Explorer Home Page
This offers over 1000 lesson plans about natural and earth science. Bring your adobe with you.

Flagstaff USGS Terrestial Remote Sensing
Studies include San Francisco ecology change, Desert wind erosion, and the Farallon islands.

The Geologist's Lifetime Field List
Visit the more important geological sites around the globe.

Gemology World - Can. Institute of Gemmology
Learn about gems and where they are produced. Good images of the mines

Gemology & Lapidary Pages
A good site to learn about jemstones.

Geological Survey of Canada Atlantic Home Page
Ask the Geologist? Go to the site of the week for a breakdown of resources. Educational section as well.

Geology Home Page
Predominately another volcanic page from Hawaii. It does have data but must be read with acrobat.

Geology Index
Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks. U. of B.C. Images provided via search engine.

Geology Resources
Go here for interactive displays, teacher resources.

geomorphology resources
Landforms and their processes. Wind erosion, landslides, floods.

General Earth Science Resources
A site for both student and teacher.

Global Relief Data
Global relief data and images.

GLOBE Visualization Home Page
A very good interactive site for students to learn about the fundamentals of the weather.

Giovanni Guglielmo's Research Page on Salt Tectonics
A teacher could really put his work to good use if one has the software like Quicktime for Windows. Animation of salt domes and other related processes.

GIF image
Radar image of the weather for North America.

GSC Atlantic's Earth Science Site of the Week
Offers good leads by category. Economic Geology to Imaging as well a list of good educational sites.

Hurricane Tracts
The latitude and longitude of the most recent hurricane. A good plotting exercise.

Image Gallery-U. of B.C.
Type in a concept or the name of a geologic structure. Image is returned. Maybe. Type a generalized term such as igneous for better results.

INTELLICAST: Canada Satellite
no description

INTELLICAST: Detroit Weather
no description

no description

A better spot for Woodstonians, Londoners, and people from Taranta.

INTELLiCast: Help
Provides answers to common questions. TIME- Usually the last nexrad was on the hour. Greenwich Mean Time G.M.T. Count back 5 hours during daylight savings time. Your brouser may also have a glitch. Go here to check it out.

A very well prepared document regarding the formation and classification of coal.

Joel's hurricane page
no description

Julian Thompson's Ph.D Abstact
Wetlands of Nigeria.

Jurassic Reef Park,
A very detailed description on the formation of ancient reefs. Includes images. Well done.

Lightning Detector in Space
World lightning facts, figures and maps.

LLNL Environmental Programs Home Page
The Lawrence Livermore Library offering seismic, geology, environmental hazards research. Bring your 3.5 disk.

Marine Geology & Geophysics- N.O.A.A.
Ocean floor data and images. Includes the Great Lakes.

Marine Geology & Geophysics Databases
no description

Marine Geology
no description

Mackenzie River Studies
GEWEX- Research and data from the Arctic. Climate, water basins. Some information requires acrobat.

Gives current stock prices and information of the leading metals. ie. gold, silver, lead and copper.

Mines & Energy, Geological Survey
This is a terrific site from NFLD.. How does one stake a claim? Maps, minerals and even lesson plans for teachers. Thanks.

MTU Volcanoes Page
A good site for volcano information and updates.

Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits
Paleontology is my love. A good interactive site offering interactive displays through Geologic Time. U. of California

NCDC Home Page
Climate data and graphs for any country including Canada. Get max. and min. variables by month for Barrie, Ont. What a storehouse.

NRCan - Welcome
Natural Resources Canada

North American Skies Home Page
When will the next shower be?

Ocean Planet Homepage
no description

Oceanography Resources
A good link to the Great Barrier Reef and Interactive lessons. Links to lesson plans for teachers.

On-line Earth Science Journals
Extensive list. There always seems to be a hangup for the Canadian Journals.

Past Global Change in Western North America (EiS)
An interactive site for students to visualize past global change patterns.

Planetary Fact Sheets
Facts and figures on all planets within our solar system.

The Plankton Net
A lot of information about plankton. Go to homepages for documentation and images for pictures of marine mammals.

Rincon de la Vieja
Volcanoes of Costa Rica.

Rob's Granite Page
A reasearcher who is not a stone face. A terrific geology site that makes it fun to learn. Good links. A real igneous place.

San Fransisco Bay Landsat TM Main Page
Environmental change in San Francisco. A full descriptive study using satellite imagery.

Slovene karst
Karst topography in Europe.

Natural history links including volcano updates and maps.

Sparrow Project Home Page
The geologic timeline, periodic table and why are golf balls dimpled?

SSEC Real Time Data
GOES 30 min. update on your weather.

Storm Prediction Center
Go to data archive for when and where tornadoes have been active in the U.S..

Structural Geology on the Web
no description FAQ Archive
Views regarding the ultimate question.

TEC Online Information Resources
The U.S. army . Good insight and mapping . Excellant information on EL NINO

The 4 C's
Learn about diamonds.

The Journey North
An adventure to the arctic.

The NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Home Page
Include one of these images in your report or use one of the movies in your lesson. Earth images ie. volcanoes.

The Nine Planets
no description

The Polar Regions
The physical and ecological links for the polar regions.

The Vatnajokull Eruption of October, 1996
Ed usually has the latest on volcanic eruptions.

The Why Files
Special lessons about science topics. Radiation exposure to genes.

no description

Tornado and Storm Research Organisation
A good research site from the U.K.

Understanding our Planet Through Chemistry
Includes radioactive dating, marsh gases, acid rock deposition from mining, measurement studies.

Uranium Information Centre
Everything one wishes to know regarding the uranium industry around the world. Go to each newsletter to get the latest from each country. Including Canada.

USDA-ARS Wind Erosion Research Unit
no description

U.S. Geological Survey
Geology, water and mapping products. Free software for the advanced geographer .

Views Of The Solar System
Complete documentation and images of the planets within our solar system.

Virtual Geomorphology
A very sophisticated site. Some links for high school while most for the university oriented person.

Virtual Sun
The chemical and physical makeup of our nearest star.

VGL Front Page
Virtual Geoscience Library. Relief maps, Journals-go to full text.,and data.

VSC Home Page
Volcanoe information.

A comprehensive site on all aspects of volcanoes around the world.

VORTEX- Twister- Tornado
From the Why Files

The Weather Network - City Weather
Get the latest weather updates by city in Canada.

Weather Information Service
Storm Warnings- If it comes from Canada , it will probably be to late. They are now using C.B. ers to transmit funnel clouds. How are politicians save costs to save lives.

Weather Information Service
3D Images and links.

Welcome to the Natural History Museum home page
An online view of Natural History in London, England.

Weathering and Karst
no description

Weather Map
The old fashion kind. A good source for GEO. 3A1

The Weather Network Online - Welcome!
no description

Wetland Research Unit, UCL Home Page
no description

Wind Chill Calculator
no description

Windows to the Universe
Everything one wishes to know about the planets, solar system, and universe. A bit slow even with a 28,800 modem.

Zia Design Group/Zia Maps Homepage
Landform maps by U.S. state

Plate Tectonics
Air Photos and diagrams of the lithosphere and its faults.

North Eastern U.S. Weather Page
A description of the weather via pressure, wind and temperature satellite images. NE U.S.A. and Canada.

Nova Scotia -geology
The Geologic History of Nova Scotia. Bring your Acrobat Reader.How Plate tectonics has influenced N.S.

Follow the links for minerals, igneous sedimentary, weathering, folds,faults, glaciers,deserts and much more.

The Thames River
Facts on the Thames River in Ontario.

Get the latest seismogram readouts which tells one about the location and magnitude of the most recent earthquakes.

Seismic Hazards Risk Centre- Maps
The earthquake risk maps of the U.S. and southern Canada.THERE IS A 1-2% CHANCE OF AN EARTHQUAKE OCCURENCE IN WOODSTOCK WITHIN THE NEXT 50 YEARS.

The CarbonDating Web
A complete guide to radiocarbon dating.

Overview of New York Geology
The complete guide to the geology of New York state. Includes graphics and maps for the state and portions of Southern Ontario. Terrific documentation but slow- worth the wait.

Tsunamis Warning System- B.C.
A good series of documents educating the public about tsunamis and the early warning system for our British Columbia neighbours.

Geologic Structure Of North Africa
Topographic and tectonic maps. The evolution of the Atlas mountains. Can be used as a base study for Egypt, Libya, Morroco and the Saharra desert.

Boreus Project
A study of Canada's boreal forest near Thompson, Manitoba. It has a link to Thompson who's main industry is INCO. Mining.

Boreus Project
A study of the southern range of Canada's Boreal forest near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

World Tidal Site
The daily tides of both east and west coasts of Canada. Includes Bay of Fundy. I suppose one could view these over a period of a month and make a good comparitive study. Scroll down.

A glossary of geology and mining terms. Some description provided. My good old days were spent in this dept.

Science Web
The Burgess Shale Information page. Good information regarding the rock cycle, paleontology(my love), fossils, plate tectonics. This is a world heritage site in Canada. Don't wear running shoes to walk up there after a rain.

***WW2010- The weather world 2010 project***
Interactive learning about severe weather, thunderstorms, el nino, tornado and hurricane case studies, remote sensing. This is a well done site.

Canadian Soil Information System (CanSIS)
A database and illustration format for soils found in all regions across Canada. Gives the relationship between glaciation and soil formation. Slope, stream deposition, peat, alluvial, eolian, lacustrine deposits.

Weather Dogs
Designed for the storm chaser to get the latest weather information from Environment Canada/Canadian Meteorological Centre (hereafter EC/CMC). TORNADOES.

The Science Education Gateway
Interactive lesson plans for geography, environmental science and chemistry teachers. Space Science, Light, Cycles, Sun&Earth, Weather, Solar System.

Canadian Ice Service
Ice tewrms, climatology, satellite images. Glaciers

Canadian Ice Service- Links
Access to the Physical Characteristics and Bathymetry Maps of the Great Lakes. Sea surface temperatures, Arctic and Anarctic.

Glacier Bay
An Interactive Visual tour. Make sure you have the latest netscape navigator with QuickTime.

The formation of and effects of glaciers on people and the landscape.

The Great Lakes: Snow Machines
Great Lakes Influence On Temperatures, Lake-Effect Snow Belts, How Lake-Effect Snow Develops, A Special Lake-Effect Snow Case.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Snow Glossary

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Brightness Temperatures, Polar Atmosphere Data, Satellite Imagery, Sea Ice Data, Snow Cover Data.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Recent Events in the Northern Larsen Ice Shelf and Their Importance. Anarctic, glaciation, climate change.

Paleontology Without Walls
An online look at Phylogeny -- the "family tree" of life. Geological Time -- the temporal existence of groups of organisms. Evolutionary Thought -- evolutionary topics and scientists in their historical context. fossils, sedimentary rock, limestone, quarries.

Geological Hazards
Photos and descriptions of volcanic effects, glacial effects, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks, mudflows, permafrost effects, rockslides, mine fires, faults, earthquakes, geothermal effects, erosion and asbestos. copy and make a transparency or insert into essay.

Natural History Of Nova Scotia
Quarternary, glaciers, Fundy Stade, drumlin fields, glacial striations, Escuminac Ice Centre, Scotian Ice Divide, erratics, moraines, ablation till, glaciofluvial sediments, Scotian Shelf Moraine System, Beaver River Till, residual ice, Ice Age, ice sheet, Sheet Harbour, isostatic uplift, Advocate Harbour, Sable Island

Alpine and Continental Glaciation. Go to glacier1-5 html.

Graph and Download Data from the World's Weather Data Archive. Includes Canadian cities. Includes historical precipitation data for my hometown!

Soil Illustrations In Canada- by region
Soil Landscapes evident around us are the product of soil forming factors acting on surface geological deposits over time. Factors influencing soil formation (or soil development) include kind of parent material, topography (or surface form), climate, vegetation, time and of course the activities of man.

The Soft Earth
A resource listing for Geoscience software available on the Internet. Geology, earth science.

Glacial Geology at the University of Cincinnati,
A graphical database showing glaciers at work and at play. See also Class Projects - 1995 and Laboratory Reports 1996.

Oak Ridge National Lab.
The radiocarbon timescale vs the 'real' timescale; A quick background to the last Ice Age; Stepwise regional maps of the world from 20,000 years ago; Sudden climate transitions during the past 130,000 years.

A Geologist's Lifetime Field List
A lead to illustrations of volanoes, geysers, floods, faults, glaciers, varves, exfoliation domes, tectonic plates, erratics, stromatolites, calderas, craters and other specific examples of natural formations around the world. Bay of Fundy, Kilimanjaro, Devil's Tower, Tierra del Fuego.

The Virtual Geomorphology
Online research papers for the advanced geographer. Includes topics covering Life on Earth - flow of Energy and Entropy, Open and closed systems, fluvial systems.

***Canadian Landscapes- NRC***
Learn about the geomorphology of the following through pictures and description.Atlantic Provinces, Labrador, Baffin Island, Ellesmere Island, Western Queen Elizabeth Islands, Banks Island, Coats & Mansel Islands, Torngat Mountains, Gaspesie, Northwestern District of Mackenzie, NWT Hudson Bay Lowlands, Southern Manitoba.

***Canadian Landscapes- NRC***
Use their search engine to find examples of terrain across Canada. Esker, fiord, glacier, tombolo, kettles, ice cap, moraine, erractic, frost mound or any other example.

National Snow and Ice Data Center- U. of Colorado
Everything one wishes to know about glaciers.

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
A quick primer on the science of Paleoclimatology. Paleoclimatology is the study of past climate. The word is derived from the Greek "paleo-", which means "ancient", and "climate", which is the average pattern of weather. Paleoclimatology is the study of the patterns of ancient weather. global warming, greenhouse effect.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Recent Events in the Northern Larsen Ice Shelf and Their Importance. climate change, ice shelves.

NATURAL HAZARDS PHOTOGRAPHS: Landslides, Tsunamis, Mt. St. Helens,Hawaii Volcanism, Volcanoes in Eruption,*Relief Globe Slides*. Includes descriptions.

NATURAL HAZARDS PHOTOGRAPHS: Earthquake Slides of Mexico City, California, Northern Iran, Earthquake Damage to Transportation Systems and schools and Armenian SSR.

NOAA- The National Geophysical Data Center
This site has leads to the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) manages environmental data in the fields of marine geology and geophysics, paleoclimatology, solar-terrestrial physics, solid earth geophysics, and glaciology (snow and ice).

Geohazards- NRC
Landslides and snow avalanches in Canada, National geological Hazard Synthesis, Geomorphic effects and impacts from July 1996 severe flood in the Saguenay Area.

Urban Geology- NRC
Urban geology of the National Capital (Ottawa), Surficial materials and terrain features maps of Ottawa. Physiography, moraine, glaciation.

The Quaternary?
"The Ice-Age"

Ice Ages- Illinois State U.
What are Ice Ages? When did Ice Ages occur? Why do Ice Ages occur?

Inside Geology- Rob Viens, University of Washington
Learn more about basic concepts in geology? The following chapters will link you to numerous topical class lectures, Web sites, references, news items, organizations. 9.Folds, Faults, and Mountains 10.Earthquakes 11.Geophysical Properties of Planet Earth 12.Plate Tectonics:Creating Oceans and Continents

Inside Geology- Rob Viens, University of Washington
Learn more about basic concepts in geology? The following chapters will link you to numerous topical class lectures, Web sites, references, news items, organizations. 9.Folds, Faults, and Mountains 10.Earthquakes 11.Geophysical Properties of Planet Earth 12.Plate Tectonics:Creating Oceans and Continents.

Inside Geology- Rob Viens, University of Washington
Learn more about basic concepts in geology? The following chapters will link you to numerous topical class lectures, Web sites, references, news items, organizations. 13. Mass Movement 14.Streams and Floods 15.Groundwater 16.Caves and Karst 17.Glaciers and Ice Ages 18.Deserts and Wind Action 19.Shores and Coastal Processes 20.Human Use of the Earth’s Resources

Spitak Earthquake Damage
Background information on Armenia. Geology and geophysics. Main shock. Aftershocks.

National Geophysical Data Center
Hazards Slides: Volcanoes ,The Spitak Earthquake of 7 Dec. 1988. Coastal Change Analysis (Chesapeake Bay).

Leads to soil acidity, FAQ on soil acidity, some publications with adobe and finally the use of Methyl Bromide vs. the ozone depletion.

Lesson plans for soil testing. Go further down the page for a lead to lesson plans and Mac software for global warming and LUMP ( land use planning- a city in India. )

Links to mineral equations, full online texts and books for science, geologists, geographers plus software( rock cycle )

Cybersoils- M.A.Turner, Massey University, New Zealand

The Image- Mineral Gallery
The properties and photos of minerals. Also in 3D.

The Image- Gemstone Gallery
The properties and photos of the important gemstones.

United States Department of Agriculture
Keys to Soil Taxonomy. Chapter 1: The Soil That We Classify, and Buried Soils. Chapter 2: Horizons and Properties Diagnostic for the Higher Categories: Mineral Soils.

WWW Virtual Library- Soils and Substrates
Basics of soil physics , Some soil testing methods, Municipal solid waste composting , Forest soil ecosystem , Biodiversity, soil and ecologically sustainable development

Here Comes the Sun: Plymouth State College
A Solar/Terrestrial Tutorial. Solstice, Equinoxes , Earth's rotation.

Grounwater Foundation- U.S
Hydrologic Cycle, Contamination and Concerns, Wells and How they Work.

Wind Erosion Images- Australia
Contour farming , Strip cropping in the Darling Downs, Dust storm, Dune cleared and exposed to wind erosion, Areas of Australia affected by wind erosion. Aeolian.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
SOIL QUALITY INFORMATION SHEETS. Erosion, Sediment Deposition on Cropland, Compaction, Indicators for Soil Quality Evaluation , Organic Matter, Soil Crusts.

The Best of the Rest- NOAA
Radar/Satellite Images, Climatic Outlooks, Climatic Data, Weather Data, Maps, Severe Weather, Global Climate & Weather, Agriculture & Weather, Solar Data and Information.

Soils of Canada Home Page is a preliminary collection of soil profiles representing twenty Great Groups in the Canadian System of Soil Classification. Follow the links to their chemical and physical properties. Includes photos.

Soil Texture Calculator
Hydraulic properties calculator.

Wind Erosion Impacts
soil, aeolian, maps.

Absolute Plate Motion Calculator
Find out how far the plate is moving below you. Know your latitude and longitude. Continental Drift.

Soil Geography Of Canada- J.S. Kern
Based on the Soil Landscapes of Canada Map Series.

Stephen Hawking's Universe
Essays discussing the great cosmological questions of the origins of the universe. Includes teacher's guide. All the theories are here.

NSIDC/WDC-A Glacier Photo Collection and Index
Many black and white photos of glaciers. glacier. ice and snow.

Geology and Geological Features
This collection of photographs was compiled as a teaching resource for Newfoundland schools. It includes examples of the major rock types found in Newfoundland, as well as sedimentary and tectonic structures, glacial features, geomorphology and mineralization.

Geology 101 Home Page-Dr. Pamela Gore
Interactive Course Outline includes earthquakes, faults, folds, plate tectonics. Igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary rocks. hydrologic cycle, weathering. Includes links to visit for additional information.

UBC- Rock Cycle
This tectonic rock cycle is a clickable map that offers more detailed descriptions of the rock types found within their tectonic settings, with links to more detailed information. Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Plates.

Petrology 202- UBC
This is an online course. The study of rocks and their origins. Rock cycle. Minerals and their properties. Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. A great lab section that shows the use of the microscope as a tool to discover rock and mineral properties.

Get the latest news, discussion for k-12 lesson strategies, virtual classrooms, field trips, dictionary. Lectures, Web sites, references, news items ABOUT I.Forming the Earth, Minerals, Igneous, Volcanoes, Weathering, Sedimentary, Folds, Faults, Earthquakes, Plate Tectonics, Floods, Caves and Karst, Glaciers, Deserts, Human Use of the Earth’s Resources.

***Tropical Geomorphology Newsletter***
Sea Level Rise and Tropical Geomorphology and Coral Atolls and the Impact of Sea Level Rise. Many abstracts but here is a complete text. Search around- a lot of information.

***The Geo-Images Projec***
Hundreds of photos and brief descriptions of California, British Columbia, Morocco, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Western states, Themes from California. This site is growing and includes images of geomorphology in California.

Australian Earth Science Information
This site offers information and teacher notes for topics regarding: Climate Change Throughout Earth History , Plate Tectonics, Silicate Chemistry, Australian Earthquake Slide Set, The Science of Gold and Volcanoes. Good diagrams.

The Sheffield Centre for International Drylands Research
Luminescence Dating. Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating is a relatively new alternative approach to chronological problems. Both quartz and feldspar rich sediments, which are otherwise undateable by conventional radiocarbon methods, can be absolutely dated (± ~10%) within a range of 100 to 200,000 years.

The Sheffield Centre for International Drylands Research
Luminescence Dating. Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating is a relatively new alternative approach to chronological problems. Both quartz and feldspar rich sediments, which are otherwise undateable by conventional radiocarbon methods, can be absolutely dated (± ~10%) within a range of 100 to 200,000 years.

Hurricane Tract Data- U. Of Toronto
Complete directional, force and date data of most hurricanes.

CNSS Earthquake Catalog
Get the latest daily, monthy and yearly earthquake results for all regions of the U.S.

Convert any length to any other length.

EESB03S-Principles of Climatology
Climate data for Toronto. Means, monthly.

Environment Canada-CLIMATE OUTLOOK
Monthly outlook map, Seasonal forecast.El Nino. Global Warming.

Weather Net- Software
Here you'll find the largest and most up-to-date selection of weather software on the Internet. Hurricane tracking, STORM TRACKING. Great for the classroom and your personal PC.

Geographical Names, Natural Resources Canada
Get a picture and definition for the following: blow me down, brandies, buffalo jump, canyon, cone, cratère, échouerie, gulch, mal bay, oxbow, pingo, plée.

Soils of Arid Regions of the United States and Israel
Classifications of Arid Land Soils. Map and description. Arid Wetlands and Riparian Areas. How Soil is Defined. The Composition of Soils. Soil Properties. A Brief History of Soil Science. Soil Classification Systems.

Department of Geography, Okanagan University College

Introduction to Biomes-Department of Geography, Radford University.

Marlborough's Biomes Page
Resources on Biomes. Links to resources on the World Wide Web.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Lecture Outline: Biosphere, Biomes & Productivity. Provides virtual movies about the lesson topics.

Department of Geography, Okanagan University College
Online terms for physical geography.

LITHOPROBE seismic atlas of Canada
The evolution of the North American continent. Lithosphere, Transect maps of the different geologic provinces.

Environment Canada
The Properties of Water. World's water supply, Rivers, World's largest drainage basins, Annual large Canadian river flow.

Solar system Simulator. Earth, mars, neptune, saturn, venus, pluto, moon.

Athena Oceans
Ocean Currents.

U. Of Toronto
Get the latest weather information from all the airports in Ontario.

Images of Jupiter. Solar System, planets.

The Geochemical Earth Reference Model
The Geochemical Earth Reference Model initiative is a grass-roots effort to establish a consensus within the geosciences community on a chemical characterization of the Earth. THE FACTS AND FIGURES OF EARTH AS A PLANET.

IGPP-LLNL Center for Geosciences
An explanation with diagrams of the earth's core.

Earth Science Data - EOSDIS
Sources of data for earth science education.

Photos and Daily Temperature Maps of the Surface of Mars.

Galileo Solid State Imaging Full Data Releases. Jupiter.

SCIENCES of SOILS provides an international peer-reviewed Online Forum on a broad range of topics of interest to soil scientists.

****Canadian Landscapes and Landforms****
Your starting point for geological, geomorphological studies of Atlantic Provinces | Labrador | Baffin Island | Ellesmere Island, Western Queen Elizabeth Islands | Banks Island | Coats & Mansel Islands )Torngat Mountains | Gaspesie | Northwestern District of Mackenzie, NWT, Hudson Bay Lowlands , Southern Manitoba.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Southern Manitoba- Meanders of the Red River, faults and folds, spits, Old beach ridges, Tombolo, stria marks.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Hudson Bay Lowlands. Great photos and descriptions of ancient reefs, meanders, muskeg, glacial spillway, much more.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Northwestern District of Mackenzie, NWT. Arctic Lowlands. Rock pallisades, kettles, talus, outwash plain. Great photos and descriptions.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Gaspe Pennisula. Gaspesie. Glacial grooves and striations, Intertidal shore platform, Emerged sea stack, cliffs.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Torngat Mountains. Cirque and neoglacial moraine, Labrador. Aretes and horns around Mount Caubvick, Labrador. Saglek Fiord (fjord), largest in Labrador. Tarn. Canadian Shield.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Coats & Mansel Islands.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Banks Island. Arctic Lowlands. Photos only right now.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Western Queen Elizabeth Islands. Arctic Lowlands. Hummacks, braided river, mudboils, and much more. Melville Is.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Ellesmere Island. Innuition Mountains. Polygons, talus, fiord, erratics, kettles, frost fissures, ice cap, tombolo, glacier.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Baffin Island has shield, lowland and mountain. On the northern Brodeur Peninsula, we have Hoodoos, Till-covered terrain. On the east shore, we find glaciers, fiords and ice cap. Finally on Bylot Island, we see a pingo, glacier and moraine.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Labrador in this shield area near Churchill Falls, the landscape consists of many eskers, gorges and Frost mounds.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
The 1st area covered at this site is the Atlantic provinces. In northern Newfounland and southern Labrador, there occurs ladder fen aand many sheltered bays.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Gros Morne National Park Area in the northwest has Knob-and-basin topography, tuckamore, saltmarsh, Solifluction lobes, Western Brook Pond and much more.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Central Newfoundland near Mount Sylvester, has "tolt" and Giant till ridges.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
Near St. Georges Bay and Codroy Valley on the west coast of Newfoundland, the landscape consists of tors and rubble, moraines, Cirque and glacial memories.

Canadian Landscapes and Landforms
On the south coast of Newfoundland, glaciers have left Crag and tail hills, Spanish Room, Burin Peninsula and masses of sand and gravel where villages were located at Harbour Breton, Hermitage Peninsula.

Canadian Landforms and Landscapes
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia part of the Appalachian Mountains consists of old shore platforms, drumlins, karst topography, alluvial fans, Bird's foot" delta, tombolos and extensive bogs.

Canadian Landforms and Landscapes
Prince Edward Island is renouned for its Peat bog near Portage and Sandstone cliffs near Cavendish.

Canadian Landforms and Landscapes
The Halifax area near Peggy's Cove consists of red drumlins, boulders. Appalachian. Nova Scotia.

Canadian Landforms and Landscapes
In Nova Scotia near the Bay of Fundy, one finds kame moraine and Glacial-age shore platforms. Saltmarshes and tidal Marches.

Canadian Landforms and Landscapes
Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia has a great esker, drumlins, Ice-planed shoals and foreshore flats.

Canadian Landforms and Landscapes
Iles de la Madeleine has been affected by glaciers and volcanism.

Soil Science Society of America
Glossary of soil science terms. Pore size classification, Classification of rock fragments, Shapes and size classes of soil structure.

The weather and sea state data being reported by automated marine stations. North America and the Great Lakes - Lake Erie, Ontario, Huron.

CEPS Home Page
Specific information and images of Mercury | Venus | Earth | Moon | Mars | Asteroids | Jupiter | Saturn | Uranus | Neptune | Pluto.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA
Online Educational Resources.

The Virtual Cave
A map of cave sites in U.S. as well as pictures and descriptions of Draperies, Stalactites, Stalagmites, Stegamites, Pearls, Popcorn, Gypsum/Halite Flowers.

Earth System Visualizer
Ozone, Clouds and Temperature. Precipitation and Pressure. Produces a world view.

U. Of B.C.- Petrology
Petrology (pe - trol' - o - gee): The study of rocks and their origins. Good image gallery. Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rock.

Geology Gems- Winona State University
Geology of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, U.S.A.

Geology Gems- Winona State University
Geology of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, U.S.A.

Geology Gems- Winona State University
Geology of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, U.S.A.
A complete listing of the chemical and physical properties of minerals. Images included. Mineral.

Images of our ocean and Great Lakes floor. Global Relief, Ocean Crustal Age, Great Lakes Geomorphology, Total Sediment Thickness of the Oceans. To view continental drift, plate movements- see World Crustal Ages draped over a Relief Map. Great images for classroom use. Lake Erie and Michigan.

International Arid Lands Consortium
Soils of Arid Regions of the United States and Israel. Soil.

******GEO GLOBE*****

WWW Soils
Great format for any soil study. Biodiversity, soil and ecologically sustainable development. Substrates and fertilizers. Forest soil ecosystem. Forest site sensitivity to soil degradation. Peat.

USGS- Seafloor Topography
MEASURED AND ESTIMATED SEAFLOOR TOPOGRAPHY. Great images for transparencies or print to illustrate continental drift, seafloor expansion. Files are very large 666 kb.

American Geological Institute- Iowa State University
Illustrated Glossary of Geologic Terms. Not all but many geology terms are illustrated by photos.

Concentrate- Game
Can you beat 19.

World precipitation for 1993-1997. Europe more defined.

Greenland Ice Sheet Project
Data to investigate the paleoclimate record for the Northern Hemisphere.

Environment Canada
A map illustrating what Canada's climate outlook will be for the next month. Climate change, el nino, global warming.

The National Museum of Natural History
A recently recovered deep-sea core contains convincing new evidence of an asteroid impact 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs went extinct.

Weather Channel
The Weather Classroom .

Views of the Solar System
Views of the Solar System presents the Sun, planets, moons, comets,and asteroids in a multimedia format. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Earth. March/98.

Weather Net
Choose your nexrad for any city in the U.S.

**Major Biomes of the World- Radford U.**
Tundra , Boreal Forest or Taiga , Temperate Broadleaf Deciduous Forest , Tropical Broadleaf Evergreen Forest , Tropical Savanna , Desert scrub, Temperate Grasslands , Mediterranean Scrub ( chaparral). Well Done .

USGS-Alaska- Metadata and GIS DATASETS
Water, glaciers- good stats on runoff-retreat,

Environment Canada-
Canadian Climate Normals 1961-1990. Temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, sunshine, pressure.

Environment Canada
Canadian climate and water data. Meteorologic information. Climate summaries. Temperature and precipitation.

U of Michigan- Weather Underground
Current Conditions and Forecasts for Canada and the U.S.. Offers teacher/student packages-$-


Mineralogy Database - David Barthelmy
Includes Alphabetical Listing, Strunz Classification, New Dana Classification, Chemical Composition, Crystallography, and Mineral Pictures.

USGS- Geologic Hazards
Geomagnetism, landslides and earthquakes.

On Line Photos. Severe Weather. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Lightning. Marine mammals, reefs, coastlines.

Regional Landscape Ecosystems of Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin:

This Dynamic Earth- USGS
The story of plate techtonics. continental drift, mantle, thermal plumes.

Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database
What is radiocarbon dating? carbon-14.

Tsunami- U of Washington
Alaska Tsunami Warning Center. How is a tsunami generated and how does it propagate? Recent Tsunami Events . Research.

-U of California, San Diego.
Go to data for El Niño Information. Archive of oceanographic data. CCS studies waves, currents, and tides in nearshore and estuarine waters; sediment transport by waves, winds, and rivers; fluid-sediment interactions; and marine archaeology.

The Pedosphere-Dr. Noorallah G. Juma- U.of Alberta
Soil. The ecological functions of soil. Go to tutorial1 conservation posters for a java enhanced lesson on soil conservation. AN ENJOYABLE TRIP INTO THE PROMOTION OF LEARNING.-THANKS dOC.

Auroras- The Exploratorium
Self guided lesson about the Auroras Borialis.

Soil Liquefaction- U. of Washington
Liquefaction is a phenomenon in which the strength and stiffness of a soil is reduced by earthquake shaking or other rapid loading.

The Tidal Pool Page- Senior High School Students
Nice job. Index of Organisms: This index organizes the organisms found in tide pools by scientific classification. Intertidal Zone Chart: Tides.

Australian Academy of Science
Calculating the threat of tsunami. The word 'tsunami' is Japanese, meaning 'harbour waves'.

U. of California- Museum of Paleontology
Introduction to the "Green Algae".

U. of California- Museum of Paleontology
On-Line Exhibits: Time Periods. Phylogeny, Geology, Evolution. Learning from Fossils.

EERI Special Report
The Quindio, Colombia, Earthquake of January 25, 1999. Good info on the relationship between earthquakes and building structure, health impacts, reconstruction and lessons learned.

U. of Washington
An investigation of the dynamics of glacier motion using Worthington Glacier, Alaska .

ARCSS Atlas- U. of Colorado
Purpose - To study the effects of global climate change on vegetation in the Arctic- Alaska. Go to glacial geology and vegetation for information-tundra. photos and maps provided. Site incomplete.

NASA- Stargasers
Astronomy of the Earth's motion in space. Newtonian mechanics. Spaceflight and spacecraft. The Path of the Sun, the Ecliptic. Seasons of the Year. The Angle of the Sun's Rays. Latitude and Longitude.

CGRG Bibliography of Canadian Geomorphology
Type in a glacial, fluvial, erosional, weathering term or location and receive information only in abstact form. This could be enough for your research.

NASA Is My Playground
For kids and reports- Sun, moon, planets, gravity, space exploration, stars and galaxies.

The Health of Our Soils- Toward sustainable agriculture in Canada
Map: Soils of Canada. Soil erosion, salinization. Everything one wishes to know about soils and related topics. Current specific areas are discussed.

IRIS- Earthquake News- Turkey
Recent leads to the disaster in Turkey. Quake. sept/99

Gems and Precios Stones- U. of Wisconsin
This site provides an integrated body of information about gems and gemstones. Lectures and visual materials covering diamonds, rubies, sapphires, varieties of beryl (e.g., emerald), and other precious and semi-precious stones.

NASA/CERES- Educational Resources
Educational activities for teachers and students. Topics include: Studying the Movement of Celestial Objects . Learning Planet Sizes. Sun's Impact on Earth's Temperature. The Expanding Universe. Life Cycle of Stars . Mars Quest. Moon, astronomy. sept/99

Nasa and Ceres- Classroom-Ready Lessons On-line
Scroll down for lessons from grades 1-12. Life Cycle of Stars . Sun's Impact on Earth's Temperature . A galaxy classification scheme. Oct/99

Seismologically Active Areas in the Arctic- NOAA
For the advanced student - earthquakes and volcanoes. Mid Atlantic-Arctic Ridges. Nov.99

USGS-Missouri River Information
Information on flow, history .Includes photos.Nov.99

Nasa- Welcome to Anarctica
On this web site you'll find text, visualizations, pictures, and links relating an exciting research project studying Antarctica. NOV.99

Lesson Plans for Geography and Environmental Science Teachers
Online lesson plans for all grade levels.........dec./99 Characteristics of Pla

Geomorphology From Space- Goddard Space Center
Excellant descriptions and photos of 100's of sites to study Tectonics, Volcanism, fluvial processes, Deltas, Karst topography, eolian features, glaciers and planets. volcanoe, river, faults, folding. dec./99

California State University-Geology Labs On-Line
Virtual radiocarbon dating and earthquake are completed. Cover the concepts of epicenter, magnitude, siesmology, Richter, p and s waves. Carbon 14. dec./99

Seismic Hazard Maps of Canada - 1999: seismograph, seismology. dec./99

SASO's Top Ten List
TUC earthquake waveforms for the ten most recent events of any appreciable magnitude or importance as well as a map showing the event location (epicenter) and the great circle path to TUC. The great circle path is the shortest distance between the epicenter and seismograph location. dec./99

Earth's Active Volcanoes - Michigan Technological University
Volcano Reference Map. caldera. leads to description and photos. dec./99

NOAA's Top Weather, Water and Climate Events of the 20th Century
Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes. DEC./99

California State University - Igneous Rock Tour

USGS- The Interior of the Earth
Core, mantle and crust.Includes graphics. Jan/2


Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program
World maps illustrating earthquake potential areas. Jan./2

The goal of the PALEOMAP Project is to illustrate the plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents, as well as the changing distribution of land and sea during the past 1100 million years. Pangea, continjental drift. Feb./2

Environment Canada
Canadian Climate Normals 1961-1990. For all towns and cities in Canada. Precipitation, Temperature, Degree days, Max. and min., snowfall, # of thunderstorms, pressure, wind. May/00

National Earthquake Information Center - USGS
World Data Center for Seismology. 2000 Large Earthquakes .Sept/00