Uses of Geography









Information regarding housing developments in the US by state.

The City Of Woodstock
Here one finds information about the Economic Development, Community Services, Fire Services, Human Resources for this city.

Information and links to that ugly sign facade found along city streets. BY-LAWS FROM SEVERAL CITIES.

Links to information on public, mass transpotation. History and Impact of Mass Transit. Rail transit maps.

Links to official plans, redevelopment and residential plans around the world.

U.S. Federal Transit Administration
The National Transit Library is a repository of reports, documents, and data generated by professionals and laypersons from around the country. Characteristics of Urban Transportation Systems. Go to planning section.

The Thoreau Institute
Transitions: New Incentives for Rural Communities. Recreational Development for small communities.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development- HUD
HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NEEDS. Community Plans for housing in the U.S.

Go here to find out how to buy a house. That's all . Most documents regarding Canadian Housing is not free.

The Coalition for Healthier Cities and Communities
What is a Healthy Community? Urbanization, Public Health, Quality of Life.

Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition
What characterizes a healthy community? A collection of community stories from across Ontario.

***Planning Commissioners Journal ***
Conservation Design for Subdivisions. Urban Sprawl. Shaping Our Communities: The Impacts of Information-Technology. Educational programs for young people on architecture and the built environment. This is a very good site.

Planning Commissioners Journal.
"Open Space" Zoning: What It Is & Why It Works.

Planning Commissioners Journal
What Can GIS Really Do?

Links to information regarding Community Development, Demographics, Environment, Natural Resources and Energy, Housing, Public Transportation, Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Development, Green Architecture in an urban setting. To name a few. Their format is similar to the Gnome. Well done.

Planning Journal
Conservation Design for Subdivisions. Design with nature.

Planning Commissioners Journal
The impact of technology on cities. Business Location & Its Impacts.

York University- Urban Studies
Essays about political, social and cultural issues. Toronto’s contested future. An urbanist perspective on the debate over Canadian federalism and its future. The "global city".

Kara M. Kockelman's Papers

U. Of Minn.--gopher
Open space planning of bike trails , recreation paths. Go here early in morning.

U. Of Minn. -gopher
Green corridors. Models of urban forest sustainability. Strategies for ecological and urban development. Building the ideal urban forest. Community woodland design guidelines. Landscape design in urban areas. Planning for the urban forest. Shaping urban ecosystems. The greening of the cities.

Virtual Toronto- Ryerson
The total socio- economic structure of metropolital Toronto.

Community Economic Development in British Columbia
The concept of Community in B.C. - Food, housing, participation, sustainable development, tourism, watersheds.

CED FAQ- Queen's U.
What is community? Economic deveelopment. Sustainable development. A strategy for dealing with the problems of poor people, powerless people, and underdeveloped communities.

Community Development Council of Quinte
Funded by Health Canada. QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX ONTARIO 1997. a community development strategy to monitor the living and working conditions of Ontarians.

AMS HomeFinder
This site contains Community Profiles which have valuable information for nearly 13,000 cities and towns within the United States.

Recreation Planning- U. Of Mass.
Racial Issues, Elderly, Gender, Park Resources, Trails, Greenways, Environmental Impacts.

Pace Land Use Law Center Website
Nonconforming Uses, Issue 8: Variances, Issue 9: Subdivision, Issue 10: Site Plan, Cluster Development, Floating Zones, Incentive Zoning, Issue 8: Agricultural Zoning, Protecting Aesthetics and Scenic Resources.

Land Use Law Center Library
Affordable Housing. Land use law at all levels. U.S. and international context.

Detroit Empowerment Zone- Wayne State U.
Socio-economic characteristics of Detroit, Mich. How the program is trying to empower its citizens. Good maps that show many variables.

The socio- economic profile of this U.S. City. Population and Race, Ancestry, Income and Poverty, Adult Educational Attainment, Household Types, Commuters.

This Canadian Communities Atlas Project is an online atlas that reflects the Physcial, Economic, Human and Historic Geography of Woodstock, Ontario. Good maps, statistics and analysis.

The New York Times - 100 Years Of New York City
This new web special by the Times offers a look into the past 100 years of New York City. Includes a panoramic view of the city's five boroughs from the early 20th century, with a collection of statistical tables. An interesting site.

The entrance to HUD's files. Everything leads easily to their housing publications and data by state. Public, subsidized and low income housing.

U. Of Alberta- Crime Spots
GIS related study to illustrate why crime in Edmonton is going down.

Canadian Urban Institute
Most documentation is about The Toronto GTA. This site suggests they are a non profit organization- Be careful on the opinions and work done. You make up your own mind.

Collaborative Urban Design through Computer Similations
If you are a real computer buff, Study the site and follow the leads to 3D render your town or a portion of it. This U. Of Waterloo student rendered for the purpose of renewal Stratford, Ont.

Canadian Municipalities
Your access to towns, cities and villages in Canada.

Ontario Provincial Parks- MNR
By name, class, location. Your choice. Make a reservation. Download Canoe Routes of Algonquin Provincial Park in the Arcade area. Go to Research and Planning to learn more about the types and/or planning provincial parks.

Wayne State U.- Centre For Urban Studies
Crime Statistics for Detroit and counties nearby.

Wayne State U.- Centre For Urban Studies
Get the 1990 socio-economic stats for Detroit by census tract.

Toronto Sun Study- U.Of T.
The effect of buildings on sun/people relationships, wind/people/comfort. Zoning, Green areas, parks. Sun Easements to Parks: implications for planning and zoning. Urban Form and Climate, Case Study, Toronto.

Discovery Magazine- Duke University
Epidemiologists estimate that 20 percent of American office workers are affected by Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). This term applies to a range of complaints related to indoor air pollution.

Professor F.W. Kent
GARDENS, VILLAS AND SOCIAL LIFE IN RENAISSANCE FLORENCE. The history of green space, parks and open space.

GENDER PROPOSITIONS AND URBAN STRATEGIES: Shelter from Domestic Violence. The relationship between domestic violence and architecture.

Design, Ecology, Ethics and the Making of Things /Virginia/William McDonoug
An essay showing the historical relationship between buildings, skyscrapers and nature.

LA Theses Database- U. Of T.
Abstracts FROM of SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. School of landscape design. Open space, green space, parks and playgrounds.

Canadian Architecture Collection- Magill U.
The Safdie Archive. A descriptionand photo of this Canadian architect. Difficult to get what you want but can be rewarding if you now what term to search for.

**Canadian Architecture 101- Magill U.**
The images represented in the Building Canada site showcase some of the influences beginning with examples of religious architecture dating from the French regime, and military architecture from the British period, to recent works by Canadian-trained architects. Can be viewed also by province. Residential, Commercial, cultural.

Fourth International Seminar on Urban Form
TOMSK AND VLADIVOSTOK- A Comparative Study in Historical Urban Development. Russia former Soviet Union.

United Nations- Social indicators
Population, Child-bearing, Youth and elderly populations, Education, HUMAN SETTLEMENTS (urban- rural distribution), Literacy, Water supply and sanitation, Income and economic activity, HOUSING, Unemployment and Health by country for 1995, 1995-2000.

Department For International Development- U.K.
COMMUNITY INITIATIVES IN URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE.Adobe Acrobat Necessary. It also provides guidance for policy-makers and professional staff of urban government, development agencies, non-government organisations, and small to medium enterprises for promoting increased involvement of communities in the procurement of neighbourhood infrastructure.

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Goal is to improve the economy of Atlantic Canadian communities. Good recent economic data regarding ex.housing costs for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. Industrial Initiatives and case studies.

Stockholm, Sweden
Case studies of research and policy on migrants in cities - Stockholm. This is a complete study of the process of immigration and ethnic settlement of Stockholm. Refugee. 1997.

Canadian Urban Transit Association.
Urban Transit WWW Links. Transportation links to city bus, rail, government agencies.

Toronto Real Estate Board
Find a home and tips for buying.

How to generate web pages? For my Urban Studies class.

Census Atlas - Niagara Region -Ontario-1991- Brock U.
St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls. Socio-economic distribution by census tract.

Plan Canada - CIP
Urban Planning in Canada. First issue has some issues regarding my forte - Recreational Planning within cities. Future issues list includes planning for seniors.

Canadian Institute Of Planners- CIP
Go to Planners at Work for articles about Converting Industrial and Commercial Spaces to Neighbourhoods. Dollars for Parks. From Wastelands to Walkways- How does a community clean up a junk-filled river area when there are limited public dollars for the job?

Urban Air Pollution Homepage:
Air Pollution in Streets. Also Carbon Monoxide concentrations and ventilation strategies in dwellings. Spatial Distribution of urban pollution: civilizing urban traffic. Pedestrian exposure to Urban Pollution. Effects of street grid configuration on kerbside concentrations of vehicular emissions.

CLR-GTA Research Initiative
Seaton: Implications for the Planning and Design of New Communities. Implications for Community Development on the Urban-Rural Fringe of A large Metropolitan Area. Implications of Housing Market Studies for a New Community. Transportation, Transit Implications for a New Community. This is all one study.

Intentional Communities
Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives. Follow the links for aticles.

Pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development
PICCED's mission is to enhance the capacity of low- and moderate-income communities to develop innovative solutions to the physical, social, and economic challenges. Examples are given to illustrate their work in the poorest areas found in U.S. CITIES.

The Prairie Urban Report - U. of Winnipeg
Newsletter reports dealing with housing and neighbourhoods in Winnipeg , Saskatoon, Regina, Banff. Elderly. Check out past issues.

***Ramsar Convention on Wetlands***
The library contains information and documents about Economic Valuation of Wetlands: a Guide for Policy Makers and Planners. Open space, flood plains.

Rocky Mountain Institute
Sustainable Communities. A series of FAQ's regarding the growth of urban places. Deals eith questions such as Our town is declining economically. What can we do? Sustainable growth in cities.

City Limits
A RESOURCE GUIDE FOR COMMUNITY-BASED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Primarily New York City. How to economically enhance poor neighbourhoods. Go to current issue and archives for such focus articles as garbage and crime found in latest issues.

Communities Institute- B.C.
Resource "library" and information related to small town and rural community issues in Canada. Be careful- Who the sponsors and board of directors are.

National Trust For Historic Preservation
Preserve old homes and neighbourhoods. U.S. 10 most endangered homes, neighbourhoods and landmarks. Preservation vs. redevelopment

East St. Louis Action Research Project
Community Revitalization not redevelopment. Go to archives for full documentation. Low cost housing, Park revitalization.

Policy Research Action Group Chicago
Research includes increasing the earning power of economically and educationally disadvantaged Chicagoans.

Policy Research Action Group Chicago
Research includes increasing the earning power of economically and educationally disadvantaged Chicagoans. Neighbourhood revitalization and redevelopment.

Loyala U.
The Rural Rebound: Recent Nonmetropolitan Demographic Trends in the United States. COUNTER-URBANIZATION.

Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods- U. Of Louisville
Human and economic development projects to better neighborhoods- Louisville Ky. GOOD NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES FOR TOPIC.

Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis. Canadian content. The effects of migration/ immigration in the Canadian cities. Go to Research and Policy- discussion papers. Adobe Acrobat necessary. EX. 97-08 Is there an immigrant "underclass" in Canadian cities?

RIIM- Prairies
The efeects and studies of immigration/ migrants on prairie cities. Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration. Go to abstracts of research.

RIIM- Toronto
Research on Immigration and Settlement - Toronto. Only one paper online which is their assessment of population movement, immigration/ migration to Canada- a policy paper. Chapters include- International Trends -comparing immigration policy of Canada to other countries. Immigration and the Family . Immigrant Integration and the Economy.

Canadian Urban Institute

MIT- Department of Urban Studies and Planning,
Advanced Technology, Low-Income Communities, and the City . Center Cities as Havens and Traps for Low-Income Communities: The Potential and Impact of Advanced Technology. The Urban Planning Implications of Advanced Information Technology .

The State of the Nation's Cities: A Comprehensive Database on American Cities and Suburbs- 1996

HUD- Housing and Urban Development- U.S.
Publications online regarding many topics about housing, low income housing.

Demographic Journal
Publication devoted to useful demographic news from around the United States. Very Good. Good case studies for American cities. ie. Growth rated cities.

Laboratory for Community and Economic Development
University of Illinois. Go to factsheets to learn how to conduct surveys for downtown customers and businesses. 10 Factors for a Successful Tourism Program. Table of Illinois Population and Poverty Statistics (1980-1990).

University of Virginia
This paper describes an ongoing project examining urban design and affordable housing in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Promotes environmentally sustainable, affordable communities. International Housing Recommendations for The U.N.'s Habitat II conference.

CityPlan: Directions For Vancouver. City Of Vancouver
Housing and neighbourhood design.

Tom Cusack
Housing Density, Urban Sprawl, and Growth Management for both U.S. and Canadian cities.

The Five Points Site
Archaeologists and historians rediscover a famous nineteenth-century New York neighborhood. Just very interesting.

****Reading a Community: Urban History at the Local Level***
Case Study -Guelph and Early Canadian Town Planning. Studying a City-Centered Region: The Upper Grand River Valley. The Culture of a Victorian City. Victorian Culture and Urban Form. Canadian Urban History- University of Guelph.

Cornell University
Urban Planning, 1794-1918: An International Anthology of Articles, Conference Papers, and Reports. How urban planning developed up to the end of World War I.

Centre For Landscape Research- U. of Toronto
"Urban Form and Climate, Case Study, Toronto". The study analyzed the effect of future development in Toronto's Central Area on street-level conditions of sun, wind, and thermal comfort.

Centre For Landscape Research- U. Of Toronto
The Solar Study project was focused on simulation techniques that could reveal issues in establishing solar easement policies for urban parks within the City of Toronto. IMPLICATIONS FOR PLANNING AND ZONING. How much sun does a person need?

The National Center for the Revitalization of Central Cities
Abstracts available. Go to publications. University of New Orleans. Redevelopment.

Urban Ecology Australia
Halifax EcoCity Project. What is an EcoCity? Go also to The Bourne Court Project. Ecology and urban development.

Center For Excellence In Sustainable Development
Great resource for LAND USE PLANNING- urban sprawl, cluster housing, Vancouver's West End efforts to use mixed-use, high density development as a strategy against sprawl. Ecovillages. Taming Urban Sprawl: Healthy Cities and Towns" "The Economic Value of Open Space".

Center For Excellence In Sustainable Development
Great resource for TRANSPORTATION. Go to articles and publications for information.

Center For Excellence In Sustainable Development
Great resource for GREEN HOUSING . Go to articles and publications for information. Go also to educational materials. Sustainable housing.

Center For Excellence In Sustainable Development
Great resource for DISASTER PLANNING . Go to articles and publications for information. Go also to educational materials. Creating Sustainable and Disaster Resistant Communities. Case studies for many U.S. cities.

Center For Excellence In Sustainable Development
Great resource for SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS . Go to articles and publications for information. Go also to educational materials. Corporations and Sustainable Development. Industry’s Role in the New Culture. Industrial Ecology: Concepts and Approaches. "About Ecological Industrial Parks" .

Planning Commissioners Journal
Urban Sprawl.

American Farmland Trust
Fiscal Costs and Public Safety Risks of Low-Density Residential Development on Farmland: Adobe Acrobat Reader necessary. Urban Sprawl.

Farmland Information Library
Leads to Urban Design , Land Use and Zoning , Coordination of Transportation Planning and Land Use Control.

Farmland Information Library
Publications Online- Dozens of articles about urban sprawl, open space, transportation, protecting farmland.

Links to topics for Green Planning, Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Land Use, Open Space, Urban Forestry, Sustainable Transportation, Air Quality, Global Warming, Urban Energy and Water use.

ECO IQ- Sustainable Land Use
Links to Linking Energy Use and City Planning, The Historical Roots of Sprawl, Concrete, Condos, and the Second Conquest of the American West: Subdivide and Conquer, Factsheet: Infill Housing.

Research Triangle Institute
Sustainable Cities. What will metropolitan regions be like in the years to come?

Indicators of a sustainable community.

Office of Sustainable Ecosytems and Communities. Case Studies, Economics of sustainability.

Dr. Kim D. Coder, University of Georgia
Identified Benefits of Community Trees and Forests. Open space, green space.

U.S. Dept. Of Energy
Cooling Our Cities. Planting trees is an attractive strategy both for saving money through energy efficiency and for improving the quality of life in urban areas. Green space, open space.

**Resource Renewal Institute**
Open Space Planning, Green Plans. This site has been developed to educate and inform those interested in Green Plans as the means to a sustainable environment and economy.

Center for Agriculture in the Environment
In Pursuit of the Commons: Toward a Farmland Protection Strategy for the Midwest U.S.. Urban Sprawl and the growth of cities.

***American Public Transit Association***
Go to pub/statiatics, news for an abundance of information. Public transportation.

Intelligent Transportation Systems
Public and Private transportation systems.

APA Immigration Project
Full text papers regarding Immigration in Global Cities, Europe's New Melting Pot Cities-Urban Renewal, The Demography and Geography of London's Ethnic Minorities, Immigration in Canadian Cities, The Contribution of Immigrants to the Development of Vancouver. Neighbourhood.

APA Immigration Project
Immigrants and Urban Planning, Planning for the Immigrant City - Challenges and Strategies.

APA Immigration Project
The Suburbanization of Immigrants in the Chicago Metropolitan Area , The Role of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Urban Economic Development.

APA Immigration Project
Immigrant Contributions to New York's Neighborhoods, Chinese Immigrants Create Their Own Jobs , IMMIGRATION AND NEW YORK CITY.

World Bank
Type into their "search" urban or urbanization to get information about developing countries and cities. Women's role in cities in the developing countries. transportation, health, land tenure.

Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization
Many case studies for your perusal and research. Crime prevention, housing, education. Renewal, Redevelopment, neighbourhood.

National Parks Service- U.S.
The Park Planner's Toolkit- need adobe acrobat reader or Excel . A model for calculating the economic benefits of parks on local economies.

American Planning Association-Conference Proceedings/97
Full papers from the conference. Citizen Participation and Dispute Resolution. Can Urban Growth Be Contained? Communication Trends on the Form and Function of Local Communities. Preserving Small Town Character in the Path of Urbanization. Housing. Neighborhood Planning. Transportation. Safe Place Design- crime vs design.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
The definition of noise pollution.

The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
The clearinghouse wishes to Create, collect, and distribute information and resources regarding noise pollution.

League for the Hard of Hearing
Noise Free Neighbourhoods.

Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey

Air transportation in the U.K. Noise pollution. Accidents and traffic forecasts.

Noise pollution in Japan via air transportation.

GCA Strategies
Those who believe NOT in NIMBY.

The British Columbia Ministry of Housing
How to battle NIMBY.

David H. Davis, PhD

Centennial Lesson Plans
A lesson plan for teachers about NIMBY.

Public Utilities Fortnightly
Dodging the NIMBY bullet.


Carnegie Mellon Unviersity
Brownfield Development: the Implications for Urban Infrastructure. Urban Renewal in Pittsburgh. Case studies. Redevelopment. brownfield n : abandoned, idled or underused industrial and commercial facility where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination.

Crawford Systems- Car-Free Cities
A large site describing how and why to get rid of the automobile in cities. View each area of menu especially the newsletter.

Cornell U.- Links For Planners
Urban Studies links. Topics include Socioeconomic Data, Housing, Land Use, GIS, Environmental, Neighborhood Planning.

The Annexation Handbook- Washington
The pros and cons. Sprawl the outcome.

Annexation - Municipal Research Service of Washington
Various documents from the state of Washington.

THE AHWAHNEE PRINCIPLES- Center for Livable Communities
Planning for livable communities. ie. everything should be within walking distance for its people.

Planning for future growth of our cities. Sustainable cities. Guidelines for Assessing the Effects of Proposed Developments on Rare and Endangered Plants and Plant Communities. Healthy communities.

Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
The social and land use impacts of transportation (expreesways) on some cities in Ohio. . automobile.

Greenbelt Alliance
FACTSHEET: Infill Housing to delay sprawl.

The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia
The impact of rail (mass transit) . Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation. The new urbanism. Links may be slow.

Community Profiles- District of North Vancouver
The document is intended to provide a snapshot of the various communities and neighbourhoods as well as to provide the latest population census counts.

Washington University School of Law
Land use law. Go to articles for Adult Use Zoning, Agricultural Zoning, Primer on Sources of Federal Wetlands Law.

The Basics of City Planning
Planning terms for the ordinary citizen.

Plain Talk Planning
This web site will provide you with knowledge to deal with city hall, planning, land use and environmental issues. Cases from San Diego.

Project For Public Spaces
Parks, open space, green space, walkways, waterfronts, Plazas & Central Squares.

U. Of Buffalo
Links to city growth issues.

U. Of Buffalo
Links to city by-laws for signs. Sign pollution.

International Healthy Communities Foundation
Go to Learning tutorial and Communities in focus for case studies.

Albuquerque's Built Environment
It wishes for the people of this city to have a sence of place. Climate And The Built Environment. Teachers see the activities/worksheets for possible lesson plans. Ex. Eye Opener Worksheet 2A - Studying Streetscapes, Urban Design Evaluator , Does Your Community Give You A Sense Of Place?

Midtown Atlanta Plan
The plan encourages a mid-rise scale mixed use development in a pedestrian friendly environment.

The object of this study is to examine the Canadian urban transportation market more closely, in order to determine improvements to public transit. This study resides in the U.S.???

Federal transit Administration- U.S.
The Impacts of Siting Transportation Facilities In Low-Income Communities. Social Equity, Transportation, Environment, Land Use, and Economic Development: The Livable Community.

U.S. Dept. Of Transportation
Enhanced Planning Reviews: transportation plans for many U.S. CITIES.

Online Planning
The effect of technology on planning of cities. Especially the internet.

Caring For Our Towns And Cities
How to design Town Centers. CBD. People places. This is well done.

Welcome to City Comforts
What makes a city a good place to live.

Congress of the New Urbanism
The Congress for the New Urbanism advocates the reconstructuring of public policy and development practices to support the following principles: neighborhoods should be diverse in use and population; communities should be designed for the pedestrian and transit as well as the car.

Conservation Design for Subdivisions- Planning Journal
This article is excerpted with permission from Randall Arendt's forthcoming book, Conservation Design for Subdivisions: A Practical Guide to Creating Open Space Networks.

Metropolis Magazine
CURITIBA, Brazil- A success story for urban development.

Edge City
The development of places just outside of the city .

Shopping Malls

Bernardo Secchi
The transformation of the urban habitat in Europe.

Jane Jacobs:
A writer who inspired many. What new ideas came out of the Toronto conference about urban growth and design?

New Urbanist Homes
Traditional Neighborhood Design. Includes collection of warm, historic period home plans include Victorian, Farmhouse, Arts and Crafts, Bungalows, Foursquares, and Craftsman designs faithfully reproduced for today's living.

Resource for Urban Design Information
City Information/ Case Studies . Suburbs. Urban design.

Sand Creek Center
Sand Creek Center is a planned community in Northwest Indiana that focuses upon traditional neighborhood design elements, including mixed-use areas and a design that decreases automobile reliance.

Stoney Creek, Ontario - Olde Town Urban Design Plan
To enhance the aesthetic and functional character of the historical Downtown of Stoney Creek, Ontario. Renewal, Redevelopment.

Sustainable Urban Design - University of Kentucky
Urban design Visionaries: Le Corbusier (Charles Edoard Jeanneret), Lewis Mumford. Quest for Sustainable Communities .

Trans Act
This site contains data, publications and other information relating to the idea that well-planned transportation investments can make communities more livable

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
An essay on suburbia, edge city, community, history of cities, how cities do not include the poor in design.

Urban Design Precedents - U. Of Toronto
Comparative DESIGNS FROM AROUND THE WORLD FOR atriums, boulevards, bridges, campuses, courtyards, development plans, forecourts, industrial areas, intersections, markets, neighbourhoods/districts, parks, pedestrian streets, squares, stairs, streets, water corridors.

Boston MA - New England Transportation Site
Public transportation- some essays, photos from New England.

TransAct- Publications
Publications related to mass transportation, autos, expreesways, public transit, Impact of transportation systems on communities.

Communities for affordable housing, public housing, neighbourhoods and housing, building communities from the inside out instead of..

GreenClips Environmental Journal
a summary of news on sustainable building design and related government and business issues.

Front Porch
Front Porch is a venue for critical observation of the built environment and of urban planning issues. Transportation, redevelopment. A planner gives a second opinion.

This on-line magazine was born from pride in our downtown and a desire to help others build and restore theirs by providing advice from experts, showcasing others' successful projects, and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas between communities around the nation. CBD.

C a l i f o r n i a P l a n n i n g R o u n d t a b l e
Social Equity in Planning, Planners and Social Equity: Lessons from the Disability Movement. Planning for the poor, disabled, minorities.

Planning Journal - APA
Planning and Conservation of Places. Designs on the Desert. Industrial corridors. Housing issues and planning. Parking. New rail lines, buses, and vans could make the trek easier.

American Planning Association
Policy Guides for Surface Transportation, Manufactured Homes, Provision of Childcare, Billboard Controls, Impact Fees, Historic and Cultural Resources, Community Residences,Sustainable Development, Neighborhood Collaborative Planning, Housing.

American Planning Association
Go to Land Use Law & Zoning Digest for updates . Laws regulate everything in planning.

Planning Commissioners Journal
Shaping Our Communities: The Impacts of information-Technology.

U.N. Best Practices On-line
Case studies that support the U.N.'S philosophy about housing, neighbourhoods, and redevelopment projects should be planned and administered. Canada and the U.S.

World Idea Networks
Understanding Human Behavior When in a Walkable Environment. Sociological Observations . Not sure about using this for research? Interesting but no references given. Malls vs. downtown.

CyberCity Initiative- Granda Prairie Alberta
The CyberCity Initiative aims to help Grande Prairians to learn about and prepare to participate and compete in the Information Revolution that is sweeping the developed world. The impact of technology in Planning.

University of Tampere, Finland
Comparative advantage as a strategic approach to the development and growth of small as well as large communities.

The University of Melbourne, Australia
Planning and Design: Course Notes- Culture and History in Urban Planning and Design. History of Urban Planning. Planning in Post Industrial Societies. Need Microsoft Word- or a conversion program to view and save.

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute.
Ageing and Housing: Journey to Work: Employment and the changing structure of Australian cities : Homelessness in Australia: Causes and Consequences-

Quarterly Housing Monitor- Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute
Affordability and housing in Australia. Good articles for contrast and comparison.

Bureau of Meteorology- Australia
Sustainable Urban Design and Climate. Energy effiency. Follow the leads. housing and design.

SPRC PAPERS - Social Policy Institute
The Extent, Causes and Consequences of Ageing in Australia .. Elderly, poor.

The City in Pictures
Skylines of over 300 cities around the world. Includes Canada.

Jonathan Cohen and Associates, Architects and Planners
Preservation, Mixed Use and Urban Vitality. Redevelopment, CBD, Renewal, zoning. The history of planning and architecture. Jane Jacobs, Howard, Pierre L'Enfant , Clarence Stein's Radburn.

The Mitigation Of Heat Islands

A study of the urban heat island of Atlanta.

Energy Characteristics of Urban Areas. Heat Islands, Albedo, Venturi Effect.

Cooling Our Cities- The DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energ
Urban forests, urban heat island effect, albedo.

Terrain- Journal
Terrain is based on a predominant theme that relates to both the built and natural environments. Terrain’s Upcoming Themes - What defines the urban neighborhood?(summer1998). What transportation options work best in a natural, rural, suburban, or urban setting?(autumn98). 1999-Rivers and suburbs.

DATELINE APA: Previous Issues
Brouse the previous issues for urban sprawl, housing, golf courses, housing, neighbourhoods, transportation and open space, parks.

APA-Association Of American Planners
| Zoning Terms | Chronology of Important Events in Planning | Parking Standards | ISO 14001 Environmental Standards | Avoiding Natural Disasters. Good links and information.

United Kingdom- Dept. Of The Environment
Statisics and documentation about rail, air, road, water transportation. Planning for future cities. Housing. Water pollution by region. Access to the Open Countryside in England and Wales. Wildlife Crime: A Guide to Wildlife Law Enforcement in the United Kingdom .

Urban Research Center- New York U.
Technology and its impact on cities. Spatial Analysis of the Internet in U.S. Cities and States. How Telecommunications is Transforming Urban Spaces.

School of Architecture, Washington State U.
CITY Design Strategies emphasizing transit and pedestrianization. Go to bottom for Regional Strategies, Districts and Neighborhoods , Residential Clusters, Dwelling Units.

Cities/Building Archive- U of Washington
Meredith L. Clausen has provided many images of buildings representative in architectural history. Mostly from Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A.. Architecture.

U.S.Census Bureau

*The Quarterly Journal Of Urban Design*
Issue topics include: Landscape Architecture and Urban Design , Residential Design Guidance, UD in Europe, Sustainable Urban Design, Waterfronts. Each issue has an abundance of other related topics and case studies. A fine research mechanism.

The Latin America Development Archive
Working Papers- LATIN AMERICAN URBANIZATION , IMMIGRATION, POVERTY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP--UNITED STATES , Urbanization/Caribbean Basin/Social Change/Crisis , Transnational Communities (multi-national corps.-globalization)

The State of the Cities -- 1998- U.S. only. Adobe Acrobat Reader. Despite recent gains, cities still face the triple threat of concentrated poverty, shrinking populations, and middle-class flight that began two decades ago. Closing the Jobs, Education and Housing Gap. Creating Safe, Healthy, and Sustainable Communities.

Mokum Designs- Car Free Cities
Neighbourhood designs for car free cities. Transportation and sustainable cities. Automobile.

Mountain Bike Web
Conflicts on Multiple-Use Trails US Govt. report, 1995 . Green space, open space.

Access to Justice Network
Crime Prevention Through Social Development- The John Howard Society of Alberta - 1995. Viewpoints differ. Be Careful.

National Crime Prevention Council- Canada
Research, data and publications.

City Of Vancouver-
Report of the Urban Noise Task Force. City of Vancouver, April, 1997

League for the Hard of Hearing
Noise. Many resources.

The Center for Rural Massachusetts:
Open Space, Growth and Development, Rural-Urban Differences, Rural Telecommunications . Clustered Housing with Permanent Open Space.

Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning
Go to projects for case studies regarding: Churchill Neighborhood Open Space Plan, Holyoke, Downtown Gateways, Pittsfield, Neighborhood Urban Design and Planning. UPP's focus is academic outreach and applied research, particularly in low-income and minority neighborhoods.

The costs and risks of Scatter Development. Urban Sprawl.

These are the archives. Go here for an assortment of good essays and topics related to city living and design.

Center for Neighborhood Technology
Case studies for Chicago. Transportation, energy use at local neighbourhood level. Intermodal freight.

Lands and People
The Trust for Public Land's magazine on park and open space projects (U.S.)nationwide is published twice each year. Trails and green space.

U.S. EPA- Natural Landscaping
ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL, EDUCATIONAL AND RECREATIONAL BENEFITS. CASE STUDIES . Green Space , parks, schools, wetlands, river banks, open space.

United Nations Centre for Human Settlements
The purpose of the second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) is to address two themes of equal global importance: "Adequate shelter for all" and "Sustainable human settlements development in an urbanizing world".

Sustainable Cities Programme- U.N.
A Sustainable City is a city where achievements in social, economic, and physical development are made to last. Case studies in the developing world.

The Urban Institute
Long-Term Care for the Elderly: Profiles of Thirteen States.

Metropolis is a cooperative, international research initiative created to examine immigrant integration and the effects of international migration on urban centres in Canada. Gives reports by ethnic group.

Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Berlin. Bombay. Cairo. Jakarta, Indonesia. Johannesburg, South Africa. Lagos, Nigeria. Los Angeles. London. Manila, Philippines. Mexico City. New York. Paris. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Rome, Italy. Santiago, Chile. Shanghai, China. Sydney. Tehran, Iran. Tokyo. Toronto.

Medieval English Urban History
Stephen Alsford (Special Projects Officer at the Canadian Museum of Civilization) has given us a comprehensive study of early Medievil towns. Links also providedto other sites.

Shreveport-Bossier Association
Revitalizing Urban Downtowns. What happened to America's Downtowns. CBD. Commercial Cores.

society Online- Harvard U.
Urban Poverty. Research and interactive questions.

Society Online- Harvard
Urban poverty- Follow their lead to latest headlines for research documentation.

Criminal Victimization and Perceptions of Community Safety in 12 Cities, 1998. Presents survey data from 12 cities regarding criminal victimization and residents' attitudes toward their neighborhood, their city, and the local policing services. NEIGHBOUHOODS.

Reports, executive summaries, case studies, and guidebooks span the fields of housing and urban development. Go also to Data Sets for much more regarding housing in the U.S.

Windsor-Essex County Development Commission.
WINDSOR, ON. Canada. Leads to facts and figures on business, community and other resources.

Canadian Municipalities Online
Your lead to any town, city, metropolitan area in Canada. Brings one to each Homepage.

Canadian Municipalities Online
Your lead to any town, city, metropolitan area in Canada. Brings one to each Homepage.

Resource for Urban Design Information
Links to city design. Sustainable cities.

Department of the Environment- United Kingdom
Research regarding urban living in the U.K..
Carfree cities past, present, and future. Solutions to the problem of the urban automobile. Transportation. cars, buses and moving people. sept/99.
The best places to live in the U.S.. Large and small towns. San Francisco and Rochester, Mn.. Oct./99

The Widening Gap: New Findings on Housing Affordability in America. Oct/99

Mapping Project- University College Kamloops
Case study- Housing Affordability.Oct/99

Canadian Municipalities
Your lead to villages, towns, cities and metrolpolitan areas in Canada.dec./99

UMass Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning
Publications include An Examination of Market Appreciation For Clustered Housing with Permanent Open Space. dec./99

METRO Online
Mass transportation vs. the automobile-the costs.dec./99

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NEEDS for New York City. Includes maps for the boroughs. dec./99

Washington, D.C. Monuments
History of Washington,D.C .Pierre L'Enfant. Links.

Russia cities in Siberia, Ural Mts. Novosibirsk, Murmansk, Moscow, Vladivostok, Yakutsk. Russia, CIS, C.I.S. DEC./99

Ghost Towns in Ontario
Maps, descriptions and links to these eerie places. Jan./2

Mike's Ghost Towns in Ontario
More Ghost towns in northern Ontario. Jan./2

Ghost Towns in the United Staes
Links by the dozens. Jan./2

The Maxwell School - City Grade Report 2000
Examines the management practices of thirty-five (35) major cities across five topical areas in the U.S. Jan,/2

Canadian Municipalities Online
Your lead to Canadian cities, counties and regions. City, municipality, county. Feb./2

National Council for Science and the Environment
Links to Urbanization documents. City growth reports. Case studies. stats. population growth within cities. the effects of city growth on the environment. may/00

Taub Urban Research Center
study information technology and cities. The project is entitled "Information Technologies and the Future of Urban Environments." Mostly about New York City. may/00

Community Development Journal
Full text research articles in pdf format. Neighborhoods, neighbourhoods, housing for the poor, participation. Examples from around the world. May/00

German Institute for Urban Affairs.
Working papers- Planning Cities for Children and Youth. Urban Development in Germany. Space Demand and Traffic Development (ecology). Climate Protection Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Future of Work in the City. Sprawl. May/00

Planning - U.K.
Papers relating to housing, tower blocks (apartments), urban renewal, transportation via buses. May/00

The New Rural Economy - Concordia U. - Canada
PowerPoint 97 presentations regarding economic development in rural Canada. A Social and Economic History of Rural Canada. natural resources and how they play a role. This site also deals with small town development across Canada. May/00

The New Rural Economy - Concordia U. - Canada
Links to Canadian and British U.K. examples DEALING WITH SMALL TOWN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. May/00

OMAFRA / U of Gueph
The Socio-Economic Diversity of Rural and Small Town Southern Ontario: A Comparative Profile. A large online study . Excellent study. sustainability, Sept/00