The STAR MATES Experiment STAGE 2
"For Astrology Lovers Only".
FREE to the First 200 Applicants Accepted!

Finding your soul-mate in cyberspace using advanced astrology!

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The information on this page is presented for archival purposes only, and will be out of date after 1998. "The Experiment" will hopefully resume sometime in 2000 when time permits more work on the project.

You are the #### VISITOR to this STAGE 2 information page.

A similar VISITOR Number from 001 to 1500 will appear on the Entry Form page. Please REMEMBER THAT VISITOR NUMBER, because you'll need it to join "The STAR MATES Experiment" and check that your Entry Form has been received.

THANK YOU for your interest in being a volunteer Member in "The STAR MATES Experiment" to test the accuracy of a new advanced astrological "compatibility matching" program for internet pen-pals, friends, romantic or dating partners, lovers, marriage partners, or soulmates! After you and 199+ others have submitted valid Entry Forms, I will run my astrology program to match you against all 199+ new STAGE 2 Members (plus any of the 200+ STAGE 1 Members who have indicated on their Contact Request Form or the STAGE 2 Entry Form that they wished to remain active in the ASTRO database).

Then I will email you a FREE Search Report which lists YOUR "Top 5" compatible matches and their "scores" on seven rating Factors listed on the Report. Unlike STAGE 1, in this free STAGE 2 the matching will be on "Friendship-Only" OR "Romance-Only" OR "Any/All", as YOU choose to indicate on this Entry Form. You may then submit one free CONTACT REQUEST FORM to request the email address of any or all of your 5 best matches, and then correspond with them to find out if they prove to be as compatible for "Friendship" or "Romance" as the program's rating system predicted. Perhaps you'll find a cyberspace Soul-Mate! Other Members may have YOU on THEIR "Top 5" lists, and you might receive email from them too!

Your free Search Report will also list the astrological zodiac Sign of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in YOUR horoscope, plus your Rising Sign (ie. the Sign on the Ascendant); as well as the same data for each of your Top 5 matches. You can then check out the astrological meaning of the Venus and Mars Signs for you AND your matches at The Love Planets article listed on the |HOME| page under "Teach Yourself Astrology 1". Beside the name of the Sign of a planet, there MAY also appear some codes which indicate certain aspects of your potential relationship with the Members who were selected as your Top 5 matches, such as instant attraction and/or sexual compatibility.

Just for fun ("for entertainment only"), on page 2 a brief 4-line description like a "personals ad" is produced by my computer program for each of your Top 5 matches, based on their personal horoscope chart. By corresponding with Members who have YOU on their Top 5 List, you can find out how the STAR MATES program described YOU! There are eight possible versions of your "personals ad", so the more Members you can contact, the more versions you may see!

IF you both choose to further explore your potential astrological compatibility in a "romantic" or "marriage partner" relationship, you can agree to order a 10-15 page "Cupid Compatibility Reading C1" on the two of you for $5 less than the regular fee (US $20 not $25). Or you can exchange full birth data (month/day/year/time and town) and order any of the personal Horoscope Readings P1 to P8 on each other (US $5 each or 6 for $15), to see what your horoscopes reveal about your individual romantic or sexual styles and needs. For "Friendship-Only" relationships, you might wish to order the "psychology" style horoscope reading called "Psyche Secrets Reading P5" (US $5) which interprets your individual and unique birth horoscope for revealing secrets about your psychological needs and motivations.

[ I consider it unethical to provide detailed personal readings on someone else without their permission (your own children and "public figures" excepted); but since my personal Readings P1-8 are one-page computer-produced horoscope readings which only use a few of the basic astrological factors in your horoscope, I will do them for you on someone else IF you can provide the exact birth time for them. I will assume that since you have the birth TIME and town for the person, they gave it to you and are willing to let you order a horoscope reading on them; but I will check their STAR MATES Membership file to ensure that the data you submit is the same as they submitted on their Entry Form, and will not do the reading unless it matches. Please note that I will NOT reveal the YEAR or TIME of birth of any Member of The Experiment.]

Please use the FREE ENTRY FORM to volunteer for STAGE 2 of "The STAR-MATES Experiment". The link to that page is near the end of this page, but please read or save-to-disk and print all the information on this page before you use the Entry Form.

If you ALREADY have a Member Number registered in STAGE 1, you may use this Entry Form to:
(1) change your email address;
(2) submit corrections to your original application;
(3) indicate your wish to remain active in the ASTRO database for free until 1999.
(4) enter an email "Contact-Address" from an "anonymous" email forwarding service like to be given to other Members who may wish to contact you after being matched to you on their Search Report (anonymous addresses were not permitted in STAGE 1). You must, however, register your "Private Address" on the Entry Form as well (it will be kept confidential).
(You must enter answers in ALL the boxes on the Entry Form, so I can verify that you are who you say you are by comparing them to your original application).

Requests for email addresses of STAGE 1 Members on the Top 5 List of your STAGE 1 Search Report may be made until AUG 31 1997 using the |Contact Request Form|.

If you came here to purchase an emailed Horoscope Reading please select this |ORDER-FORM| hyper-link now.

UPDATE -- Entries to STAGE 1 of The STAR-MATES Experiment were closed in April 1997; but STAGE 2 of The STAR-MATES Experiment will start soon, hopefully in 2000.

All new Entry Form applications received will be kept on file and entered in the order they were received; but you will not receive a confirmation of your Entry Form until some new programs have been written to automate the processing of all the applications, Confirmation letters and Search Reports. If you are automatically sent to the |CHECK-IN| page a few moments after clicking the SEND button below, you will KNOW your Entry Form definitely HAS been emailed to Michael Star. If you do NOT get transferred to the |CHECK-IN| page, you should re-submit a new Entry Form, but please WAIT a minute to give the iStar mail server time to process the mailing of your Entry Form before you do anything else. You MAY be able to re-load a copy of the already-completed Form from your browser's disk cache by using your BACK button -- try this first!

After "the Experiment" starts you may read the constantly-updated |CHECK-IN| page to see if your Entry Form was received and accepted as complete, or was received and rejected as incomplete, or was not received at all. There is a large back-log of unprocessed early Entry Forms at the moment, so it may take several weeks before your Entry Form is checked and its Application Number listed on the |CHECK-IN| page; so please be patient while I work on updating the listings there (I am only a one-man operation and have lots of other work to do too). To be fair, applications will be checked and listed in the order they were received, starting with the original low numbers.


THIS PAGE AND THE ENTRY FORM MAY BE REVISED once STAGE 2 "officially" begins; but you may use it NOW if you wish to secure a priority position on the Waiting List for FREE Membership, even if you may be asked to submit a new official Entry Form for STAGE 2 when it is officially announced. You will be NOTIFIED of the starting date by email IF you enter your email Contact-Address correctly on the Entry Form.

LATE applicants who missed the "free for first 200" offer will be offered a chance to participate for a small fee which will be based on the results of the survey questions on the Contact Request Form. Membership registration will likely remain free until the number of active Members reaches 400 or more, but there will be a fee ($5-$20) for doing your Search Report if you apply for one after the "free for first 200" ones have been sent out (doing those 200 free ones takes a LOT of time and work).

STAGE 1 Members who wish to order a new Search Report which includes all the new STAGE 2 Members and the option to choose their own "Availability" option for matching (F or R or A) may do so by paying a nominal US $5 fee for the extra work - if you do not order a new Search Report, you will still remain "active" in the ASTRO database for STAGE 2 and be eligible to appear on the free Search Reports of STAGE 2 Members who may decide to contact you by email at your Contact-Address (write Michael Star at for details).

[If you pay a fee for your Search Report, you will ALSO be able to use ALL the options to limit the selection of your Top 5 matches to a certain age range (+X years to -X years), height range (+X inches to -X inches), gender (M F G L), marital status (N S D M), "instant attraction" ( < or > or ><: ), sexual attraction ( } or { or }{ ) and other "LIMITS" listed on the sample Search Report; as well as by "Availability" for Friendship or Romance or Any/All type of relationship.
Options NOW available also include selecting matches by the Sign of their Sun, Ascendant, or any Planet; and even by particular astrological Aspects between one of your Planets and theirs (eg. Venus conjunct Mars). FUTURE options may include limiting matches to area of residence: country or state, nearest large city, or postal code of their town (so be sure to enter your postal code on this Form).
If you wish to try using all the available options NOW for a US $5 fee, please write Michael Star privately at to arrange the details; but be aware that setting too many limits with a database of only 200-400 Members may not give you as good a match as could be found when you allow ALL the Members to be matched to you - the fussier you are in setting narrow limits on things like age and height, the more potentially well-matched available people you will eliminate. You might even eliminate nearly everyone in the database, and get matched only to the people ranked "most compatible" who do meet all your criteria but are not really very compatible!]

UPDATE: More details on "The Experiment" may be found in the STAGE 1 introductory info at the |STAR-MATES Intro| link, and at the FAQ:Questions-Answers page for STAGE 1. Revised pages will soon be available to reflect the changes and additions for STAGE 2, so please bookmark the |STAR-MATES| page so you can visit again for more updates!

The "VISITOR" number at the TOP of the ENTRY FORM-2 page (not this page) will become your APPLICATION NUMBER. Please WRITE IT DOWN somewhere, and also TYPE IT into the "Application Number" box on your ENTRY FORM below. Do not worry if it is over 200 -- you might still get "in" for free because once the Confirmation letters go out, some earlier applicants who are found to have non-working email addresses will be removed to make room for you. In STAGE 1, I found that many people who applied for free membership had lost, changed, or cancelled their internet connection or email address and could not be reached again later.

Your APPLICATION NUMBER will be used to anonymously identify you on a |CHECK-IN| page showing which Entry Forms were accepted, and which were not received or which were not completed correctly. This may be the ONLY way to notify you, so please RECORD your number by writing it down wehere you can find it again, and WATCH for the |CHECK-IN| page hyperlink at the TOP of the |HOME| page or the |STAR-MATES| page. If you SEE your number was listed as NOT accepted nor received, submit a NEW Entry Form quickly before the entries are closed, so you don't miss your chance to be in "The Experiment".

If you are RE-applying because your application was incomplete, please use your ORIGINAL Application Number, or the new VISITOR Number if you lost it. If you are CHANGING your EMAIL ADDRESS, use your ORIGINAL Application Number, or 000 if you forgot it, and be sure to enter ALL the data requested on this Entry Form, so I can verify you are the person you say you are by matching it to your original data (like birth time, which an impersonator would not know).

Be sure to WRITE DOWN your VISITOR or "Application Number" in case your Entry Form gets lost and you want to prove that you did apply in time. I regret that time may not permit me to email people whose Entry Forms did not include ALL the necessary information; and if the email address you submit has even a small error, there would be no way to contact you! Remember to check the "ENTRIES ACCEPTED" and "RE-APPLY" lists on the |CHECK-IN| page.

I can only GUARANTEE the first 200 applicants a FREE Search Report. Some Members may no longer have a working E-MAIL ADDRESS when the Search Reports are sent in a few weeks. IF this occurs, they will be REPLACED by applicants on the WAITING LIST (who may not get listed on any of the earlier Search Reports going to Members of the original group, but WILL be matched against ALL active Members when their OWN Search Report is produced).

Please note that unless your Entry Form is **FULLY COMPLETED** you will NOT be guaranteed entry into The STAR MATES Experiment unless you RE-APPLY on a NEW and acceptable Entry Form BEFORE the first 200 Members have been accepted. This means you need to *ANSWER EVERY QUESTION*. Do not leave ANY answer boxes blank now, or you will just have to RE-APPLY later, and will slow down the process for everyone.

The |CHECK-IN| page will list the Application Numbers ACCEPTED so you can SEE if you got "in", and will later list Search Reports SENT OUT so you can see if your address was correctly submitted. If it was entered incorrectly, or you changed email address after applying, you will not receive your Confirmation letters; and this will be the only way for you to see if your Entry Form was received or not.

Please do not email enquiries, unless your number does not appear on the |CHECK-IN| page and you see numbers HIGHER than your Application Number have already been listed. If it is listed as one to "RE-APPLY", just fill in ANOTHER Entry Form as soon as possible, please.

If you are ready to use the Entry Form, please link to the |ENTRY-FORM-2| page now, and be sure to WRITE DOWN the VISITOR Number on that page so you have it for checking the status of your Application on the |CHECK-IN| page.

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Your Entry Form data is sent by E-MAIL, which is not always 100% reliable, so if you do NOT see your Application Number on the |CHECK-IN| page within 5 days, send a note to with the DATE and DETAILS of your application, OR just submit a new Entry Form using your original Visitor/Application number.

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