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Readings you won't find anywhere else:
Compatibility Analysis & Mating Rating C1
Karmic Gifts and Lessons C2
Career Counselor and Success Secrets C4
Romance Secrets P1 / Seduction Secrets P4
Psyche Secrets P5 / Lessons in Love P6

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I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but due to some changed conditions in my life I have not had time to do this work since 2009. In 2017 I have been updating my software so I can produce readings for you. Most are ready for sale as of October 2017. (The C1 Compatibility Anaysis with Mating Rating will be the last reading available, and is still NOT ready as of October 4, 2017.)  Thank you! - MICHAEL STAR

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Your Personal Horoscope Readings

©1996-2017 by Michael Star

These very personal horoscope readings and birth charts use your own unique birth data - month, day, year, town, and also the exact time (if known) - to calculate your birth chart, not just your "sign". No two birth horoscopes are the same - unless two people were born at the same place at the same time!
The interpretation of your birth horoscope is written in plain English in my own words and style, and is produced using astrology software I wrote myself. You order on-line and receive it by email the same or next day, so you get it quickly and without any costs for telephone calls or shipping.
This lets you to obtain a personal, unique and accurate written horoscope reading at a much lower cost than a handwritten, telephone, or face-to-face reading.
Your horoscope reading also provides a written record to review, discuss, or to save and refer to again at a future date. Because your personal reading is based on your natal horoscope (birth chart), it can be useful throughout your lifetime, and you may want to refer to your reading whenever it could provide helpful new insights you might have missed before.
You might also want to share or swap readings with a mate, to help you understand each other better.
You have probably never seen such intimate things about yourself written out in a clear and concise fashion.
There are links below to pages with SAMPLE READINGS, so you can see the type of information you would be getting if you order that reading for yourself.

These emailed horoscope readings in plain ASCII text can be...

  • read by any mail program;
  • forwarded to a friend, if you wish;
  • easily stored on disk or any backup media;
  • edited or re-formatted by any word-processor;
  • printed on any printer in any font style;
  • converted to HTML for viewing in a Web browser

Prices range from USD $5 to $30 for Readings on various areas of interest, and the "Six-Pack" offers a package of six popular $5 Readings at a 50% discount.

My horoscope readings are different from the kind you see elsewhere on the Web, and are not available elsewhere. I am not selling horoscope reports generated by the same commercial software many other astrologers use, but have spent years creating my own plain-English interpretations and software. The reading you receive will be unique - and uniquely your own. Some, like the Compatibility Analysis with Mating Rating, the Career Counselor, and the Karmic Gifts and Lessons readings, provide you with certain information I have not seen available in any other type of written astrology reading, anywhere.
- Michael Star.

* Compatibility Analysis with Mating Rating
* Career Counselor and Success Secrets
* Karmic Gifts and Lessons
* Romance Secrets * Aspects of Love
* Relating Secrets * Lessons in Love
* Seduction Secrets (what turns you on)
* Psyche Secrets (your inner character)
* Monthly Forecast * Weekly Forecast
* Birth Charts (natal horoscope charts)

Visa card Master Card Personal horoscope readings about you, your mate, or your children, written by Michael Star in plain English, for $5 to $30. Unlike any others - real astrology presented in an enlightening yet entertaining style. Emailed same or next day (except Sundays and holidays).
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What They Say
About Michael Star's
Personal Horoscope Readings

(These are unsolicited comments which clients emailed to Michael.)
"The information was incredible and insightful. I will be contacting you in the future for additional readings.
My check is on its way to you. Thank you again - you are very gifted."
- R.W. on yahoo.com from U.S.A.
"Michael, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for sending the readings so quickly and to tell you that I was very impressed with them.
I will definitely be checking back to your page for future orders and will recommend your service to others. I was IMPRESSED!"
- D.R. on aol.com U.S.A.
"Wow!!! ... This is the most complete reading I have ever had...
I appreciate the way you do not use astrological 'jargon' in your readings. I would understand it, but most people don't."
- A.V. on flash.net from U.S.A.
"Whoa!!! Thank you very much for my readings! I have enjoyed them.
I have had other readings in Astrology before, but these really "get me" in a big way. ...I'm turning 40 soon and this reading has really affirmed my commitment to living from heart and soul and from vision and integrity.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world!"
- M.W. on idiom.com from U.S.A.
"I read the readings and I must say WOW, that you were basically right on.
I am very impressed, and plan to have a few more."
- S.G. on astra.co.uk from England
"I enjoyed your readings enormously!"
- J.L.P. on gate.net from U.S.A.
"I greatly enjoyed the readings I received on my daughter.
My husband and I were amazed by the accuracy, and happy to perhaps gain a little insight on her."
- J.S. from U.S.A
For more comments on the horoscope readings and the STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine web site, click on this What They Say link to open a second window.

Some horoscope readings make excellent fund-raising items for charities and clubs.
Some may be ordered in advance for your guests (if you obtain their birth data), and then read at a group gathering like a shower or home "psychic" party or as part of the entertainment at a company function (I also do them in person as "live entertainment" in the Toronto, Canada area).

These make a great birthday gift or Christmas stocking stuffer, especially when you print them onto decorative paper stock. Or you can forward them to the recipient by email, or have me send a copy to both you and them.

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Personal Horoscope Readings

(c)1996-2017 by Michael Star

A Canadian astrologer's insights - NOT the same reports seen on other Western Astrology web sites.

All software and interpretations written by Michael Star himself, in plain English.

(Many Readings can be done using just Month/Date/Year and Town of birth, but some Readings marked ** should only be ordered when you can provide an accurate birth TIME.)

Birth Chart Interpretations:
Based on YOUR particular place in Time and Space!

Your TRAITS and TENDENCIES in plain English, with no astrology jargon in the text. (But in some readings some astro data is included in title lines of certain paragraphs, so you have the option of looking up additional information by referring to Astrology text books.)

Personal Readings P1-P8

Each Reading P1 to P8 is one FULL typed page in length, on various topics
They may be ordered individually at the listed price of $5.

Check the "Six-Pack" price below for a half-price package.

All prices are in US$ (American dollars) or equal value in your currency, payable by personal check (USA, UK or Canada only); by bank draft, money order, cash (in any major currency); or Visa and Master and Discover Card (for orders of US $20 or more); or PayPal. Orders of $10 to $80 are emailed same day or next day (except Sundays). For details, please use the 2-ORDER or ORDER-FORM link on any page. You must be over age 18 to order.

Love and Romance Readings

(TO ORDER these Readings, specify P1, P2, etc.)