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Crystals: The New Age Stones

by Michael Star

Luvulite  |  Sugelite

Back to the Future

Some stones discovered in the twentieth century were not known to the ancients or to our ancestors, for they were not needed then. Their state of consciousness, or the state of the world, was a different one from ours in this nearing New Age. Atomic energy, and nuclear weapons, were not part of our world until the 1940s. Television was not widely available until the 1950s, and personal computers were not available until the 1980s. These are modern developments which have transformed our world into a different world than our forefathers encountered.

Kids and teens today grow up in the "global village" of television, bombarded by visions of violence and victimization happening all around the world, not just in their own neighborhood. They grow up with a higher degree of commercialization and advertising propaganda - which puts pressure on them to look the latest "look", get the latest gadget, follow fashion fads, and fight fantastic foes in the latest video game.

The world has changed in many ways, both positive and negative. While there may seem to be many more temptations and pressures and dangers than before, there are also many more opportunities for spiritual growth and healing and peace. Some of the "New Age" stones have come to our attention in this time period to help us attune ourselves to the energies we need to cope with this new world and transform it into a better world.

These "New Age" stones are especially helpful to the new generations of children who will grow up in this new world, adapt to it, and transform it in ways which reflect their own awareness and their own way of living and loving.

Luvulite / Pink Kunzite

Love without Fear

Pink Kunzite crystal in silver wire-wrap pendant, courtesy The Crystal Ball Inc. - Jewellers and Crystal Gallery

If you look closely at a crystal of Pink Kunzite, you will see that it has shades of both Pink and a pale Violet. Thus it reflects the Pink of the heart and Unconditional Love, and the Violet of the higher mind and Wisdom. All Kunzite crystal varieties also have grooves or "striations" running their length (as do Tourmaline and Topaz), which indicates an extremely rapid transmission of energy. Used as a stone for crystal healing, Pink Kunzite has the ability to raise the vibrations of the Heart Center chakra to penetrate emotional blockages and allow the wearer to experience the Love that is the essence of his own Soul.

Like the song from the film about an extra-terrestrial named "E.T.", Pink Kunzite helps you "turn on your Love Light". Instead of holding back Love because of a fear of rejection or emotional vulnerability, one is able, with the aid of the Kunzite energies, to open the channel to Universal Love which is always ready to flow through us and out to the world, once we remove the blocks we have begun building since childhood.

True love is not a bargain made,
and not a thing to deal or trade.
For love's a gift that has no strings,
as free as songs the bluebird sings.
- Michael Star ©2000

This higher Love is an Unconditional Love which seeks only to give, and expects nothing in return. When there are no expectations, there can be no disappointments or hurts. When we can give Love freely, knowing we can never deplete the infinite Source which replenishes us constantly, then we can be free of the fear of not getting love from others. And then we can be free of the fear of having our love be rejected or not returned.

When we finally attain the awareness that all the Love we need is already available right inside us in unlimited supply, we are free of the need to look for it elsewhere. When we realize we do not need Love from others, then we do not have to play all those un-loving emotional barter games, or be the manipulators or the manipulated in the self-destructive trade wars of conditional love.

The love you get is equal to
how much love you let come to you.
- Michael Star ©2001

When we realize that we cannot run out of Love no matter how much we freely give away, then we do not have to fear that someone will take too much or take it and not give any back. When we realize that they cannot steal our love, because we're willing to give it away, we can realize that we have become invulnerable to all the hurt and pain we feared when we were trying to limit our Love and thus block our supply from the endless Source. There is no way to lose by giving Love freely and unconditionally, and there is nothing to fear! There is only Love and the joy or bliss Love brings as it flows through us and out to those we shine our Love upon.

Romance is yearning to possess;
true Love gives all, and nothing less.
- Michael Star ©2000

Of course, this Love is not the false kind of self-serving "love" which has been the source of so much pain and sorrow for so many. "Love hurts" is an untruth. What hurts is our resistance to real Love, or mistaking a self-seeking false love for Unconditional Love. Real Love has no fear or guilt attached to it! In fact, fear is the exact opposite of Love. If there is any fear in the love you seek or the love you give, it is not real Love at all, but an emotional barter game. Love has to be freely and unconditionally given away, or it is not really Love. Love is a Gift you give, and real Gifts have no strings attached, no payback expected. Love is what you give even when you appear to be getting nothing back. Real Love is like the Love a mother gives to her newborn baby.

But how will you get Love if you only give it away? If you think about the getting instead of the giving, you will not be giving or getting real Love at all, for real Love expects nothing but to give. But if you extend loving-kindness or caring freely and without expectation or condition, without need or greed - simply because you care for the well-being of a fellow human being or delight in the loveliness of his being - then and only then will Love flow through you and bring the joy of giving, which is much greater than the joy of receiving.

If you really examine how you felt when you truly loved someone, you will see that the greatest joy came not from how they loved you, but from how you loved them. Now, the nice thing about loving unconditionally is that when you truly do give Love, you attract Love from others who are also willing to give Love freely. And that is the kind of real Love you do want to attract, not the false love that "hurts". There is no need for trading or dealing -- Love just comes naturally! To see how it works, you only have to truly try to love unconditionally... without strings, without expectations.

This is where the Pink Kunzite crystal can help. It helps open the blocks to Love that we begin building from the first time we expected Love and did not get what we expected. That was when we began to believe that we must be unworthy of being loved; or when we began to build up anger because we believed we should be loved and were not being given what we thought should be given. Once we open to Love and let it flow from the Source of our being, we no longer need to expect anything, for we have all we need already. And we will see that we can give and give, and still have more than we could ever give away.

The Pink Kunzite helps us open our hearts and become loving beings who love ourselves and love others equally. When we love we cannot fear, for Love removes fear as Light removes darkness. When we open our hearts to Love, we become stronger. We become less vulnerable to all the forms of fear which our blocks to Love were designed to shield us from.

But the blocks were actually built from Fear itself, so they kept us surrounded by fear! Eventually we will understand that fear is not real, but is only the absence of Love. It is no more real than darkness, which is only the absence of Light. The Sun does not stop shining; it only appears to be dark when something keeps us from seeing the light. Love does not stop flowing, but only appears to be missing when we create those blocks which keep us from seeing it and accepting it.

The lack of Love is an illusion we fool ourselves into believing is true. When the storm clouds part we can see the Sun shining, and remember it was sending light even when we believed it was gone. When we brush away the veil of illusion, we see and feel the Truth - that Love is always present and available in unlimited supply.

"The power to love is God's greatest gift to man, for it never will be taken from the blessed one who loves."
- Kahlil Gibran, in Secrets of the Heart

For children who seem to be having difficulty adjusting to the demands of life, coping with life, or functioning without fear, Pink Kunzite is one of the best stones to give them. For children who are naturally loving and giving, it is a fine stone to help them keep their kindness and compassion in spite of the kicks and bruises a hard world will give them.

For teens who seek love but know little of what Love really is, Pink Kunzite can help them see the Light. For teens who fear rejection or ridicule for showing they care for someone, Pink Kunzite helps give them the inner strength to love without fear and become invulnerable to the un-loving attitudes of others.

Love will always drive out Fear,
as Darkness flees when Light comes near.

- Michael Star ©2002

Sugelite / Royal Azel

Living in the Light

Sugelite crystal in silver wire-wrap pendant, courtesy The Crystal Ball Inc. -  Jewellers and Crystal Gallery

Also called "Royal Azel", Sugelite is an opaque, purple variety of Jasper with shadings from dark Indigo to a bright Magenta. It was first discovered in the 1970s and is truly a "New Age" stone.

Used as a stone for crystal healing, Sugelite helps the wearer to gain a higher awareness of his spiritual essence by opening his "Third Eye" and stimulating a mental understanding of his connection to the Universe and his place and purpose in it. Becoming aware of his inner Light and infinite resources brings the confidence necessary to function in this material world with inner strength and grace.

People who are super-sensitive souls with high ideals and good intentions are often overwhelmed by the world and its many forms of negativity. Being naturally open and trusting -- what we could call "innocent" -- they are more susceptible to outside negativity than those who are more "worldly" or "jaded" and have erected barriers to the vibrations of others in an attempt at self-protection. It is interesting that "jaded" refers to the stone Jadeite, which has a fibrous microcrystalline structure which makes it "tough" to break - unlike other beautiful crystals like Rose Quartz or Kunzite, which are transparent and easily shattered.

But to erect barriers against the emotions and negative vibrations of others is also to erect barriers against one's own emotions and to the Love and positive vibrations in the world.

The only positive solution is to be open to the positive vibrations and Love in others and in the real world, but have the inner strength and skill to "tune out" the negative vibrations. It is something like listening to the radio: there is a lot of irritating noise when you are not tuned in to a station; but when you tune in at the exact same frequency the station is broadcasting on, the noise disappears and you hear the beautiful music you wanted to hear.

Sugelite can help us learn to live in our own inner Light and share it with the world, and learn how to adjust to any external circumstances in life while maintaining an inner balance and peace. All that "static" and noise is out there; but you can choose not to tune into it.

Sugelite is a wonderful stone to help teach children to keep the innocence and openness of childhood as they grow into adulthood; or to teach teens and adults to recover the openness and trust they have lost behind the psychological barriers they have erected. A parent could place a smooth piece of Sugelite under their sleeping child's pillow, or give him a piece to carry with him, or to wear as a pin or pendant.

Sometimes a very sensitive person who is naturally loving and giving simply cannot understand why the world is so full of negativity. A sense of hopelessness can lead to depression or even life-threatening illnesses; or in extreme cases a sense of desperation could lead to suicidal tendencies in one who would rather leave, than live in a world he cannot cope with. Sugelite can be one of the best stones to help such sensitive people cope with life.

©1997-2017 by Michael Star

You can view and purchase these natural crystals on-line at
We Hug Jewelry (formerly The Crystal Ball Inc. - Jewellers and Crystal Gallery

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