The items in this menu are made of raw seafood
Variety of seafood with our own "Goma-Su" sauce
Tako (Octopus) $7.75 Saba (Mackerel)     $4.75
Ebi (Shrimp) $6.25 Kai (Clam) $7.95
Kani (Crab Stick) $4.50 Combination $9.95
More Delicacies
Prepared Before Your Eyes!!!


Menu items include soup and salad
Suigetsu $29.00
10 pieces of nigiri, 1 roll of makisushi and 2 pieces of futomaki
Fugtsu $17.75
6 pieces of nigiri sushi and 1 roll of makisushi
Kagetsu $27.00
4 varieties of sashimi, 4 pieces of sushi and 1 roll of makisushi
Sashimi Dinner $32.00
A wide variety of fresh seafood prepared in the traditional style. Served vwith rice
Makimono $15.75
An assortment of rolled  sushi (3 rolls)
All That Eel (Una Don) $20.75
Tender barbecued eel marinated in our special teriyaki sauce served on a bed of steamed rice
All That Tuna (Tekka Don) $20.75
A generous serving of fresh tuna sashimi arranged on a bed of our seasoned sushi rice
Sushi la carte
(nigiri sushi-2 pieces)
Regular or Hand Roll add $1.00
Crab Stick $3.50 Salmon Roe (no roll) $6.00
Salmon $4.50 Sea Urchin (no roll) $8.00
Mackerel $4.50 Toro (seasonal) $8.00
Squid $4.50 Sashimi la carte
Striped Bass $5.00 (5 pieces)
Tuna $6.00 Salmon $11.25
Shrimp $5.00 Mackerel $11.25
Octopus $5.50 Squid $11.25
Yellow Tail $7.00 Striped Bass $12.50
Eel $6.00 Tuna $15.00
Surf Clam $5.00 Octopus $13.75
Flying Fish Roe (no roll) $5.50 Yellow Tail $17.50