Who The Hell is Lex Luthor?

Meet Lex,the makers of Lex and Lexs Prime Henchman

Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor

So you would like to meet Lex well he is a complicated fellow. First there is my favorite Lex also known as Gene Hackman. This is the personna that I have aspired to on this site.This is the Lex who was the "Greatest Criminal Mastermind of our Time" but had bumbling henchmen around with him all of the time. We saw Gene Hackman as Luthor in Superman, Superman II, and Superman IV. If he had been successful in the first movie, the west coast would now consist of great places called Marina De Lex, Lex Springs, and Luthorville. In Superman II Lex Luthor tried using Kryptonian Henchmen to become the leader of Australia. Then in Superman IV Lex had the idea of creating Nuclear Man to dispose of Superman. Once again his tremendous efforts were foiled by the man of steriods.


Hi I am the creator of the new Lex

Next there is me the man behind the man (whoa that sounds like I would prefer Superman over Lois - Not that there's anything wrong with that!).   That would be me, Alex Hewitt, I work for Northern Telecom as a Networking Troubleshooter. This allows me to travel quite a bit. I live in a remote forested area outside Belleville, Ontario. I first picked up on Lex Luthor as a hero reading Superman Comic books. When I met my wife Giselle the Superman movies with Christopher Reeves were a big hit, so I considered myself lucky to meet my very own Lois Lane. I could not believe I had met a girl that actually liked the  Superman Saga and even beared a slight resembalance to Lois.

This my wife Giselle


This was my Lois with her Supercat Mr. Mxyptlk. For those that aren't familiar with Mr Mxyptlk he was one of Lex's more positive experiments in dimensional warfare. He was a cross over from the Bizzarro World. As one of the few mystical creatures Superman battled this name was rather appropriate for her cat. (click on her picture to read her favorite poem!). Giselle's face is blanked out on purpose (women - go figure?)



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My first henchman

As I have mentioned before my problem so far has been the lack of a good henchman. As you can see my first henchman - Crackhead Bob has alot NOT going for him. With sidekicks like this I am going to have to come up with millions of brillant plans before I find one that this imbecile can actually carry out without getting caught. Of course I could try and do more things myself, but that would mean actually being involved and as a Mastermind I know better!