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ARC-Regional Groups

Marie Noonan, Co-chair
ARC Vancouver

#205-2776 Pine Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 3G2
Phone: (604) 730-7143
Fax: (604) 736-9961
E-mail: mnoonan@axionet.com

ARC Victoria

1611 Quadra Street,
Victoria, BC V8W 2L5
Phone: (250) 386-8272
Fax: (250) 386-8272
E-mail: arcbc@vvv.com
Web Site: http://vvv.com/~arcbc/

ARC (BC) is committed to justice for the First Nations of Canada and has a vision of a Canadian society in which First Nations are free to exercise the legal and political powers necessary to take control over their own lives, territories and resources. ARC (BC) believes that these issues represent matters of fundamental justice and human rights for aboriginal and non-aboriginal people alike and seeks to achieve this vision through peaceful change, working to build understanding and reconciliation between native and non-native communities, and supporting fair and equitable treaties. ARC (BC) researches issues affecting aboriginal justice; participates as observers; organizes conferences, workshops, and other educational activities; works with aboriginal groups; analyses public policy; publishes educational resources and networks with other human rights groups. Since 1975, ARC (BC) has worked with the Haida, Nisga'a, Lubicon, jub_e, Dene, Wet'suwet'en, Gitksan, Saanich, and Nuu-chah-nulth nations on such projects as the Daishowa Inc. boycott, NATO low level test flights, the Charlottetown Accord, the Mackenzie Valley pipeline, Amax Inc. chlorine pollution, South Moresby logging, and marina development at Saanichton Bay.

Contact: Co-coordinators

Cultural Resource Centre
Box 127,
Burnt Church Reserve, NB E0C 1K0
Phone: (506) 776-8016
Fax: (506) 776-5137
E-mail: miigkis@nbnet.nb.ca


Judy Loo, Co-chair

Phone: (506) 470 - 3659
Apt. B-2, 8 Wilmot Ct.
Fredericton, NB E3B 2M8

Atlantic ARC

Atlantic ARC implements national programs and makes connections to Aboriginal issues in the Maritime provinces, meeting about five times a year as a whole group, and more often as sub-groups in Halifax and Fredericton. Formed in 1995, Atlantic ARC has also done lobbying, education, networking and resource development on an ecumenical basis, including: learning about Aboriginal spirituality and self-understanding; building relationships of trust and harmony; offering educational opportunities for church and public gatherings in many locations; lobbying on issues such as border crossing mobility, land and Treaty rights, immigration legislation, Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, forestry and fishing rights, justice and corrections, health and eductiona policy; developing a church school curriculum about aboriginal history and thanksgiving.

Tatamagouche Centre

The Tatamagouche Centre is a non-profit adult education centre owned by the United Church of Canada and located in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. Established in 1955, the Centre offers leadership to a wide variety of community and church organizations each year.

ARC Atlantic Observer Project

A joint project of the Aboriginal Rights Coalition (Atlantic) and the Tatamagouche Centre

Who are we?

We are volunteers who have been trained as observers, to be present upon invitation, in First Nations communities and a network of supporters.
It is our belief that bearing witness is a powerful and spiritual act and that by the presence of observers, violence may be prevented. In cases where tension is building if violence breaks out, we will assume an active observing and documenting role.
The Marshall Decision has reaffirmed treaty rights . We believe that it is the responsibility of all of us to search for ways to share resources and co-exist peacefully.
Our Goals:

  • To help to deter violence
  • To contribute to the development of a peaceful and just resolution of the conflict around First Nations rights to resources
  • We will do this through the presence of trained observers/witnesses in affected communities, upon invitation.
Our Principles:
  1. We believe in non-violence
  2. We recognize the rights of Aboriginal people to natural resources.
  3. We encourage acceptance by Canadian society of the rights of Aboriginal peoples to natural resources.
  4. We will enter First Nations communities as observers only after being invited.
  5. We will not intervene in internal community matters.
  6. We respect self-determination of communities and understand the historical and continuing injustice experienced in the communities.

Sharon O'Sullivan

RR #1, Arthur, ON N0G 1A0
Phone: (519) 848-2084

CASNP-Guelph is a local Native rights organization that works with the local aboriginal community. They provide on-going support to the Native Sons group at the Guelph Correctional Centre as well as organize public events that contribute to increased awareness of local and national aboriginal issues.


Gerry Pascal or Jacques Boucher

6648, rue St-Denis
Montreal, Qc H2S 2R9
Phone: (514) 272-5012
Fax: (514) 272-5163
E-mail: crnv@cam.org
Centre de ressources sur la Non-Violence

La priorité du Centre est de promouvoir la non-violence comme façon de vivre et de lutter. C
=est pourquoi il investit son énergie dans un éventail d=initiatives qui permettent d=illustrer la force et l=efficacité de la non-violence. Le défi est de taille car il s=agit de montrer que lan non-violence a sa place partout. Elle peut nous guider autant dans la vie de tous les jours que dans nos projets de société, et ce malgré des situations de violence subtile ou extrême.


1160 Panet
Montreal QC H2L 2Y7
phone: (514) 525-5133
Fax: (514) 525-6629
E-mail: wampum@cam.org
Centre Wampum

Fondé en 1994, le centre Wampum est un carrefour de rencontre des nations autochtones et allochtones du Québec, ayant pour but de favorisr la connaisance mutuelle et d
=entrevoir ensemble un avenir qui respecte les différences et les trajectoires respectives.


Lorraine Land

#311-229 College Street,
Toronto, ON M5T 1R4
Phone: (416) 979-2443
Fax: (416) 979-2458
E-mail: cpj@web.net
Web Site: www.web.net/~cpj
Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ)

CPJ is a national, non-partisan citizens' organization which promotes justice and stewardship in Canadian public affairs. CPJ engages in research, education and advocacy, promoting a Biblical perspective on life and justice for all. CPJ has been active for 35 years in areas such as poverty, economics and social justice, Aboriginal rights, labour, energy policy, education, the environment and human rights. CPJ has an active membership in Ontario and across the country.


Ann Pohl

Box 111, Station "C"
Toronto, ON M6J 3M7
Phone: (416) 537-3520
Fax: (416) 538-2559
E-mail: annpohl@interlog.com
Web Site: www.web.net/~inquiry
Coalition for a Public Inquiry into Ipperwash

Founded on December 10, 1997, the anniversary of the UN's Declaration of Human Rights, the Coalition has a moral mandate to move forward to press for a full investigation into the death of Dudley George. For Aboriginal partners in the Coalition, this responsibility is based on the fact that Dudley was an Aboriginal person who was killed on First Nations territory in a 50-year-old land rights dispute. For non-Aboriginal partners in the Coalition, this responsibility is based on the clear violations of human and civil rights which Aboriginal Peoples have experienced in this land since the time of European contact. The Coalition supports self-determination of Aboriginal peoples and feels an obligation to work together with the original Peoples of this land to publicly uncover the truth about how the Ontario government acted during the land rights protest at Stoney Point. The Coalition firmly believes that our destiny, our human and democratic rights, and the quality of our children's future rest on a complete exposure of the events which led to the assault on the Stoney Point People on September 6, 1995. The Coalition is committed to working to create a public process in which the full truth will come out about the events surrounding the death of Dudley George.


John Stellingwerff
, Co-chair
Suite 204,11813-123 rd St.,
Edmonton, AB T5L 0G7
Phone: (780)482-5522
Fax: (780) 482-5560
E-mail: jstellingwerff@compuserve.com
Edmonton Interfaith Committee For Aboriginal Rights (EICAR)

EICAR is a group of people from various faith groups who come together regularly to share information on First Nations issues, plan public awareness strategies and respond to requests from First Nations for solidartiy, and from church/community groups for education/awareness raising.


Barrie Solandt Maxwell or Helen Forsey

P.O. Box 2127,
Ompah, ON K0H 2J0
E-mail: barrie@web.net
Friends of the Algonquins (FoA)

Formed in the summer of 1995, FoA is a group of non-Algonquins who share information about Native justice issues and act to support the rights of the Algonquin people in Ontario. A volunteer organization with no staff, FoA provides a strong non-Native voice in support of the Algonquin
=s Aboriginal rights; consults and cooperates with the Algonquin people, both at Golden Lake and throughout the area; seeks an end to the misunderstandings and injustice with mar society=s relations with the First Nations of this land and is working towards a future based on justice, understanding and cooperation. FoA is part of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens of Ontario (CCCO), which represents a broad cross section of the Ontario population who are committed to social justice, to positive relations between Native and non-Native communities in Ontario, to a fair and balanced negotiation process and to a just and workable settlement of this and other First Nations Claims.


Stephen Kenda
or Kevin Thomas
Phone: (416) 763-7500
Fax: (416) 535-8710
E-mail: fol@tao.ca
Web Site: www.tao.ca/~fol/
Friends of the Lubicon

Formed in 1988, (Toronto) Friends of the Lubicon is a non-profit, volunteer group. It's mandate is to assist the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation in their land rights struggle. "Friends of the Lubicon are long-time, highly-valued allies of the Lubicon people ... principled, courageous, prepared to go out of their way to help others in trouble and to stand up for what
=s right even a considerable personal risk and cost. ... Without the continuing support of people like the Toronto Friends, there would be little hope of our surviving the on-going assault currently being conducted against us by Daishowa and their oil company and government cronies."

Lubicon Chief Bernard Ominayak


Julie Dwyer-Young

67 Irvin Street,
Kitchener, ON   N2H 1K7
Phone: (519) 741-9702
email: clcofcan@ionline.net
Kitchener-Waterloo Aboriginal Rights Circle (KW/ARC)

KW/ARC began in 1990 as a coalition of local Native, church and community groups, including the existing local Aboriginal Rights Coalition. Initially called the 1992 Ad Hoc Planning Committee, the group organized around the 1992 continental campaign recognizing 500 years of Indigenous survival and resistance in the Americas. Education is KW/ARC
=s primary focus. To this end, the group has gathered and provided information and widened its network of contacts to include churches, schools and the community at large. KW/ARC is a resource for the growing awareness, understanding and support for Native aspirations and justice issues.


Ms. Marcia Schippers
email: hschippe@escape.ca
Manitoba ARC (M.A.R.C.)

M.A.R.C. is an ecumenical Christian coalition that stands in solidarity with Aboriginal people to achieve justice. Through advocacy, education and networking M.A.R.C. seeks to increase awareness of Aboriginal issues amongst Christian communities, policy-makers and the wider community. M.A.R.C. has been active in Manitoba since the 1970's when, under the name Inter-church Task Force on Northern Flooding it held public hearings to investigate what effect massive Hydro development would have on Northern Aboriginal communities. These hearings led to the eventual signing of the Northern Flood Agreement (NFA) with five Cree Nations. M.A.R.C. organizes events to promote dialogue between Aboriginal people and the wider public, works to educate governments and the general public in matters of Aboriginal justice, and stages public actions in support of Aboriginal rights.
Contact: Jill Foster
Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity
237, rue Champlain, app. 3
Hull, Québec J8X 3R7
Phone: (819) 777-3058 or (613) 729-0504
E-mail: OLS@WEB.CA
Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity

We are a non-profit, volunteer group with the objective of supporting the Lubicon Nation in their land rights struggle.
We need people like you who care about Aboriginal rights, human rights, civil liberties, the environment and social justice.
If you are interested in joining Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity or providing financial support, please contact us.

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